Sunday, December 30, 2007

guess what - I am actually knitting something.....
the little doggie shrug from
i'll post some pictures when I take some.
I have already made several mistakes. When you haven't been knitting for a year it is best NOT to start with cables - especially when I had just figured them out.. It wasn't like I was a pro at them in the first place......
I've also started thinking about my wearable art project this year. (got to start it while I'm not working 12 hour days) I have a couple of things I'd like to make - we'll see how many will happen.....


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Auntie Penny's fabulous present
The girls got this fabulous box of goodies from their Auntie Penny.
Birdie liked the sushi best.
Birdie likes sushi
Minou being a girl of expensive tastes and a bit of a princess loved something else.
Minou's favourite present - a box and a towel.
Minou's favourite present - a box and a towel.
She stayed in the box for 5 hours. Didn't get out once. I couldn't even look at the towel until we went to bed (and brought the box with us)
So much for all the other cute things I bought for them.....


Saturday, December 22, 2007

I just noticed the comments aren't going to my email... Whoops.. I must have done something somewhere.....Didn't mean to ignore anyone.

We are all taking it easy here for the holidays. I have been off work for the last week already - recovering from Xmas musical theatre hell. It always makes me sick with the stress, lack of sleep etc. so I have a cold. Doing my best Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer impersonation. How festive of me. Dictator's Mom arrived today from Quebec. Not exactly to sure how long she is staying - I am always the last to know. We spent the day cleaning the house in preparation. MAN did it need it. Feels alot better in here now. Minou just followed me up and down the stairs all day while Birdie stuck close to her Dad in the kitchen, licking oven cleaner and other toxic substances.

No big plans for the next few days. Finished Xmas shopping earlier in the week - mostly because I am out of money. A busy mall has never scared me I could keep shopping and buying presents until New Years if the credit cards could keep up. It will be a quiet Xmas with the 5 of us (moi, dictator, Minou, Birdie and Dictator's Mom) The presents are all under the tree that we decorated last weekend. We still have to finish the stockings though - we make new ones for each other every year and only Minou's is finished so far. I had to beg Dictator to buy me a turkey for Xmas dinner - I didn't get one at Thanksgiving either. We don't have any stuffing or gravy - I may have to run to the store tomorrow. Boxing day we are going snow shoeing on cypress mountain. Hope it isn't raining or too cold! Other then that no plans at all....

I should go to bed. Everyone else is sleeping already. Some cold meds would help with this situation - knocked me out yesterday.
If I'm not back online before Tuesday - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Friday, December 21, 2007

playing with her clone

playing with her clone
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I want a clone too.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The girls with santa
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I hate Santa...

Mommy makes me go every year. I think this year I made the worst faces - heh heh. See if she wastes her money again next year. Birdie tried to bite him twice. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!

Mommy is still madly working on my fair lady.... only a few more sleeps to go. We tried to help her with fittings today. Barking at actors, jumping on her while she tries to pin hems, crying to be picked up by the actors, sitting on the actors clothes. Big helps we were.The big question this year is will all the actors be naked? She is thinking it is a new modern take on my fair lady. Eliza Doolittle in the buff. A Nudist's Ascot.