Monday, April 4, 2005


I have a new friend who sneaks through the backyard. I liked her just fine until mommy put a dress on her and took her inside the house. Then I thought she was being a bit forward. We just met afterall. Of course it was stupid Mommy's fault. I'll invite my own friends over when I want too.

There was the traditional butt sniffing

ANd then we chased each other around the pool a bunch.
MOmmy and I also had a photoshoot this morning. Apparently we didn't finish. But I was finished. And we ran out of pupperoni. Mommy said we got some good pictures.

and even Frankie had a photoshoot

we are the prettiest girls EVER!


  1. Well, OBVIOUSLY you are the prettiest girls! Those are lovely shots of you, Minou, the first 2 especially. :) What's your mommy up to these days, is she working? Or is there some free time being had?

  2. Min min,
    You are beautiful. I can't believe Mommy posted a photo of you without any clothes on! You're naked!!!!!! EEP!

    Frankie seems like a nice friend - just your size, too! She looks quite nice in her pretty dress.

    I've never seen two more adorable supermodels.