Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm sure other people have heard of this site I think it is great! I want one of her kits. Only I'm not to sure where we would keep it as most of our rugs get dog puke on them at some point. It would have to be a framed thing.... I'm sure the Dictator wouldn't mind.....
Made a pattern for a little vintage looking apron I found in the costume stock at the university yesterday. It's cute! I have no good fabric to make it though - not that that will stop me. (That looks weird to type but it is how I keep saying it) I should sew it up today so I can take some pictures of it with the instructions. Going to post it on etsy when it is done.
Not much else is new. Got called about another potential sewing job last night. A zombie movie. whoohooo. Wouldn't start until March but that is probably better for me with this silly university show anyways.
Going back to bed. I had cramps that woke me up - they seem to be gone so I'll try and catch another hour of winks yet...

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