Sunday, January 8, 2006

Originally uploaded by Luc, Ang, Minou and Birdie.

Birdie's pen. Daddy built the fence and now I can't get in. Look at her delux bed - I never got a delux bed. Daddy still has to build a wall to protect the bookshelf from gnawing baby teeth - and the electrical outlet.
Notice how the floor is shiny? I was with mommy and daddy at home depot when they found it - it is for painters - a plastic that sticks to the carpet. That is soo Birdie who is DUMB doesn't pee all over the carpet and it is easy to clean up. 2 more sleeps until she is here. Eeks.....


  1. ugh... the evil carpet-covering plastic...

    mom had to put some of that stuff all over her bedroom floor when she lived with her parents so i wouldn't pee all over the carpet.

    tell your mommy to WATCH OUT! sometimes the pee isn't very visible on the plastic and you will STEP IN IT!

  2. I thought that birdie was in the little bed but it's a bear!! Soon you two will be buddies, you'll see...

  3. Minou, don't think of it as you wanting to get in...think of the fact that she can't get out!!! Ha..ha..ha!!! Think of how fun it will be to taunt her with toys that, oh, what do you know...she can't reach!!! Oh, this could be good! Wish I were there!

  4. Hi minou my mommy works with your grandma and my puppy has his own blog 2 its called p.s my moms name is darlene she told me about the sight

  5. man thats some fancy carpet!!! I think the rents' need to get me some of that so I can pee on it instead of going out in the cold getting my tush and bee bee's all cold is never that easy