Monday, April 30, 2007

we didn't get it... some idiots beat us by $1000 because she didn't even let us counter offer.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

We are putting in an offer. Cross your fingers...

Minou's Birthday Dress
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It's my's birthday today!!! I am 4!!!!!!
We'll be having cake later but I already opened my presents. A new dress and some bling. (A rhinestone necklace you can't really see in the picture.)
We've practised a bit from our acting class today too. We learned 'on your mark' where you have to go stand on something. 'Pick it up' where you pick up a toy. I didn't like this one and wouldn't do it at all in class. But today I started to do it with mommy. Birdie and I would fight over the toy we were supposed to pick up. And lastly we learned 'watch' where we are supposed to watch where Mommy points so it looks like we are looking at something. It is hard. But we get LOTS of treaks!!!!! EEEEE!!!!!

HEP ME!!!!HEP HEP!!!!!!!
Mommee an Daddee put dis beeg blak box on mi nek. wen i burk et spraes mi en de fac. i no lek. et es tortur. kall amnistee entrnatonal. evel evel mommee an daddee.. hep mi eskap!!!!!!!! meneu stel burks!!! unfar!!!!!!!
mommee saes et wil keep moskitos awae but i no kar. get et off!!!!!!!!!!
mi adress so u kan sav mi es:
wit hous
clos to de bush i pee pee on
akross frum de sqirl

Mommy here - it is a citronella spray collar - no shocks or anything just a blast of citronella. It works extremely well (Aside from the fact it is definitely made for bigger dogs)!!! It's like we have a brand new dog. Birdie is so desparate for someone to take it off she is actually letting strangers pet her!
It's her black box - if she is ever in a plane crash we will be able to recover it and find out what happened to her - heh heh

Thursday, April 26, 2007

We are starting our acting classes on saturday. I am nervous - it sounds hard. Look at this outline of the course!

I can't believe Birdie is in the same class. There is NO WAY we should be in the same class. She still doesn't know how to lie down half the time. She better not embarrass me. I wonder what I will wear?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mommy came home with a bag from barking babies today and she won't let me look at it. It's my birthday on Sunday and I think it is a present!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately if it is from babrking babies it probably means it is clothes. At least I didn't have to go along and try everything on this time. Last time was so embarrassing. There isn't even change rooms she just stripes me down in front of the other customers.
Mommy and Daddy has just discovered I am psychic. I can predict the outcome of the canuck games. Mommy has asked me the last two games and I have been right. Tonight I predicted the ducks will win and well - it is looking like I will be right. Mommy asks me by saying that her right hand is the canucks and her left hand is the other team - then she asks me to lick the hand that will win. Sometimes i sniff one hand first but I always lick the winning team. I am so smart. I am so smart.
Back to my birthday - I still need a cake - I hope we go to the bakery to get one soon.
birdie is trying ti tyowe to makin this vey diggfcukt. sher always gets un the way when I am blogging. She better nit get any oresent son my birthfdya. IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Luc and Birdie
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we went fr walc toodae. eeeee!!!!!! gud fun. me barc at evreeon. dis es me on daddees hed! Me begger den Daddee.

It's Sunday morning. This is the first weekend Mommy has been relaxed and not stressed out in a LONG time. She is still getting up at 7:00am though. I like it because it gives me a chance to scare the morning squirrels. They think they can do whatever they want - NO WAY. It is my backyard.
Mommy started packing this weekend. She is a little insane. We haven't bought a new tent yet. She's got all these new label making machines and was labelling everything. I told her to put Birdie in a box and label it 'garbage' but she hasn't yet.
Maybe when she gets more boxes.
I went to work with Mommy on Friday - IT WAS AWESOME. Everybody gives me treats! Good treats not lame dried up dog cookies. Bagels, chips, ham etc. AWESOME.
Mommy went to a bakery when she stopped to pick up some leather coats for the movie. She came back with two chicken rolls. (Like sausage rolls with the pastry around them) They were HUGE. Bigger then my head. I got al excited because there was only two of us in the car. I figured one was for me. But Mommy ate one and left it on the dashboard. It smelled soooo good I wanted it.

But no.
Then Mommy stopped at a fabric store. I couldn't reach it.
Then we went to the theatre. I went inside with Mommy so I still couldn't get it.
Then we went to a hardware store. Again I couldn't reach it.
Last stop was at Rokko's fabric store. Mommy made me wait in the car. I didn't care. I had a plan. The chicken roll had shifted. HA HAAAAAA!!!!!!
Mommy here. I'll take over. As I got out of the car I noticed Minou wasn't anxious to come with me like she usually is. I figured she had just realized she wasn't going to get to come along. Or all the treats she mooched off of people at work was making her tired.
I went into Rokko's and bought the fabric. As I came back to the truck I waited for Minou's cute little head to pop up over the back seat.
I started opening the back of the truck to put the fabric in - nothing. I figured she was sleeping.
Usually though even if she is sleeping she pops up.
I decided I would be sneaky and be as quiet as possible and try and get to the truck drivers side without her waking up.
I quietly opened the back, put the fabric in, and closed the door.
Nothing from Minou.
Now I am getting worried. I wasn't that quiet.
My sneakiness is gone and I am just freaking out that someone has taken Minou.
I go to the drivers side door - her little head still doesn't pop up.
I look in the truck and.....

THERE WAS MOMMY!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! I wasn't done yet!!!!. I had gotten the chicken roll down from the dashboard. I was almost done it. I could hear Mommy out the back so I was eating it as FAST as I could but I just couldn't get the whole thing down fast enough.
I figured she would be soooo mad. But she was just laughing!!!!! I scrambled to get the last few bits down as she opened the door.
SHE KEPT laughing at me.
As she got in she had to take the pastry bits off her seat

Minou has made a HUGE mess.
I tried desparately to eat the last bits but Mommy picked them up and tossed them out the car. I let out a little "NO" but she kept brushing off the seat. I said "NO" again but Mommy laughed and said I wasn't going to feel good later.
I didn't really feel good later - but that was WAY later and that chicken roll was AWESOME! That bakery is WAY better then tne 3 dog bakery. Next time I want to go inside.

Minou is not allowed inside the swiss bakery and there will not be a next time.......
It was pretty funny looking at the sadness in her eyes and her pathetic little barks for me to stop as I brushed the crumbs off the seat......

Those squirrels are back. I have to go get them. Birdie doesn't do anything to help around here.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Guess what - we are officially STILL ALIVE. Hard to believe I know. It doesn't really feel like to today though.
My play finally opened on Friday - doesn't mean it is over with - I still haven't handed in my last receipts and finished returns but the worst is over.
The film has been sucking the life out of me during the day - everything is an emergency and was needed yesterday. I'm surprised I wasn't working yesterday - everyone else was.
Today was the sunrun. OH MY. I didn't do as well as I should have. I haven't seen my official time but I had my GPS on and it said 68 minutes. I felt like I was going to die for most of it. I haven't been practising as much as I should have due to a cold that has been lingering for 3 weeks at least. It has finally turned into a cough - the final stage. Hopefully not to much longer.
Minou has a vet appointment yesterday for her yearly vaccines - all went well. She has put all her weight back on PLUS .2 more pounds. 7.6 lbs.
We finally went out to look at 'tents' today - Dad was in town for a conference. We've already met one real estate agent we don't like - ugh trying to make us sign a contract without even meeting face to face. We were only able to see 4 open houses today. They were so - so. I can tell this is going to be a painful long process. We did find an area we think we like. Everywhere is that stupid tandem parking - I don't think so. Dictator and I will spent 15 minutes everynight switching our cars around. NO WAY.
The girls have new spring t-shirts but they have manged to already get them filthy rolling in dead things.
I'm halfway done recovering our couch - cushions done just the outside left.
Haven't worked on the wearable art for awhile but soon enough.
Crap - just got a blister on my hand from typing. I have such sucky baby skin - I swear I work for a living - I swear.
Not much else is new - just busy and looking forward to a little down time.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sorry - we are still alive. Some of are at least.
Mommy has been fighting a cold FOREVER. She wakes up all grumpy with a runny nose. Today was even worse then normal. She's been working tonnes too. The movie has been really busy and her play opens in 5 more days. And the sunrun is in another week. AND here is the big news. WE ARE GETTING A NEW TENT!!!!!
Mommy and Daddy are buying a new tent for us to live in. It must be even fancier then our pineapple cause mommy says they need a mortgage. They have only been looking online so far but nect week Grandpa is coming to look at tents with them. I hope the new tent has carpet and not hardwood floors - I hate hardwood floors.
Not much else is new. Birdie and I have been getting to go to work with Mommy on Fridays - we take turns. Everyone says they like me best because I don't try to bite them. I like to run into the designers office and bark at him.
Mommy bought us treats for Easter - she showed them to us - I know they are in the fridge. Daddy was looking for chocolate today too. Tomorrow when Mommy is out with Auntie Penny we will all look for our Easter treats.
We miss you all - sorry we haven't posted in awhile.