Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have my best paying job ever right now. Being as it is a movie it never lasts long. In another 2 months I could be unemployed and wanting EI. However this time, this job has actually lasted long enough for me to reach a goal that I have been trying to achieve for a LONG time.
I am one paycheck (aka TODAY) away from paying off my mastercard. YAY!!!!! I have fought with this credit card for over 8 years. I've never been able to get it below $3000.00, I'd get it down to that, then I'd be unemployed again and I would fill it back up. And funny how those credit cards just keep raising their limits for me. Evil people.
I've even managed to start a savings account.
For those of you who don't know me you probably don't think this is a big deal. For those of you like Stephanie who know that when I am down to my last pennies and feeling really stressed out about money and how I will pay the rent I have one cure. I go SHOPPING! My job is also one where I am in the malls everyday shopping 'professionally' for the latest fashions in size 0. You can't help shopping for yourself - at least once a week you see something you NEED. (unfortunately not in a 0.)
Anyways that's all. I no longer have credit card debt in my life. Relief.
Next the car. And then STUDENT LOANS!!!!! (I won't hold my breath) We don't have a mortgage yet - we are in Vancouver afterall. If we had a mortgage here I'd never pay off my creditcards.
Birdie is trying to help me type which is never useful so I better go play with her and Minou before I head off to work.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

to spazelshus,
i had a beeg bump on mi fec. eet wus getten beegr. Momee tuk mee to de vet en he tuk eet uff. aftr they testd eet. eet wus nut kanser. I am ok. but we didnt no i wus ok untel he cud tak et uff. no et is almost gun.
knitting and sewing hasn 't really been happening lately - sparetime hasn't been happening lately. Work is all consuming. But I thought I would share this just to make it look like I was doing something.
new cowichan sweater, blurry photo oops
It is a sweater I bought for the play I am currently working on some sort of vintage cowichan/mary maxim sweater. As fabulous as it is it needs more color. So I started doing a duplicate stitch on it.
new cowichan sweater with color added
It's start but now I will pay the lovely Jayme to finish it. It's looking a little too 'oilers' colors for me as well - I might make the remaining white stripe a red one.....
Yesterday was the start of the wearable art exhibit/fashion show. I didn't win anything with the nylon dress - it didn't have much runway appeal and it didn't fit the model very well. But it has inspired me to go big next year. If anyone wants to help I'm going to need ALOT of used tea bags and coffee filters - dry ones of course, not moldy wet ones.... I've already started collecting them. I wish I didn 't have a movie and two plays to finish before I can start. I'm trying to convince the dictator to enter something too - it would be fun....
oh and there is this:
Enjoying a dead slug
Birdie fits the sweater I tried to make for Minou last year. Minou's sweater is still on the needles and I KNOW it is going to be too big. Ii can't seem to get it right and I have never been very good at ripping things. My serger and sewing machine always look more appealing as a way of making things fit.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

we wen fur walk toodae. en wae hum ther wus a beeg dug. well ther wus alot of beeg dugs but ther wus on reelle beeg dug en he chaasd me. I wus so skirrd. I startd skreemin en runnin. but ther beeg dug he ceept runnin aftur me. i runnin fasstr, he runnin fastr. I thught that beeg dug wus gonna eet me.i wus skreemin and skreemin. Then I cudn't find momee. I wus skreemin mur an that beeg dug he wus steel chaasin me. No Momee. No Meneu. I skreem an skreem. I haad to ceep runnin. I run all de wae hum!!!!! Et wus far. That beeg dug he ran all de wae hum too. I sah daddee's kar so I skreem reel lod. But Daddee noi cum hep me get en fense. I cept skreemin. The naybors no hep me evin wen I skreem. Finallee aaftr manee ours momee and meneu caam. Momee sad NO to that beeg dug an mad him go awae. i was stil so skirrd. she open de fense. No mur beeg dug. I nivir want to go fer a walk agan. eet was too skirry.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Mommy sucks. She puts sweaters on us - and our harnesses at midnight drives for 10 minutes to set. Makes us walk around outside in the cold FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!
THEY WERE ON LUNCH BREAK - AT 12:15AM!!!!! think about that - lunch at 12:15AM not PM!!!!!! At first I thought this was brilliant. I could go meet RZ and she could feed me her fancy catered lunch. YAY. Sit on her lap in her trailer...
BUT NOOOOO Mommy wouldn't let us near the catering truck. We had to wait in the otherside of the fence and weren't allowed in the lunchroom. GRRRR.. The 2nd AD came to visit and I let her pet me HOPING she would take me to RZ. But no. Mommy said she didn't want to wait for lunch to be over so we walked around the block on our way back to the truck. Birdie and I devised a plan. We would sniff EVERYTHING, pee and poop as much as we could just so it would take a really really long time and lunch would be over. Birdie even agreed to walk slower (she is always falling behind on walks) BUT IT STILL DIDN"T WORK. We got to see the costume truck and we got to see the set but no scary monster and no RZ.
But on a happier note I was tagged. I real puppy tag, not a stupid one like your favourtie books which I have to have mommy do for me.
Here goes......
A good doggy friend is not named Birdie.
A good doggy friend will not sniff me in the butt.
A good doggy friend will not touch my baboon.
A good doggy friend will give me their treat and mine.
A good doggy friend will not be bigger then me.
heh heh.. those are the rules...
If Grandma is the 'Planner'
If Daddy is the 'Dictator'
I will be the 'ENFORCER'
yah I like it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mommy has to be on a night shoot tomorrow. So she has to stay up late tonight. She said she would take me and Birdie to set tonight to visit and see a scary monster in the movie.
As long as it doesn't rain.
Anyone who watches moronic ET CANADA may have heard a little bit of gossip about RZ saying she had a fight with the director and stormed off set and had to be coaxed back onto set. WELL. Mommy was there - there was no fight. She didn't storm off the set. No one had to beg her to come back. They are idiots. Mommy still says she is super duper nice and a real professional. She was on set with her all night last night in the rain and cold. Mommy thinks the press is pretty horrible to lie about stupid things like that. I do too.
Unless it is about Birdie. Then everything you hear about how horrible she is - is TRUE!

Monday, September 18, 2006

project runway
project runway
project runway
project runway
look what was on project runway today!!!! I should have been a model!!!! Why didn't they call me!!!! Next year they better call me so i can be a model. I'm going to go pout until they call me....
P.S. for those of you who are already on episode 10 please don't spoil the ending for us backward Canadians... Mommy and I LOVE this show...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Minou having her first taste
Mommy went to the spa today and came home with carrot cake! YIPPEE!! She should go to the spa more often. She set the table for us and gave us our cake on plates but we thought that was dumb. So I pulled my cake off the plate and put it on the floor. Then I jumped on the table and took Birdie's cake too. I licked all the icing off of both our cakes. YUMMY!
We didn't go for a walk today because it rained all day. I am not pooing as a result. I may not be able to poo until summer comes round again.
Daddy was all proud of Birdie because she laid some fabulously huge log in the grass - yah but she peed on the bathmat Mommy had just washed, and we both got yelled at cause Mommy didn't see her do it. Stupid dog.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mommy is home - she is watching some haunted house ghost story on tv. She is freaked out and keeps getting goose bumps. But does she turn it off. NOOOOO... It's Saturday and I want to go out for our usual morning walk - I have my new Gap sweater on and everything. But she isn't going anywhere. She has her bags packed to go to work - BUT IT IS SATURDAY!
Birdie pooped on the carpet (like usual) and TOTALLY got yelled at. HEH HEH. Stupid dog. She is this close to going to the glue factory. HA HA HAAAA!! I'll keep telling her Mommy likes it when she poops on the carpet. And the yelling and spanking is Mommy saying she loves her in that special way.
Oh the scary tv show is back on. heh heh...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Thinking of you Auntie Steph - lots of hugs and kisses and puppy licks and wet nose nudges....

Saturday, September 9, 2006

minou finally gave me my own user name in agreement we would buy new greenies today. I hope I can find some I haven't seen the tiny ones in awhile...... You can't say the color green in this house without Minou freaking out - or clean, or jeans, or mean etc etc etc..
Not much new going on around here otherwise - chewing of rawhide, humping of baboon, licking of shower, eating of crunch crunch......
ok go here and scroll down to the june 27th entry and click on the link.
it is fun and lasts FOrEVER. Dictator daddy will hate it but Auntie penny will love it..........

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Sorry Auntie Steph.....

Mommy comes home from work and then she goes to bed. No computer. BORING.
Minou and Birdie
Birdie wants hashbrowns
Minou in the BIG tent
I have to be quick....
Mommy is supposed to be at work.
We went camping this weekend it was fun!!!!! There was a big tent instead of my little tent. I would sit inside of it and bark at everyone cause I am in charge. There was a tree and I swear there was HAM GROWING ON IT!! I was just sniffing in the bushes and lo' and behold - HAM IN A TREE! I ate it sooo fast Birdie didn't even know there was ever any ham and I am not going to tell her. Mommy brought Doggy s'mores from the three dog bakery along too - I tried to eat them bot but Mommy gave one back to Birdie. Man I am all about Darwin and survival of the fittest. If it wasn't for Mommy Birdie would be LONG GONE. There was big stinky wolf dog that came to visit us- I hated him and barked alot. We went to the beach and I got to dig. We went on a boat and I cried the entire time. Birdie tried to jump out. Someone thought it was a good idea to tie daddy to the back of the boat and see how fast we could drag him behind - silly daddy thought it was fun. Mommy looked as scared as I did. Mommy didn't shower all weekend and she smelled really really gross. I wouldn't even give her kisses and normally I like that kind of thing. There was another chihuahua camping that we got to play with a little bit. Uhmmm what else... Uhmmm oh Mommy is being mean and saying she is late. I better go....