Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ok the movies automatically start up which is annoying as all the music starts playing at once. I apologize. I won't post more then one a week anymore so that doesn't happen. Forgive me I am only a puppy - my blogging skills must still amaze you all.
BTW Mommy quite working on the third installment of my sweater for awhile. She was frustrated but she bought more yarn today (due to her lack of frogging we were running out) so she will start again soon. She also got some Noro to make Birdie another sweater.

my first movie with my theme song written by uncle andrew. i hope these aren't to slow to load i am just so excited it is working!

WE GOT IT TO WORK!!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!!! now I will put thousands of movies online. This is Thor having a bath this weekend. She smelled like poo poo.

the scary highway

the scary highway
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Mommy and Birdie are going to Kamloops on Sunday and they have to drive on this mountain highway. It was just closed for 24 hours because the conditions were so bad. Mommy is a little scared about the drive. I am glad that I am not going although I will miss Mommy. I think Birdie should go by herself. She should walk. All 400kms... without a warm sweater. heh heh heh..
Mommy can't sleep tonight so we are hanging out on the couch. Birdie is with Daddy. It is some of the best cuddle time we have had since that brat came to live with us. I keep sneezing - I am trying to get mommy to think I am allergic to Birdie so she will get rid of her - or maybe at least shave her bald. that would be funny...
ok i am going back to sleep

Sunday, January 29, 2006

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grandpa came to visit this weekend. He wanted to take Thor home and I tried to let him but Mommy stopped me. I had lots of naps with Grandpa since Thor hogs Mommy's lap....
We went to the USA. Birdie was there ILLEGALLY. I was hoping she would get arrested. She hasn 't had her rabies shot yet so she isn't supposed to cross the border. We went to target. It was so boring we fell asleep in our bag while Mommy and Grandpa shopped.
Not alot else is new - it has been pouring rain so all I can do is try and not poo poo.
OHHH Auntie Thyrza got us a new bag too. Thor really likes it she keeps playing with it.
Tired. Bed time

Thursday, January 26, 2006

mommy just saw the new xm satelite (except I can't spell that word cause I am a dog) commercial and she is as giddy as a school girl. Not only does it have her favourite- who I was almost named after - Snoop Dog looking for his chain BUT it has David Bowie her most ultimate hero wearing snoops chain. What else could Mommy want - well I guess to be in the commercial with them but until then it is her favourite commericial.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

little bit of note that mommy and I saw on the news tonight, there wasn't a single riding in Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal that voted for the Conservatives. What does that say? Interesting eh?

ADDING A NOTE as per Paula - Halifax/Dartmouth also did not have a single riding vote for a conservative.
So does anyone know who exactly we have to blame for this?


I and my student have been tagged by gromit
5 weird things about me and thor and maybe I'll add mommy into it just so we can come up with 5 things...
this is hard thinking stuff.
1. I don't eat my food by my food dish. I take it one piece at a time and usually bring it to the middle of the living room where I crunch it and eat it. I am teaching Thor to do the same thing. Sometimes I take a piece to the living room and just leave it there. It drives mom nuts cause there are pieces of uneaten crunch crunch everywhere. It blends in with the carpet and she steps on it and screams. These days I have to be careful because Thor waits for me to drop it and then she steals it. She is stealth like.
2. This is kind of weird but maybe not really. I am taller and have a longer nose then most chihuahuas. Supposedly I am 100% chihuahua but we aren't sure. Lots of people think I may have some minature pinscher or whippet in me. Mommy says it gives me model looks and Thor is never going to be as elegant.
3. I have a sheepskin carpet that I like to dig in. I put my head down so the top of my head in directly on the sheepskin and then I dig as fast as I can. Mommy has always found this funny and comes to dig with me. She says we are doing yoga. Thor is learning how to do it too but she likes to try and bite me and Mommy while we are digging.
4. Weird mommy fact now. Mommy doesn't wear buttons. No blouses - they have buttons. No shirts with collars - they have buttons. She never ever ever has. She just thinks she looks funny in them. (Jackets and pants not included)
5. Weird me and Mommy fact - I like to lick Mommy's feet right before she goes to sleep - under the blankets in bed. And she likes it cause she says it is like a mini foot massage. It is our little nightly ritual. It drives daddy nuts cause he says my licking is to loud.
There that is all I can think of. And since gromit already tagged Auntie Steph I will leave my tagging up to anyone who wants to be tagged...
consider yourself tagged

mommy got a new gadget - the only thing that kept her happy during the election results last night. She started the 3rd sweater last night!!! And she thinks with this gadget she might actually be doing fair isle correctly! we'll show you the inside when it is a little further along.

Monday, January 23, 2006

so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't vote for that ugly puffy man!!!!!!!!*

*statements made in this blog may not be entirely true so don't sue us evil conservatives.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

the second sweater
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mommy still isn't happy with the fit of this new sweater she just finished. Frankly I am not either. It is too tight. SO she is going to start another one. When is she going to give up? This time she will make it 6 skulls around and the sleeves need to be wider too - instead of a skull length they will be a skull and a half...
And who let Thor on my blog - don't leave her any comments she probably can't read them anyways.

i guh pee pee en leivin ruhm
i eet menew fud

Saturday, January 21, 2006

minou and her certificate
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my exam was today. I was nervous - I threw up again this morning. Daddy couldn't come either - he was working. That made me sad. But I did really really good. I got BEST IN CLASS!!! I beat the other chiahuahua, the german sheperd, the rottweiller, the pomeranian, and the other dog that i don't know hwat it is. Mommy was so happy I got treats all the way home..... YAY!!! Beat that Yogi and J-rock!!!!

babies sleeping
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look how innocent thor looks.. she appears to be sleeping however she will spring and attack if disturbed. She is guarding me while I sleep so Mommy doesn't try to give me any more manicures

Friday, January 20, 2006

sweater that will fit

sweater that will fit
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ok now we are doing 3 skulls across the back. and two on the tummy instead of 2 and 2. i think it will fit okay except she has already screwed up the skull pattern the eyes and nose are a row to high. We think we shall just use a duplicate stitch to fix them.....we are lazy..
mommy took me and THOR for manicures today. I hate manicures so I screamed and pretended I was going to bite the spa lady. Bir- I mean THOR can handle pain so she didn't even feel them ripping her nails out. HA HA HA HAAAAAA.... (be afraid soba be very afraid) (maybe I will ask daddy to help me come up with a scarier name)

sweater that doesn't fit

sweater that doesn't fit
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mommy sort of finished this sweater but it is too tight so now she has started a new one.. I wanted to wear it to my exam tomorrow but at this rate I don't think it will happen.

our new t-shirts!!!
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mommy and daddy's t-shirts came today. I wonder if they will wear them together on the same day. Dorks.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thor is doing well - except she Bit Me in the Ass. Yah. Not Cool. Although she has the natural instinct of a killer I am unable to guide her ferociousness in the right direction. I will continue with training. She will be taught. I was doing en excellent job of getting her to destroy mommy's knitting. Mommy has screwed up that sweater several times tonight due to Thor's yanking and biting on the yarn. HEH HEH HEH..

their first tug o'war
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I am now training my protege. When she is strong enough I will return to L.A. and those four evil cats that threaten Aunt Purl. They will feel the wrath of THOR (I have changed her name to THOR - BIRDIE isn't threatening enough)
I am going to train her in many different ways. I will not show her any love so she hates everyone. I will eat all her food so she learns to fight for food. I will take all her toys away from her. She will be a lean mean fighting machine. HA HA HAHAAAA!!!
I will rule the world.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the next sweater

the next sweater
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mommy has started a new sweater for me based on this - http://www.helloyarn.com/wecallthempirates.pdf - hat pattern. She doesn't really know how to do intarisia (or even spell it for that matter) so the inside looks prety bad and I bet my nails get caught in the all the threads..
She is just using old yarn she has lying around and next Birdie will get one.

Monday, January 16, 2006

running for her life
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me running for my life on sunday so that BIG BLACK DOG wouldn't eat me. I was screaming - but did mommy put that camera down? no she just kept taking pictures. EVIL!

mommy and I were practising today for my exam and stupid Birdie kept bugging us. Mommy would tell me to stay and then birdie would come pull me on my leash - it is hard to stay when someone is choking you. Mommy is trying to teach me how to stand up and whle I was standing Birdie kept jumping on my BACK! ANd when I was heelling Birdie would stand in front and jump on me.
How annoying. Doesn't she know I have an exam and I have to study?
Daddy finally picked her up and held her while we finished.
other then that we didn't do much today - everyone was sleepy. I napped on mommy while she worked on her designs and birdie slept on the floor beside us.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

all three girls napping together
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we were soooo tired - i ended up having to go to school - Birdie came too. Then we went for a walk and after all that we were all really really tired. So we all curled up on the couch and had a nap.
I forgot to say Grandpa is visiting from Quebec - that is him in the background. I like him he feeds me stuff off the table. Shhh don't tell dictator daddy he gets mad.
Next week is my exam at school. Mommy said I did really good this week. Hopefully we will pass. I didn't cry once. The big rotteweiler wasn't there so we were all little dogs except for the german sheperd. We learned one more new thing this week that I will be tested on and mommy is a little worried that I might not get it right before next week. mommy says she is nervous too because she gets marked if she doesn't do things right too. HA HA ON HER - serves her right.

I am throwing up today and mommy has bad cramps. I think we both ate something we shouldn't have. Mine might be cardboard but i don't know about Mommy. I am a little stressed about Birdie and I was hoping puking might get me out of school today. No such luck yet Mommy is still talking about going. But I KNOW she doesn't feel well. 3 more hours and it will be too late. I shall keep puking in order to make her feel bad. I've tried to do it in bed but she has caught me both times and put me on the floor. Then my stupid sister comes running to EAT MY PUKE. Mommy called her an idiot. heh heh.

Friday, January 13, 2006

the girls playing II
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well ok. she is fun.. i like her - EXCEPT WHEN SHE TAKES COOKIES FROM ME. we have been playing all day. we were super hyper tonight running around jumping on each other. Mommy couldn't stop laughing at us. Birdie is sleeping now and I am tired too. She gets good food to but never finishes it so i get to eat it. And she has been eating my food that I don't like.
in this picture I am in mid pounce - see my front legs aren't touching the floor. Mommy had a hard time getting a picture of us running around.
yay I have a little sister!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

the girls both sleeping.....

the girls both sleeping.....
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us sleeping.... i think mommy was happy we weren't bugging her for a little while. Not that she did anything with her 'free-time' Mommy got a job offer tonight. I am a little worried she might leave me here with this peeing brat... She is going to call them tomorrow - she isn't sure if they will even want her since she has to go to Kamloops for the theatre show in Feb.
First a baby and next a job... ugh... i have started refusing to sit in Mommy's lap just to let her know that I am upset. Perhaps I will have to increase my attempts... puke in the bed???

shhhhh.... she is sleeping. Mommy took me for a walk and Birdie for a 'carry'. Since we got home she has been sleeping. She is even sleeping on her own - up until now she has only slept curled up on Mommy, usually around her neck. And she always cries before she goes to sleep.....
it is nice that she is sleeping I got to sleep on Mommy's lap for awhile by myself. Daddy is home now too.
SHe tried to take my cookie today so I tried to bite her. She screamed even though I didn't get her - what a baby. Just cause I ate her greenie doesn't mean she gets my cookie....
Mommy has tried to take pictures of us but since Birdie won't leave her alone it is hard to get nice pictures of her - mommy's feet are in all the pictures.. or they are blurry because birdie is too close......
i think I will go eat some more of her food. she gets soft food but I keep eating it all - HA.
----- Minou's Mommy here------ although she will never admit it, as I sit here at 6:00am - after VERY LITTLE SLEEP DUE TO CRYING - Minou is playing with Birdie!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the 1st sweater

the 1st sweater
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ha ha birdie has to wear a sweater too

their first nap together

their first nap together
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yah she looks cute here but let me tell you. I hate her. It is bedtime and I can't sleep because she won't stop crying. I keep growling at her to shut up but no luck. AND she can get out of the pen! She only comes up to the second rail but she climbs out. AND she gets soft dog food that I never got.
SHE WON'T stop crying...
I am being extra good so she seems extra BAD. I only tried to bite her once and she deserved it - she was sniffing me.
at the vest she cried the loudest out of all of them. big baby.............
I am not going to tell her about my blog or she will want one too. at least mom is makng sweaters for her too so now I won't always have to be the fashion victim.

Monday, January 9, 2006

Today I spent a good solid constant 10 minutes asking Mommy if I could go in Birdie's pen. She totally ignored me and stayed on this stupid computer. But I kept asking.
Finally she opened it up.
I went inside and told her I wasn't happy about the bed. I growled and growled and Mommy ignored me more! I wanted her to get rid of the bed and she ignored me. I kept growling. It seemed like forever.
Eventually mommy came over and took me out of the pen and closed it so I couldn't get back in. That bed is still in there. Ugh.
Maybe tomorrow I will try again.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

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Birdie's pen. Daddy built the fence and now I can't get in. Look at her delux bed - I never got a delux bed. Daddy still has to build a wall to protect the bookshelf from gnawing baby teeth - and the electrical outlet.
Notice how the floor is shiny? I was with mommy and daddy at home depot when they found it - it is for painters - a plastic that sticks to the carpet. That is soo Birdie who is DUMB doesn't pee all over the carpet and it is easy to clean up. 2 more sleeps until she is here. Eeks.....

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my new sweater.. i wasn't interested in posing so this is all you get. Mommy's first cable knit sweater. She stayed pretty close to the pattern - i think the only thing she didn't do was increase the stitches at the neck. She is tempted to put sleeves on it but in the meantime time she has started Birdie's. For Birdie she is trying to start with 24 stitches instead of 32. It looks like it will be too big but Birdie still have lots of growing to do.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

birdie and minou
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i had to go see Birdie again today. This time I got to go see all the other puppies too. They were running around crazy banging their heads on the table and floor. Stupid dogs are all going to have major brain injuries.... I had a bit more fun though. When Mommy wasn't looking I almost played with a few of them. I was cranky though - I had class before. I cried THE ENTIRE TIME. Dad was Not Impressed. And mommy spent the whole time knitting in the viewing area. Apparently I did good though - the teacher even said so. 2 more weeks until I have an EXAM. Ugh. now I am going to pout in the bedroom for the rest of the day.

t-shirt logo!
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mommy made t-shirts on cafe press..... she wanted a t-shirt Auntie Steph showed her a LONG LONG time ago from fossil that was something like this. But we couldn't get it in canada and when she was in NYC they were sold out. It was sooo sad... but now - 2 years later she has made her own. HA HA HAAAAAAAAA....... next we will have to make one for my cousin (bulldog) and my uncle (golden retreiver)

Friday, January 6, 2006

i hate my mommy. I was chewing on my bone and something got stuck in my teeth. It was/is super annoying but not as annoying as my mommy. She first tried brushing it out with my toothbrush and toothpaste. Didn't work. Then she tried FLOSSING MY TEETH. outrageous. Didn't work. then she gave me a greenie in hopes it would dislodge it. Didn't work either. It is still there but I am hiding from her now so she will leave me alone. I saw her looking up the vet's number on the internet - perhaps I should go chew the phone up.
We also had to practise today cause I have to go back to school tomorrow. Groan. And we are visiting Birdie tomorrow. Groan. Tomorrow sounds horrible.
Emmi Lou I hope your mommy is ok......

hey knitters!

minou's sweater
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if we don''t like the bum flap portion of my new sweater can we pick up stitches from the middle and then frog the bottom off??? then we could make it a regular sweater bottom that doesn't cover my bottom and we won't have to worry about blocking it flat. (in the picture it is sticking to the carpet so we can make it lay nicely but when you pick it up it bunches up all yucky - this will be fine on the body where it will be stretched but the bum flap won't have any tension on it and we are concerned)

Thursday, January 5, 2006

mommy is stupid and broke her mini ipod. She is very sad. DO NOT attempt to replace batteries by yourself. You will break your ipod and be very very very sad......
mommy hardly slept last night. she was so sad about her ipod. Kind of like daddy and his golf clubs. She takes her ipod more places then she takes me... anyways so she woke up at 5:00 this morning, went on ebay, and bought a new one. We just hope it works. She has stupidly bid on about - ohhh - 4 others so if she wins a bunch of ipods guess what Auntie steph will get for her birthday and daddy will get for his birthday - FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS!!! The new one is sexy green instead of her pink one. She didn't want the new nano cause it doesn't hold as many songs and the new ipods are all made of plastic. The mini's are the best!!! i bet Mommy gets it the same day Birdie comes home... 4 more sleeps...

my new sweater

the first day
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Mommy is learning how to cable knit for the first time and making me a sweater from a pattern she found online
there is no picture of it online so we aren't sure what it will look like or how it will fit. It looks like it will fit me... we just aren't sure if it will block okay - otherwise the part that goes over my bum won't sit very nice...

Wednesday, January 4, 2006


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HAHAHAHHAHAAAAAA!!! Mommy doesn't knnow why I am running around the house all crazy this morning. I can't stop run run run!!!! WEEEEEEE!!!!
She hasn'r figured out yet that the entire time she has been sewing and in the shower I have been on the table eating candy!!!!!!!!!!
run fastttterrrrrrrrrr! Hump Baboon!!!!!!!!!!!! Jump on bed!!!!!!!! HA HA HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

ok Mommy is brilliant.
She came up with a new way to vote. If onlywe could get the government to adopt her idea before the next election.
She hates the conservatives - HATES, grimaces whenever their commercials are on.. ewwwwww.. anyways instead of voting for the other parties she would rather just MINUS a vote for the conservatives. None of the parties are very good but anything is better then the conservatives. SOOOO we just want to minus a vote for them. Makes sense non? we should be able to do that - why not???
ok so let's just get this started before Jan 23rd or when ever it is - AND VOTING RIGHTS FOR PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!

fuzzy feet
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mommy finished the matching fuzzy feet but she took this crappy picture. She thinks she will mail them off today - only totally late for Xmas.... as usual... especially since she started in August...

Originally uploaded by Luc, Ang, Minou and Birdie.

Mommy added sequins to the scarf....

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Minou and Birdie

Minou and Birdie
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eeks! she was touching me... eeks!!!

Originally uploaded by Luc, Ang, Minou and Birdie.

mommy finally finished the scarf - it isn't a very interesting picture. It is nice and fuzzy. She is making matching fuzzy feet now.

minou has to poo
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I had to poo this morning but it was pouring rain all day. I refused to you outside. Mommy and Daddy said they could see it coming out and that they would get proof - this doesn't prove anything!


I went to bed last night around 9:00 like I always do and was mad Mommy and Daddy weren't coming. They were watching really stupid things on tv all night - and get thins - MOMMY HAD HER KNITTING OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS!
But at 11:45 Mommy woke me up so I went back to the couch with them and when it hit midnight we all gave each other kisses!!!! Mommy said I went a little over board cause she had to wipe her face off afterwards. But it was funnnn!!!!! I even got to ring in the new years NAKED!!! WOOHOOO!!!!
Mommy said today we have to start practising - because I have to go bakc to school again on Saturday and we haven't practised all holidays. Apparently we are also visiting birdie today. Ugh.