Sunday, April 10, 2005

topstitching stretchy fabrics.....

Mommy says this about the topstitching Mandy......
if you are going to do it get a double needle and fuzzy nylon thread - that's the stuff that when not held tightly splays all out and looks kind of spider webish. Wind a bobbin with the fuzzy nylon thread. Use regular thread on the top of the sewing machine. You will most likely need to adjust the tension of the bobbin, if you have a bobbin case you can usually do this by tightening and loosening a little screw on the case
- Mommy should be taking pictures of all this.... I don't know what she is talking about so why would anyone else.
The fuzzy nylon thread allows the topstitching to stretch just like your marcelled seams. It doesn't make sewing any easier it just lets the stretchy fabric stretch.
Maybe I don't want to learn how to sew - it sounds complicated....
Mommy said it is really hard to find a nice machine that will sew knits. On I,Robot they wasted and entire day trying to find the perfect combination to sew some sleeves on one of Will Smith's shirts. Eventually they decided they needed to send them out to manufacturers....they have the proper machines.
- This was all B.M. (Before Minou) so I don't know if I believe Mommy's stories.


  1. ...oh. Minou, maybe I will borrow your Mommy and take her shopping with me. Thanks for asking her about topstitching for me, I have a topstitching problem... :)

  2. Hi Minou, I must begin by telling you how very cute you are and that I love your wardrobe! Thanks for taking the time to post those stretchy fabric sewing tips, I shall take them to heart when I finally get a moment to sew.

    Luckily, my friend is dog sitting his friend's chihuahua named Cabo. He will undoubtedly give me much valuable advice.