Monday, July 16, 2007

Birdie is hot
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i em soooo HUT. eet es relly HUT.

OHHHH they are really really hard to put on!!!!
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Hee hee. Mommy's wall decals arrived today. They are a little tricky to put up. hee hee hee.... I'm surprised she got two up. At this rate by 2010 she should have the rest done....
We haven't been blogging much lately. Sorry. It was hot. REALLY HOT. 36 degrees - for you Americans that is around 100 I think. It was hot enough Mommy's computer was not very happy and was overheating.
I wasn't very happy either. I just lied on the ground with all my feet sticking out. Finally Mommy gave up cold baths - WHICH I hated but it did cool us off.
Not much else is new. Mommy is home designing costumes for a play in the fall waiting for her next movie. We go for walks to the beach almost everyday. Yesterday was a family trip to the DUMP! YEEHAW! It smelled awesome. But Mommy kept the windows up and wouldn't let us out of the truck.
Birdie is headed for my stuff - must stop her.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I pooped in the bathtub today.
Mommy was standing right there. I jumped in and pooped.
It is as close as I can get to the toilet - I thought she would be happy.
I assumed wrong.
Maybe it was my technique rather then the actual location. I'll try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Minou eating ice cream

Minou eating ice cream
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This is just for you sarah!!!! Puppies eating ice cream at the beach!!!! What could be better???? Come on - really - nothing could be better.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

oh yah forgot to mention I am on Mommy sent pictures of birdie too - but she didn't make the cut - hee hee.
Auntie Penny came over yesterday and we walked to the beach by our new house. When we got to the park Mommy and Daddy got ice cream - AND GUESS WHAT - they had ice cream cones for DOGGIES. Mommy bought us a cone to share. We also got a carpet - oh Birdie and I were so happy on that carpet we rolled on it for awhile. Mommy took some pictures.
We went to work on Thursday too - BOTH OF US. We ran around like a bunch of idiots until we got to tired.
Will post better after some breakfast...