Thursday, April 7, 2005


I decided mommy's photos were dull and boring without me in them. So while she was getting her camera out I decided to sit on her knitting. It will make a better composition. I know it. Of course mommy didn't quite agree so she kept taking pictures. . I think you can be the judge of which is the better picture.

Haven't done much today. Mommy went out leaving me alone most of the afternoon. I almost scored a chicken drumstick that daddy left on the table last night. Mommy heard me though - I was eating too loudly next time I will eat quietly or take it off the table and hide it somewhere. I thought I was doing good eating off the plate like a big person and sitting in the chair.


  1. Minou, honey,
    Auntie Steph is rolling on the floor laughing at your antics. You are so sweet... perhaps a little too sure of your own beauty and charm... but sweet.

    Of course Mommy's tankini photo looks nicest with you in the frame. And you were doing a good thing by eating on the plate. It's just that chicken bones are very bad for doggies.

    Kisses for the wee puppy.

  2. Minou, I know why you were posing with the knitting--you want your mommy to make you a tankini too. Did I hear you say she thinks she will have extra yarn?

    Were you using a napkin when you were eating the chicken? If not, maybe that's why your mommy got upset.