Saturday, January 31, 2009

AHHH! This will take forever

AHHH! This will take forever
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So. this is going to take awhile.
The bottom ruffle required 16 pieces of newspaper all painted with stripes and sewn together. Did I mention newspaper likes tp rip when it even within sight of the sewing machine? There is little pieces of scotch tape everywhere....
Hopefully if I can do two ruffles a weekend I'll get it done on time. I guess this weekend will be the worst with the two biggest ruffles to sew. I need to cut more strips tonight for the next one.
I think it looks good though - it should have lots of stage presence with the stripes. It would look rather blah without them. (Of course I have to add bits of leopard print too...)
The skirt is huge - I'm debating putting a bit of a hoop in it - although that will be such a pain after the ruffles are on. It would have to be a separate hoop skirt. I was kind of hoping the ruffles would pull the skirt out on their own but they are stiff enough.
Oh well. As long as it looks good and I get it done on time...
March 6th is the submission deadline....

I need a cute robot for Baby Watt..
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stepphhhaaanniiiieeeeee I need a robot for the baaaabyyyyyyy.. Help me figure out what it should look like cause you will be staring at it for a long long time if I get around to all my evil plans!!!!! I have to start now so I finish things before the baby comes unlike poor Julia who is still waiting.....

Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm sure other people have heard of this site I think it is great! I want one of her kits. Only I'm not to sure where we would keep it as most of our rugs get dog puke on them at some point. It would have to be a framed thing.... I'm sure the Dictator wouldn't mind.....
Made a pattern for a little vintage looking apron I found in the costume stock at the university yesterday. It's cute! I have no good fabric to make it though - not that that will stop me. (That looks weird to type but it is how I keep saying it) I should sew it up today so I can take some pictures of it with the instructions. Going to post it on etsy when it is done.
Not much else is new. Got called about another potential sewing job last night. A zombie movie. whoohooo. Wouldn't start until March but that is probably better for me with this silly university show anyways.
Going back to bed. I had cramps that woke me up - they seem to be gone so I'll try and catch another hour of winks yet...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

almost there

almost there
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still working on it - trying to figure out the font now - this one is my favourite!
Making business cards and etsy banners and stuff too...

Monday, January 26, 2009

This one's for Con

This one's for Con
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Hey Con - wanted to show you where we are at now - I had to add the shoes - lala hasn't seen them yet!!!
hee hee

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bodice is TOGETHER. Trying to decide on decoration now...
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Did a little more today... Trying to decide on decoration and skirt shape...
Would like to find another recycled material around the house to incorporate but am having only brain farts thus far.
Smelly ones.
Probably because I haven't showered in 2 days - sadly it has nothing to do with Chinese New Year, it is only because I am lazy. Although if it does help in not washing away luck maybe I shouldn't go do what I'm about to do. (Maybe I just won't scrub very hard.)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Starting another entry
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Just over a month until entries are due for the wearable art awards and I have no idea what I am doing.... I have no money so I'm using what is in abudance around the house. Newspapers. We get two free papers 3 times a week. They pile up pretty quickly.
Unfortunately newspapers are a popular choice so I have to go above and beyond somehow...
- I'm going to paint it - black stripes for now - maybe more shading later.... still want to see the newspaper through the paint in places
- basing it on a 1846 shape since that was the year the machine was invented that could mass produce newspapers
- don't know what else I will do...
- I'd like to find a few more recycled materials around the house to incorporate....

Tomorrow I'll do a little more... I've got a roll of ikea leopard print wrapping paper that I am just dying to add to this.............

Friday, January 23, 2009

Working on something for a friend in my 'spare' time. What fun!!!
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I'm still alive. Had a little job on the Vancouver Opera sewing costumes for Carmen. It was fun but now it is over. Finished my sketches for Three Penny Opera tonight at Cap College. What relief. I still want to tweak one or two but at least each student will have a sketch to look at on Monday for the presentation.
Not much else going on. Minou and Birdie are restless as they don't want to go for walks. We still have a bit of snow covering many of the paths and they hate it. Unfortunately more snow is in the forecast for next week. Poop.
This is a little peek at a logo I'm working on for the fabulous LALA!!! It isn't don'e yet but I think it is cute so I thought I would share it.....
Time for a little bedtime snack.

P.S. still working on my socks.... Got 44 rows into the second and realized I had my cables in the wrong spots and had to start it over. Grrr I'm back up to row 26..... Sigh. The nice lady at Black sheep yarns (our new fabulous local yarn store) let me exchange the second ball I thought I needed for another color way so when I get these done I will be able to start a second pair right away.

Friday, January 9, 2009

There is a trailer
on the disney site for Minou and Birdie's movie. Unfortunately they are not in the trailer... I can't even figure out how the scene described to me would be in this movie but it MUST be.
One more month to go until it comes out....

oh it is horrible....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

official title is PROCRASTINATION

official title is PROCRASTINATION
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trying to get some work done.... i have done 7 costume sketches today - not colored though. That is a 700% improvement over yesterday's big ZERO sketches...
I also discovered tv shack and cried all the way through benjiman button and then grimaced all the way through the first episode of Mad Men.
It feels like a Monday today because the dictator was working. He still isn't home. Just me and two attention starved puppies. And now it is snowing again - will it ever stop?

P.S. I need a job. Anyone want to pay me large sums of money to sit around and watch tv?