Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Mommy is making CAKE!!! She got home from work and made a cake. We were missing half the ingredients and Mommy is a lousy cook but I bet it will be good anyways. Mommy let me lick the baby chicken food jar.

It still has to cook fro 1/2 an hour and it is KILLING me. I am whining and whining. I already licked it as mommy was putting it in the pan - it doesn;t need to be cooked it is good just like that.
THEN I got to open my present!!!!!!

IT IS A CHEWY VITTON PURSE YAY!!!! My first vitton purse - hopefully one of many. Mommy doesn't even have one. HA HA HA HAAA!!!!! And I got some biscuits - vanilla mint - mommy said they smelled good. I think bacon smells better but I ate one and it was pretty good.

Daddy didn't get me anything yet. Silly Daddy...
Now I am just waiting for that Cake.... Need that Cake..... NOW..... I will sit by the stove and cry....
Thank you to Auntie Stpeh, Gromit and Crazy Aunt Purl!!!! This is the best birthday ever. Last year I had a party and I hated it - I wasn't the centre of attention at all - not like this year. Lucky me!!!!
Oh and this picture is for auntie steph - I put my purse in my little house!!

Tomorrow pictures of the cake and grandma trying my new biscuits!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

no party

Ok so my suspicions about Whistler aren't true. It turns out Mommy has to work this weekend now too. Definitely Sat. maybe even Sunday. So if she was planning a big party for me she will be cancelling it. Sigh.... Poor Poor me.
I did hear her asking Daddy to buy some ingredients for a cake! That is good - a doggy layer cake... Yummy. I will eat the whole thing and not share - just like Mommy and Daddy don't share their cakes.
Not much else is new - Grandma went away for the day so we are spending the evening in front of the tv watching tv, chewing on my REALLY big bone and humping my baboon!
Mommy said she has to wrap my present tonight yet too. I wonder if I will get to open it in the morning......

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Mommy is still at stargate AKA another boring day for me. Everyone is asking me if I am having a birthday party. It doesn't look like it. Mommy is working so much she hasn't invited anyone. Or MADE CAKE!! I want a doggie cake like last year!!!
I better get a doggie cake - it was good. And lots of birthday presents!
we'll see I guess. Apparently we might go to Whistler this weekend - maybe Mommy is planning a surprise party for me there! Ha ha I found out her secret...
Maybe tomorrow i will spend the day trying to find where she hide my birthday present. Only two more sleeps to go!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hommage to CAP's divorce papers...

Mommy wanted to do an hommage to the now infamous divorce papers - featuring her tax papers! She wanted to show a day in the life of Canadian personal income and small business taxes...
However her camera batteries died.
So pretend with us if you will that here are Mommy's taxes papers half sewn through on the industrial sewing machine at work. (she really did do this - just for the joy of doing it) Next to them are a box of pins, a travel mug full of earl grey tea, two pairs of scissors, a broken ruler and a chalk pencil.
Picture 2, the tax papers being burnt with the industrial iron... this would be fun to do. Unfortunely we had turned the irons off for the day so mommy didn't even try this one.
Picture 3 - the tax papers being folded and pinned into an alien costume - origami at it's finest... There is probably some sparkly fabric involved in some weirdly cut garment
Picture 4 - the papers on a coffee break - with coffee spilled all over them.... there is probably dirty chocolate fingerprints too as mommy is constantly stealing chocolate from the kitchen.
Picture 5 - the tax papers being sliced in two by the serger!!!! WOOHHOOOO! what fun!!!!!!!
Picture 6 - The tax papers having holes put in them with the grommet machine and then laced together with leather...
Picture 7 - home time - the tax papers being run over by the truck - or maybe not being let through the studio gates by security and having to spend the night on the lot - alone and cold.....
My day was very boring compared to Mommy's taxes. I was alone most of the day. Daddy took me to the park when he got home which was fun - POOP NECK!!!!!! I miss mommy though and stood on her shoulder slapping her face with my happy tail when she got home....

Sunday, April 24, 2005

oh the horror!!!!

well Mommy whined whined whined, put on her BEST pouty face. Called anyone who knows how to use a calculator and was still unable to get help with her taxes... HEH HEH I'm glad there is no taxes for puppies. Although I am so cute I am sure I would find someone to do them for me. Not like Mommy. Daddy completely ignored her. I think next year she will get an accountant FOR SURE. She ended up on H&R block answering a bunch of questions. And apparently her taxes are done. She doesn't think she did them right but she answered the questions as best she could.
She does need to know her RRSP limit things though. And I can't help her with that.
Ugh.. Poor Mommy. Nice attempt though. And whatever she did worked cause it looks like she is getting $$ back.
Not alot but better then none.
I was going to take a picture of the mess she had on the floor but I thought it might upset her more - she was awful close to crying several times.
When you work in film you have MANY MANY MANY t4's, i think the equivalent is w2's in the states... not to mention she is also occasionally self employed - a whole other nuisance...and then all the receipts she had everywhere. I'm surprised she actually hadn't lost all this paperwork much sooner
oh well she is stopping for the night. At least a start has been made. She has seven more days to figure out how many mistakes she has. I wonder how funny all those government people will find her taxes?
by the way I had a GREAT day today. Mommy and I walked to the postoffice in the glorious sunshine. And after that we walked to the pet store - fetch - Mommy bought my birthday present!!! I'm turning two on Friday. I didn't see what she got the pet store lady was feeding me treats. I showed off alot there too. There was another Mommy and Daddy buying a food dish for a miniature schnauzer. They wanted him to pretend to eat out of the bowl to check the height. He wouldn't do it so while Mommy looked at toys I wandered over and pretended to eat out of the bowl for them. I am sooo smart. They all told me how pretty I was in my Sunday best (I had on my trench coat and pearls) I bet they wished I was their puppy instead!
Then on our walk back a funny Grandma lady named Sylvia walked all the way with us - for an hour. She kept calling me princess and asked mommy all kinds of questions. Mommy and her chatted the whole way. Crazy Mommy talking to strangers.
When we got home we suntanned for two hours. I LOVE suntanning with Mommy. We sat by the pool and relaxed. Mommy even did some knitting. It was wonderful. Maybe when mommy gets home form work tomorrow we can suntan again....
ok time for bed....


heh heh mommy is starting her taxes.. she hasn't even put anything in all the little boxes and she is already whining. Any bets on whether she gets through this without me or Daddy killing her? heh heh... place your bets now. I'll report on the tax status again at bedtime....

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Here is Grandma dressing me after I got poop all over my yellow shirt a few days ago. You can tell I was impressed. NOT.

Here is a little something something that is going in the mail tomorrow. I wonder if anyone can figure out who's it is?heh heh.. I such a clever puppy dawg!

Today was GREAT day. We stayed in bed and played for a bit. I play bit Mommy's hand and made my singing noises! She did it back. What fun to do in bed in the morning.Then Daddy got out the bikes and we went for a bike ride with Grandma. All the way to UBC. I loved it except when it got to windy. Then I just stuck my head in the basket a little. I hate the wind in my ears. Everyone now and then Mommy let me out of the basket to sniff and peepee. I love bike rides. I especially like it when we pass other dogs - I bark at them so they can see how lucky I am. Then we went home and I had a nap while Mommy and Daddy and Grandma went out. When they came back they had plants and a BBQ!!!! What fun. Daddy set up the BBQ, Grandma and Mommy played in the dirt and I jumped and ran all over. Here are some pics

You'll notice I am wearing my new David Bowie Diamond Dogs t-shirt. I asked Mommy for some rhinestones on it but we can't agree on a good place to put them... Maybe tomorrow. It was fun. Now it is bedtime. I hope we have this much fun tomorrow.

Meme from Crazy Aunt Purl!!!!

1) Total number of books in your house:

I don't know. There isn't very many thay I can see. I think Mommy and Daddy have some in boxes. Right now I would say I have more toys then we do books - unless golf and fashion magazines count....

2) The last book you bought was:

Well I have never bought I book. I do sneak into book stores in my bag with Mommy and no one knows I am there. She doesn't buy that many - wow and we haven't been in a long time. The last book might have been a greek play for a show she was designing - LAST SUMMER!!! Can you tell we do alot of reading here?

3)What was the last book you read before reading this?

Mommy tried to read 'fifth business' by Robertson Davies awhile ago. One problem. It is about a university professor. After Mommy's experience teaching last year (it wasn't the students, she loved the students she just doesn't like large groups of people listening to her lecture on about something she only read about the night before) she almost has a seizure when she starts reading it. Auntie Thyrza borrowed it to us. We aren't sure how to give it back to Auntie Thyrza without mentioning Mommy's problem.
The last book I personally has anything to do with was 20,000 years of Fashion. Mommy left it open on the floor. I discovered it made great digging material - I really liked the feel of that big thick book and all it's colored pages against my paws. I didn't actually get a hole in it but I managed to scratch up several pages... Then Mommy took it away - something about it being a $100 dollar book, who cares I am a $600 chihuahua....

4) Write down 5 (or 6) books you often read or that mean a lot to you.

Uhhhhmmmmm....Well Mommy and Daddy have some favourites. Geek Love is one they both like...
Mommy loves Haroun and the Sea of Stories and thinks everyone should read it. It is by Salman Rushdie and is not at all what you would think if you have only heard of the Satantic Verses.
Daddy likes golf books - he read a mulligan for Bobby Joe about 50 times. I am not reccomending this to anyone unless they can sit through hours of golf on tv....
I haven't read a book more then once.
I am partial to Modern Dog Magazine I just picture myself on the cover with some famous actor..... Sigh....

We spend most of our time reading on the internet around this family. Is that bad? Mommy buys art/costume and dog books like chihuahua's for Dummies (how appropriate)

5) Who are you going to pass the stick to (three people) and why?

Auntie Steph because she is always reading.... ALWAYS...
I don't know if Isa reads. Or that pooping cat....
Maybe I'll just pass it on to whoever. If there is a lonely puppy out there just dying to be tagged let me know and I will edit this post as though I tagged you in the first place. heh heh... by the way
Auntie Steph YOUR IT!!! now imagine me running away from you at full speed in your back yard! Zoommmmm!

Friday, April 22, 2005

dead mr X cat dolls

I am a dog. Therefore i do not like cats - or squirrels - actually I hate squirrels more then cats. Cats just won't play with me which is frustrating. Anyways. I asked Mommy if we could participate in our first knit along - the Mr. X knit along in support of CRAZYYYYY Aunt Purl - I don't actually think it is possible that anyone is crazier then my nutty Mommy. But Mommy said we could! So I want a new toy! I want Mommy to make me a toy that I can chew and hump! And we can call it Mr. X!!! I prefer a cat or a squirrel. Mommy was looking online for patterns but they aren't really me - very, well, just not for me. We were not inspired. To dorky.
Anyone seen anything good to be inspired by?
I don't know when Mommy will work on it - she is still working on her tankini and work has been draining her. Today she got home a little after 8:00pm - only gone for 12 hours today - not including travel time. Yuck. Who decided people in film like to work way over 60 hours a week?
But we will do it anyways.... GIMME A NEW TOY!!!!!!! I want it to have big dead 'X' eyes
Mommy brought home goodies today - I could smell that one bag was from the pet store!! There was science diet chicken jerky! One of my favourites! And this roll of 'chicken vegies and pasta' that she cut me a slice of - sooo good. I guess we are not enemies anymore!
I can't wait to tomorrow - Mommy and me will spend the whole day together - maybe we will go to the doggie deli that I haven't been to yet!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

bad puppy

I was a bad film puppy. Remember my rules? Always get up and say good bye to Mommy when she goes to work? Well this morning it was TOO early. Not to mention I still have not forgiven Mommy for that BATH incident. Whenever she comes near me I run and hide.
So I didn't get up and say good bye to Mommy at 5:00am. I didn't get a treat either. Mommy just came home about 1/2 an hour ago. She was gone for a LONG time - over 12 hours. And she was/is really dirty. I would like to give HER a bath. HA! She how she likes me dumping water on her! HA!
Oh well. I am not letting her come near me until bed time though - I don't want her grubby paws putting me in that tub ever again. We are enemies...
I will keep this poop on my neck as long as possible..
I also haven't changed my sweater in 2 days but that is partially Daddy's and Grandma's fault... I can't take it off by myself.
I am going to have some supper now.... I always wait to eat with Mommy. Even though she is the enemy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Mommy won't be able to help me turn the computer on tomorrow morning so I better post tonight. She just got home from work - not quite a 12 hour day. She looks tired - and strangely dirty....
Tomorrow she has to get up to be AT WORK for 5:42am.... Yuck. Then she has to help the annoying 70+ people she had fittings with get dressed. Okay not all of them were annoying but the five or so that were can ruin it for everyone - that and did we mention starting at 5:42am???
Mommy probably won't be home until late again too.
At least Daddy takes me to the park and lets me roll in the poop everyday. Mommy didn't notice yesterday that I had rolled in it again and today AGAIN! It is the perfect little spot that is just in the sun before supper - nice and warm. I rub my neck in there sooo good. I usually get more on the right side - I think I am right necked. If I can avoid getting it on my clothes mommy doesn't notice as quickly. BUt it is hard I loveeeee rolllling in it...
Today I am wearing my black hoodie - heh heh it blends in - Mommy has no clue!!
I also managed to get a HUGE piece of horse poop. Daddy isn't as overprotective as Mommy so I can do what I want. When Mommy came home I french kissed her with my horse poop mouth - heh heh!!! Daddy told her afterwards - she said "great!" I think she was really excited about it.

UGH and Extras Know Nothing

Mommy is working too much and she isn't taking me with her. She STILL hasn't picked up her knitting in DAYS - WEEKS!!!! She gets home late, has more sewing to do - even sews in bed, then goes to sleep. Thank goodness Daddy pays attention to be otherwise I would be a sad little puppy.
I DID have to have a bath yesterday. I was unimpressed. I shivered as much as I could. But it was totally ineffective. Mommy even dumped water in my ear. She said it was hard to miss they are so big - just hit me while I'm down Mommy.... She rubbed all that glorious poop off of my neck. Sigh....
Mommy looks tired. I hope we can relax this weekend - it feels very far away right now. NO MORE SEWING MOMMY!!!!!
Heh heh heh Mommy had an extra ask her during afitting yesterday if 'they needed any part time help - it looks like fun work?'
Mommy nearly slapped her. Not only had she been a difficult fitting unwilling to wear anything - but then she asks this??? mommy spent 9 years going to school! (yes she is slightly overeducated) Mommy was lucky and got into the union in a year to be eligible to have this job - some people try for over 10 years! There are many unemployed people in the union who want that job. and it isn't 'fun' and 'easy' it is hard work and long days.... Stupid extra. Oh yah why don't you just come in tomorrow for 3 hours. You know nothing about clothing in the 1100's or how to do alterations but won't we have 'fun' together??? Heh heh me and mommy liked to vent..
ok I am going to help mommy get ready for work so I an have a treat!

Monday, April 18, 2005


This is for Mommy - she just wanted to send out big warm fuzzies and glowy gushie bits to all of her friends foe their nice comments. Next time she expects them all to be out there - if she can do it anyone can!!!
Next we must all cheer on Isa's mom and her bike race! 100 hotter-n-hell (we think this is the website)It looks even harder then a 10km run!!!! Go Isa's Mom!!!!!
Daddy took me for a walk today and I found an excellent dead thing in the grass. I rolled and rolled in it so much my little yellow shirt was FILTHY!!!! In fact I am filthy I hope I don't have to have a bath. Grandma was so disgusted by my dirty shirt she chased me to change my clothes. Maybe it is time for grandma to go home!
heh heh
Mommy brought home a bone from work. She said Jackie brought it - we met Jaqui at a dinner party at Xmas. Jaqui and I hit it off!!!! But I hadn't see her since. When she heard Mommy was working at the Stargate studio today she thought I would be along. That is why she brought me the bone.... I like Jaqui. I hope I am spelling her name right!
Oh and Mommy got another job today which will keep her busy until June sometime...YAYYYYYY!!!
ok time to play with mommy.she went to bed so early last night we hardly got to play. Grandpa is gone now so no more snoring to keep up awake...
P.S. Mommy came in 16026 out of 48,036 at a time of 65:34
Grandpa came in 16516 at a time of 66:10 - only 45 seconds later but 500 people in between!!! CRAZY!!!!,
P.P.S.Okay Mommy posed this interesting question to me today.... Let's say you are working on a movie and you are trying costumes on extras...
You have MEN'S costumes and WOMEN'S costumes. (pants vs. skirts)
Then what appears to be a MAN comes in except HE is very FEMININE. HE appears to have BREASTS and talks with a kinda high but not LADIES HIGH VOICE. You ask for HIS name it is KELLY*... Hmmm that doesn't help. You ask for shoe size - 10 1/2... that doesn't help... You ask for chest (not gender specific) and waist measurement. HE hands you a paper that gives you a BUST and waist measurement. Oh. BUST that is a SHE. The other costumer is calling HER a HIM because they have not seen this BUST measurement paper. You have seen HER forarms and think she might be a SHE but is still a HE. Eventually you put HER in PANTS even thought WOMEN are supposed to wear SKIRTS. Then another costumer comes and starts calling HER 'HIM'. You don't want to offend HER but aren't sure what to do. You point out BUST measurement. There are gasps. As you are blousing out HER shirt over HER belt you accidentally bump into HER BREAST. It sure felt like a breast. And do you get MEN's or WOMEN's 10 1/2 shoes - for those of you wondering it was the MEN's that fit....
Would someone please tell us - we are not freaked out about the transgendered or whatever it is called we just don't want to offend them!! How does one deal with this situation. AND just when you thought it couldn't happen again in walks GEORGE*. GEORGE has BREASTS. Your co-worker doesn't hear GEORGE's name and is talking about putting GEORGE in a DRESS. GEORGE says HE/SHE would rather wear PANTS. GEORGE asks for a MAN's shoe...
Oh my who knew fittings were so difficult...
(*names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Sunday, April 17, 2005


I couldn't go - they don't allow puppies - even cute ones but Mommy and Daddy told me about it. YAYYY MOMMY!!! She ran the whole race without stopping!!! Grandpa too!!!!
For those of you who don't know Mommy was a couch potato until Jan when she signed up for a running class. It ended with this run - a 10km through downtown Vancouver with 50,000 other people. At the start Mommy was wheezing after a 2 minute run. But she did it!!!!

This is Mommy and Grandpa at the beginning before they were even at the race.

This is all the people in front of Mommy and Grandpa...

And this is all the people behind Mommy and Grandpa....
This is Mommy at the start...about 1/2 an hour before she actually crossed the starting line..

And Daddy had the camera ready to get a picture of Mommy at the end but silly Daddy almost missed Mommy. Momy was sprinting for the last 1/2 km and she was flailing her arms trying to get his attention and screaming his name. He wasn't seeing her and she ran right past him. - He saw her at the last minute but was too slow 5to get a picture.

So this is Mommy just after finishing.. You'll notice her face is slightly red and that look of sheer terror and panic is gone.
This is quite a bit later.. after Mommy beat Grandpa (heh heh she lost him on the last bridge) and they have found the free food.

Mommy doesn't know her time -she thinks about an hour and 5 minutes.. it will be posted tomorrow in the paper.. the sun run
Mommy's number was 23840.....

Saturday, April 16, 2005

New descriptions...

Auntie Steph Auntie Steph!!!! We put the new descriptions up on!!!
Even if you don't want any dog clothes you have to read my Auntie Steph's descriptions! They are sooooo FREAKING cute.. Check the spring/summer pret a porter - most of them have the new descriptions...
Mommy should be sleeping but Grandpa is in the next room and he SNORES. No he doesn't snore he makes the earth split open and then proceeds to close it up again killing several sick cows in the process....
So we don't know how much sleep we will get tonight. And tomorrow is race day. Eeks.. Mommy put all her clothes out tonight so she is all ready - even her underwear. Last week she was wearing what she thought was good underear but discovered it totally rides up her butt. Yuck. I'm sooo glad I don't have to deal with that stuff. Can you imagine? I have 6 tits!! And a tail!!!!! It would be a nightmare getting a good fit. I hope mommy doesn't read this and get any sick ideas about designing underwear for dogs - we are not interested..
Ok there is a lull in the 'snoring' perhaps we will try to sleep....
P.S. Grandpa has a camera so hopefully we will have some really horrible shots of Mommy huffing and puffing up the hills tomorrow!!!!!

Gromit is too nice to my Mommy...

I was trying to make my Mommy feel horrible about abandoning me the past few days. Well silly Gromit thwarted my plans!!! Oh well. I guess I should be thankful that people still like my Mommy even when her feet stink and she doesn't wash her hair.
Ok well if she is a real knitter then maybe she isn't a real ..... hmm she does sew. She doesn't cook but doesn't pretend too. She doesn't clean... She doesn't do ironing.... She doesn't make the bed.
Wait - maybe she isn't a real Mommy - Daddy is more like a Mommy.... I'm getting confused...
It worked. Mommy felt guilt and took me to work today. It has been great fun. I have been chasing cats all day. I even let one hit me in the head several times. Mommy started with the potato chips bright and early this morning (she says she needs her carbs for the race tomorrow - A) potato chips? B) she is no elite athletic and hardly needs carbs a glass of water would do her better - so I was catching the ones she dropped on the floor - what a slob. There is a fly in here that is great fun to chase too. Mommy's friend is sewing with us too and she talks to me.

Friday, April 15, 2005

mommy's 'knitting'

heh heh because she isn't home it is payback time. This is what she gets for leaving me unsupervised.
My mommy is not a knitter like all the other knitter's out there whose blogs she reads. She is a pathetic wannabe.
I will say this - she only started last november after coveting the kitty cat hats in the stitch and bitch books. What else is a girl to do on a sunday afternoon in -30 in nova scotia?
HOWEVER she is not a 'knitter.'
1) She has no stash all of her yarn fits in a small bin. It is all leftovers from projects. There is no yarn waiting for that perfect project. None she bought just cause it was pretty or a great color. Not even sale yarn....
2) She only ever has one WIP at a time. This one is actually a bit creepy cause in no other area of her life is she this strict. She is as flighty as a butterfly and can never even finish the dishes without getting sidetracked by other silly things.
3) She has no desire to try cabling and is quite content with stockinette.Don't you knitters get a joy out of tackling new and difficult things?
4) If something doesn't fit she cuts it off and sews it. I don't think she knows what frogging is. She made the skully sweater last winter. It was too small so she knit a little panel and sewed the whole thing together - by overlock machine.
5) If she doesn't understand the abbreviations on a pattern she makes it up. This has caused some huge inaccuracies and ugliness - would it be too difficult to put in a call for help?
6) she has to buy needles everytime she makes a new pattern. don't most of you have a wide variety of needles? Even favourite types? Mommy buys anything - she isn't even about buying the cheapest - she takes whatever the lady at the counter gives her.
There you go - her dirty little secret. If you see her in the LYS don't tell her I told you but feel free to snicker whenever she picks up some yarn.
Maybe now instead of those stargate costumes she will stay home and play with me.

ANOTHER lonely day..

Ack. I am home alone again today Mommy went off to work without me. She says it is because she has to work so late I will be happier waiting for Daddy to come home. I miss Mommy though. I would like to go with her. Yesterday she left soon after Daddy and didn't come home until midnight. Her fingers tasted like chinese food but she wouldn't let me lick them she just wanted to go to sleep. I cuddled up right next to her all night. I miss Mommy.
Not much else is new as a result.
Daddy got a raise yesterday. I don't know what that means but he was happy. He didn't look any taller. And he didn't have step to stand on. Maybe he has to leave it at work. Mommy is kind of strange she thinks it means she can go to the hairdressers. I don't know what being taller has to do with the hairdressers.
Mommy says she has to go on a super crash diet before we take out trip too. She says she doesn't want to look like all she has done since she's left is eat even though that is true. I don't need a crash diet. I'm perfect. Mommy's big run is this weekend too. My grandpa is coming for it. I'll have a grandma and a grandpa here- they have never met each other before - hopefully they won't bark at each other.
Mommy hasn't done any knitting in a few days. It has been sitting on the table for a few days. Perhaps I should pull it down today and see what I can come up with.
OK... well I guess I will go back to bed. I will try and think of some more #'s for my 100 things about me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another lonely day..

Mommy left me home alone today while she went to sew. She is still sewing for Stargate. She says she has ALOT to do before Sat. and needs to work long days. Silly mommy - she procrastinates too much.
However this time alone has given me a chance to research our trip...
This is where we will get frozen banana's on Ventura Blvd by coldwater canyon.
This is where Mommy will get her double double animal style
This is where we will get our new fabrics for our fall collection of Minou Pitou and whatever other fabulous things we find. Mommy says "like shoes!!!!!!"
This is Uncle Nick
What I haven't found is a list of ultra cool pet stores - the kind that only the fabulous shop at. And Mommy didn't knit when she lived there so she would like to know if there are any must see knitting stores. Preferably next to the beach.
We will also visit Marjorie and James and Sarah B and Marco and Nimo and Nir if they are there. Mommy is so excited I can't wait to meet all this people.
Mommy says we have to pack our swim suits cause we will spend alot of time at the pool - SHE HASN'T MADE ME ONE! I wonder if I can figure it out on my own? And we can't forget our sunscreen.
oh boy I will start packing a little suitcase this weekend!
Mommy also is helping me start a 100 thing about me thingy. It is fun!!!! We are half way through...
oh we are adding to this post!!! after we already posted it!
Mommy just found this WE ARE GOING!!!!!!!! We simply must!

taking a trip!

I can't sleep I am sooo excited. Mommy and me are taking a mini vacation in May. We are going to L.A. with a brief pit stop in Palm Springs and whatever else we find. I have never been but Mommy lived there B.M. We hope we are staying with my Uncle Nick - I haven't met him - hey GOOGLE THIS UNCLE NICK!
Nicholas Trikonis
Heh heh next time he tries to google his name he'll find my blog.
Anyways we are very excited. Mommy says we will fly down and drive back. That makes me happy because as much as I hate driving I hate flying more. She says she will take me to as many expensive pet stores as she can. Maybe I will see some celebs like tinkerbell and bit bit. Oh I can't wait. We aren't going for another month but I will start planning my wardrobe now! Mommy says we are going to have frozen bananas dipped in chocolate at the place on ventura blvd. and we are going to the garment district and ohh I wanna go to disneyland. and in and out burger and chili cheese fries at del taco. And some $5 sunglasses at Santa Monica - ohhhh I can't wait. New smells! I have only been to the states once - seattle. I almost got to go to NYC last winter but at the last minute I had to stay home. Mommy went without me.
ok I should try going to bed again it is 4:00am

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I was at the VET! Not fair. I knew something was up. I was sooo scared. But I was brave. I only had one needle and some stuff up my nose. The vet looked at my knees too since I like to do the 3 legged chihuahua hop. But I couldn't fool him there is nothing wrong with me knee. I just don't like walking on cold or wet things.
Mommy says I won't have to go to the vet again for a long time and now we can start planning my birthday party!!!!
Today in the car I even sat in the passenger seat where I am supposed to - I never do. But since mommy said I was a big girl I thought I would try and act like one. I did good. I got lots of cookies while mommy sewed. I hide them all and then made mommy look for them. I would growl until she found them. I would help her though. It was a fun game...
i am tired it has been along day so I think I will go to bed...


something fishy is going on.... i can tell although i don't know what it is... One thing that is weird is mommy wants to come outside with me when I poop. It is weirding me out so I am not going. Nothing else out of the ordinary except the odd comment mommy made about me growing up and becoming a big girl - but mommy is a freak. She is also threatening to brush my teeth.....
i don't know perhaps I should hide in my tent and not come out today.
dictator daddy told me my french was horrible. I'm so sad I thought he would be proud. Good way to encourage me daddy. I will only speak english from now on until he tells he how proud he is of me for trying. well type english. I can't actually pronounce any english although I sure try alot. i wish I had lips.
ok i'm going to go hide before mommy catches me...

Monday, April 11, 2005

en francais

Aujourd'hui je parle en francais pour ma grandmere qui visite. Elle etait a Austraila pour les six mois passe. Maintentant elle est retourner a Quebec vraiment lentment.
Je m'excuse, je ne parle pas bien francais. Je suis seulment une chihuahua.
Hier ma grand mere a dit a ma mere que elle fait sa robe de mariage avec le tricot!!!! Ta Grand mere a fait une ouate avec un fabrique jaune. Nous voudrions voir la robe!!! Ma mere ne sais pas que ma grand mere tricote!!!!! Ca c'est bien!
Ma grand mere est sommeil encore, je pense je vais gambader sur elle. WEEEEE!!!!
Ma mere va travailler maintenant. Je veux dire au revoir....

Sunday, April 10, 2005

topstitching stretchy fabrics.....

Mommy says this about the topstitching Mandy......
if you are going to do it get a double needle and fuzzy nylon thread - that's the stuff that when not held tightly splays all out and looks kind of spider webish. Wind a bobbin with the fuzzy nylon thread. Use regular thread on the top of the sewing machine. You will most likely need to adjust the tension of the bobbin, if you have a bobbin case you can usually do this by tightening and loosening a little screw on the case
- Mommy should be taking pictures of all this.... I don't know what she is talking about so why would anyone else.
The fuzzy nylon thread allows the topstitching to stretch just like your marcelled seams. It doesn't make sewing any easier it just lets the stretchy fabric stretch.
Maybe I don't want to learn how to sew - it sounds complicated....
Mommy said it is really hard to find a nice machine that will sew knits. On I,Robot they wasted and entire day trying to find the perfect combination to sew some sleeves on one of Will Smith's shirts. Eventually they decided they needed to send them out to manufacturers....they have the proper machines.
- This was all B.M. (Before Minou) so I don't know if I believe Mommy's stories.

new raincoat

isn't this better! longer sleeves, better neck shape and collar, better fastenings, longer int he body and bigger in the tummy. I am much happier in this coat

raincoat part 2 and sewing with stretch

Mommy made a new raincoat. She just wasn't happy with the fit. Those non stretch fabrics are difficult on puppies. Anyways the new one is MUCH better! I actually am hoping it might rain a little today so I can wear it - this is looking promising. I will get her to take a picture later. She is going to running class soon - last day - YAY MOMMY! I think she needs a new matching rain coat to run in. Maybe I will make her one as a surprise.
Mommy wanted me to say she was reading blogs last night and came across someone who wanted advice on sewing double stretch knits. Mommy has some advice but doesn't remember who it is....... So if you know maybe you could pass it on to her.
1) try and find a sewing machine with a walking foot You can buy an attachment that works fairly well for most machines. It helps pull both layers of the fabric together evenly
2) reduce the pressure on the presser foot alot of newer machines don't have knobs for this but if you can make it so it isn't pushing down so hard on the fabric as it feeds it through it won't stretch the fabric as much while you are sewing
3) use a zig zag stitch or a marcel stitch marcel is the one that makes a zig zag made up of several stitches. if you are sewing in stretch you need a stitch that stretches. At the ballet where we didn't have any fancy machines and the serger just wasn't enough, we marcelled everything
4) try to avoid the water soluble stabilizer it does work but what a hassle. Try tissue paper first if you need it. You can just rip it off afterwards. Cut long strips slightly wider then your seam allowance so you can line it up easily. You can also iron it if you need to and don't feel like ripping it out immediately
5) avoid topstitching if you can help it. most machines just won't do it nicely
Mommy says that is all she can remember right now and has to get going.. Good thing she has me to dictate too...

Saturday, April 9, 2005

How Humiliating

Need I say more.....

Thursday, April 7, 2005


I decided mommy's photos were dull and boring without me in them. So while she was getting her camera out I decided to sit on her knitting. It will make a better composition. I know it. Of course mommy didn't quite agree so she kept taking pictures. . I think you can be the judge of which is the better picture.

Haven't done much today. Mommy went out leaving me alone most of the afternoon. I almost scored a chicken drumstick that daddy left on the table last night. Mommy heard me though - I was eating too loudly next time I will eat quietly or take it off the table and hide it somewhere. I thought I was doing good eating off the plate like a big person and sitting in the chair.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005


Mommy finished the back of her tankini today. Unfortunately after our big photoshoots the past two days the batteries in the camera are DEAD. So it will have to wait. She thinks she accidentally bought enough yarn to do the bottoms which she has no intention of making. Only one ball opf yarn for the back and she bought 5. Maybe this means an Auntie will get a matching top?

silly presents

look what daddy brought mommy last night!

this is mommy's favourite cereal but because it is a BAD cereal she never buys it unless she needs uber-comfort food. But Daddy bought 4 boxes! And do you think she has shared any of it? NOOOOO. I'll get some eventually she'll drop it or something.

owwweeeeee and joe frank

I just fell. I tried to jump on mommy's lap to do my blogging but I just woke up and i was too tired. I totally missed and fell on my back. Mommy picked me up and talked baby talk to me and scratched my tummy a bit. so I feel better now.
Mommy fixed the neck a bit on my rain coat. I still am not crazy about it - it isn't soft but it is better and it kept me dry when we went to the pet store for TREATS!
Gromit asked who Joe Frank is.. Apparently Mommy used to listen to him on the radio in L.A. B.M. (Before Minou or ME) I guess it was some hour long show. He either tells some sort of story or has a phone conversation and they always sound like they are true - but then they aren't and they are really funny.There is one where he is interviewing a mime. The mime is discussing different types of miming (?sp) which included blind miming; where the audience can't see the mime, it actually refers to the fact that originally the mimes used to do their performance behind blinds and not that the audience can't see, and then there was psychic miming; I think this one the mime projected his performance telepathically to the audience. I can't remember I will have to find mommy's ipod later. But he talks very seriously in a deep voice so if you aren't paying attention you think hmmm this is a real interview but then you hear what they are saying and you know it can't be true! The mime interview is taking place in a hotel room too and every now and then the couple in the next room are getting too loud 'humping the baboon' so they have to stop the interview. mommy always giggles.
Mommy's friend downloaded a bunch of joe frank once upon a time. But you can't anymore. Although apparently you can hear his stuff on his website and he has the american radio stations listed there where you can still hear him. We don't get him in Canada although CBC is doing something similar with wiretapped on Sat. nights.
mommy says she is going for a run this am - after her big bowl of captain crunch I have my doubts. I am not going with her either - it looks like rain. Maybe we will go out later.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

rain jacket

I hate it. I hate all rain jackets. Mom keeps trying it on me. Yuck. She says she needs to lower the neckline a bit. WHatever I think she can cut the whole thing up for all I care. Mommy said she couldn't get a nice picture cause I wouldn't sit down or put my tail up - of course not it is hideous how embarrassing.....
i bet she tries again. It is pouring rain outside today. No visits with Frankie. Mommy isn't even getting dressed....

Monday, April 4, 2005

.....meanwhile on the field of honor

Hee hee...
I made this all by myself with Pet-Ah Ksander!


I have a new friend who sneaks through the backyard. I liked her just fine until mommy put a dress on her and took her inside the house. Then I thought she was being a bit forward. We just met afterall. Of course it was stupid Mommy's fault. I'll invite my own friends over when I want too.

There was the traditional butt sniffing

ANd then we chased each other around the pool a bunch.
MOmmy and I also had a photoshoot this morning. Apparently we didn't finish. But I was finished. And we ran out of pupperoni. Mommy said we got some good pictures.

and even Frankie had a photoshoot

we are the prettiest girls EVER!

Saturday, April 2, 2005

Good Day

Today didn't start as a good day. It was raining and Daddy had to work. Then Mommy had to work too. SO off we went to Thyrza's to sew. BORING!!!! I tried to visit a bit with Thyrza and Erez but I would miss mommy too much. But then Mommy would get boring so I would whine to visit Thyrza and Erez again. Finally I fell asleep. Nothing else to do Mommy just ignores my whining anyways.
These are the uniforms Mommy keeps making for Stargate

They don't look like much in this picture but boy are they alot of pieces. The pants she made today had at least 22 pieces - I was trying to count as she cut them out. FOR ONE PAIR OF PANTS! When mommy makes me an entire outfit it usually isn't more then 6 pieces!
ANyways so it was shaping up to be a horrible day. But then Daddy came to visit. OH BOY. He brought Baboon with him! Which was terribly exciting I love baboon. In more then just a friend kind of way. But then he brought out this BONE. It is almost as long as me - it is sooooo good I will chew it forever. I later found out it was because Mommy and Daddy were leaving me at Thyrza's while they went out. And they had steak I could SMELL IT! But I will forgive them I have this wonderful bone. It is way past my bedtime but I will stay up for awhile and chew on my bone.

Friday, April 1, 2005


AHHHH!!! I am so excited I can't sit still! EEEEEE!!!! Mommy and Daddy brought home a baby sister!!!!! She looks just like me only brown and tiny! Dictator Daddy named her Birdie! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! We are having so much fun! I am sharing most of my toys with her - not baboon though and definitely not any treats. She is kinda dumb she has already peed on the carpet. I doubt she will ever be as smart and pretty as me....
Ok it isn't true it is my lame attempt at an april fool's day trick not bad for a chihuahua though eh?

cousin and uncle

My grandpa sent me pictures of my uncle and my cousin. I have met my cousin once and he was as small as me but fat. He looks big now. I don't think I like him very much. too big. and my uncle I have never met but if he is like my other uncle I don't like him either. I am glad we live far away...

This is my uncle J-rock - he is my uncle Yogi's brother.

This is J-Rock and Julien, my cousin, look at his big mouth!!! I bet he eats small animals - aka ME!
Mommy went for a run this morning I was surprised. She didn't come home from work until 2:30am. And I woke her up this morning cause I wanted to play! hee hee... But then she went for a run. She was going to tak me but I didn't want to go. I wouldn't let her put my leash on. So I got to stay home. She has been cleaning all morning now but she says we are going for a walk. She better hurry before it rains. Dictator Daddy will be happy the house is clean though.
I'm gonna go bug Mommy and see if we can get that walk started!
P.S. the vet is going to sell my clothes!!!!