Sunday, February 27, 2005

Isa's Blog

I just found another chihuahua blog! I am so exicted! She has a job too - it sounds very different then mine! I can't believe it.
Isa's Blog
She sounds really interesting. I hope we can be friends. I don't think she has a daddy like me which is too bad cause Daddy's are great! Shet gets to drink fancy drinks at Starbucks - not me. Mommy always leaves me outside and never brings me anything. Hardly fair. I did get to go in second cup once in Halifax and they brought me water - but it wasn't very exciting.
Mommy calls Daddy 'Dictator' and yesterday she said I am 'Anarchy' - hee hee I destroy all of Daddy's carefully thought out plans and then I lick him in the ear! HA HA HA HA. Dictator is trying to make muffins right now but he thinks the stove isn;t working. He has been baking the muffins for about oh at least an hour - they are still cooking - it will be a long night!
I'm so excited about Isa's Blog!!!!

hee hee hee

mommy left the treat closet open. hee hee. I got sooo many cookies out it is amazing. I have hide most of them around the house and eaten the rest of them. hee hee I got so many! I love cookies.
Not much happened today. Mommy and I napped on the couch. I am doing my best to live up to my rules of being a film doggie and spend every wewaking moment with mommy. Except when she is going to the bathroom or cutting her nails. (She might decide to cut my nails too)
I don't know if mommy is taking me to work with her tomorrow, I sat in my bag tonight for a bit just so she would know I'm ready to go anytime but she didn't go anywhere. Maybe in the morning. I think it is bedtime now.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Tutorial on being a Film Mommy's Dog

Mommy is so tired. She gave me the day off yesterday - I am so glad cause she looks downright horrible today. She left the house at 6:15am and didn't come home until 11:00pm. Isn't that horrible. I feel so bad for mommy. She said she had a hard time driving home with her eyes open. Mommy's foot hurts again too. She said the truck was parked really park from the set yesterday so when they would call with an emergency she would have to run all the way to set - this happened so many times the transport guys (who could have given her a ride back and forth instead of sitting in their van watching a dvd) started making fun of her and imitating her limpy run until she finally explained she wasn't supposed to be running. Did they offer her a ride? NOOOO. Poor mommy. If I had been there I would have run back and forth for her. Although I think she would have to make me a hover cart to pull things because the heaviest thing I can drag around is baboon.
Maybe I should do a tutorial on how to be a doggie of a film mommy... Just like auntie steph did. I don't know if I am very good at it though.
Rule #1 Never get mad at Mommy for not being home enough/sooner
- it is not Mommy's fault if she had ANY choice she would not be sitting by herself in a cold truck, in the middle of nowhere, listening to a walkie talkie, not getting paid overtime, for 16 hours.
Rule #2 Always let Mommy know you missed her while she is gone
- Nothing makes Mommy happier then knowing you thought about her the whole time she was gone. I like to tell her this by licking every inch of her face until she falls alseep
Rule #3 Always getup and give Mommy a kiss goodbye no matter what time she leaves in the morning
- Mommy always seem surprised and happy when I get up at 4:30am to see her go to work. That makes me happy cause she gives me a little treat that I save for later.
Rule #4 When Mommy is home spend every waking hour within an inch from her
This will remind her how much you love her and miss her and not annoy her at all

That is all the rules I can think of right now. I am going to go play with Daddy and baboon...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I have a job now - it is very hard. I had to get up at 4:30am with mommy, have a poopy outside and go to work! Sooo early. It was hard. When we got to work it was dark and cold. there was no power or heat in the truck. I shivered and shivered and sat in my bag waiting for mommy. Then we suddenly got lights and heat so I sat in front of the heater while mommy puttered around looking in boxes and ironing things. Finally Sheila came and we went to eat!!! There was sooo much food and they didn't give me anything. RUDE! I was working too and needed breakfast. When we went back to the truck with all the costumes people kepty coming to see us - I was very busy I had to bark at all of them. Finally mom brought a chair for me so I could sit in front of the door and watch everyone a bit better. I barked and barked. I helped mommy take clothes out to dressing rooms. Donna came after awhile too - we were all so busy running around in that little truck. I had to be careful they didnt' step on me. For awhile they were filming on the street in front of us and I would bark - I hope that when the movie comes out you can hear me bark int he background!
Not much else happened but it was very busy. I could not sleep. I did not get a nap all day. mommy and daddy laughed because when we got home I was sitting watching mommy eat and I guess I fell asleep watching her - I almost fell over.
At the end of the day I decided instead of just barking I would be in the scene. It was the 911 scene - I can help give 911 advice. So I got of the truck when mommy wasn't paying close attention and I ran to the set. Mommy caught me just as I was about to go inside. Grrr..... Next time I will make it on set.
When the big actors came to visit I gave them kisses but when extras came I would growl and ignore them - hee hee.. I shouldn't have to hang out with the extras!!! I kept trying to go in the lead actresses dressing room too. Mommy will get busy one day ad I will get away.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be a very buay day so Mommy doesn't think I am good enough and she is having Sarah Brown come to work instead of me. She better growl at everyone...
Grandma left yesterday. I will miss her. I liked crawling into bed with her in the morning. Mommy and her did too much shopping though without me. They even went to target without me.
I think Grandma was going to try and take me to Saskatoon with her - NO WAY i remember the weather there. I kept hiding whenever she tried to put the collar on me.
I am soo tired I must go to sleep...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Oh I've been tagged!

Ok I haven't but even though I'm puppy it doesn't mean I don't feel left out sometimes. So, I'm tagging myself. Woof.

1. Total amount of music files on your computer:
I don't have a computer, I use my mommy's. As far as songs - she has three songs with the word chihuahua in them,10.4 minutes, 10.8 MB

2.The CD you last bought is:
Well I don't actually know how to handle money. And I'm only allowed in some stores. I can't wait to buy a cd one day though.

3.What is the song you listened to before reading this message?
Daddy was listening to the radio tonight and they were playing Queen's song about riding the bicycle. I like going with mommy on her bicycle - that is a good song.

4.Write down five songs you often listen to or mean a lot to you:
Hmmm, another difficult one. Daddy sings shot through the heart to me sometimes - I like that even though he is out of tune. Mommy makes up silly songs that make no sense but I like them - I wiggle my tail when she sings them. They don't really have names. Is a doorbell a song? I love doorbells.... We don;t actually have a doorbell right now so I bark whenever I hear one on tv.

There was more questions then that wasn't there? Hang on a sec...
Oh yah who am I passing this on to. Well. I won't. It is past my bedtime.... And mommy will be mad if I stay up all night blogging.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Julien on dogster

Mommy helped Auntie Jenn to make a page for Julien today. But we have no recent pictures of him. Auntie Jenn will have to send them to us.

Valentine's Day

A Haiku for My Baboon

I adore Baboon
brown, full of stuffing, furry
armpit love-making

Hope you all have a valentine as special as mine!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'm gonna be FAMOUS!!!!!

Mommy got a phone call tonight from a vet and they want to meet with her to see about possibly selling my clothes!!! How exciting. She is going to have to make up some samples this weekend since I wear all of my clothes and they are all dirty! Dirty me! I wonder if I will get to go with her and model them! As long as they don't give me a needle!
YAYYYYY!!!! She will call them back tomorrow.
I didn't do much today - Mommy and Daddy were gone all day again. I looked at my blog pet a few times - it is cute but useless - it doesn't have a baboon to hump or anything. So sad.
I fooled mommy tonight. I stood in front of my toy box and growled. I kept growling and growling until she took every single toy out. Then I sat there and growled some more at the empty toybox. HA HA HA HAAAAAA! I didn't want any of the toys I just wanted attention. I think I will go chew on my purse a bit now...

Blog Pet

Mommy got me a blog pet - she said I could play with it during the day while she is at work. Unfortunately she got me a JAPANESE blog pet - at least I think it is japanese. Not to sure really. So I don't know how much fun it will be. I hope it doesn't pee all over my blog. Dirty little rabbit. I guess teaching myself japanese wil help fill the time while mommy is at work. She said in another week I can go to work with her! YAYYYY!!!

Do I have to feed my blog pet?

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Mommy's not home..

I am home alll alll alone..... Mommy left early today after daddy. I'm bored. She didn't even turnthe tv on for me. I have pressed most of the buttons on the remote but I can't figure it out.

I went into the bathroom to pull out the snotty kleenexes from the garbage that I like to shred but there was none! Mommy emptied the garbage. So I really have nothing to do.

Bored bored... I guess I will go back to sleep. Hopefully mommy and daddy will come home soon. I haven't even pooped today - boy will I have to go by the time they get home!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2005


i have a new sweater - daddy won't like it cause it is too girly!!! But I doooo I helped mommy make it. If she was cutting thiings out I stood on the fabric for her. If she was sewing I sat in her lap and licked her fingers. If she was serging I sat in her lap and licked the serger. If she was ironing I stood ont he table and tried to lick the iron. I'm mommy's helper!!!!! And now I have a new shirt special for valentines...... weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

you will have to go to to see the pretty little picture on the back!!! It is sooo special!!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2005


i wasn't feeling good last night. I ate something I wasn't supposed to. I'm not going to tell you what it was though cause then mommy will find out - and it tasted really good so I will do it again!!! When mommy got up to go running I started to throw up - she put me on the floor - I was going to throw up in bed. Then while mommy was cleaning it up I snuck off and threw up on the carpet in her sewing room - I was going to throw up on some fabric but silly mommy actually cleaned up yesterday. I had forgotten.

But after I puked I felt much better - I even went outside in the pouring rain for a poop. I feel great now. I had a little nap with mommy when she came back from running. I've been remodeling my tent alot this morning - puttinfg blanket in, taking blanket out. I've been hiding my rawhide all over the house too - so many good spots it is hard to choose.

Daddy is glued to the boring tv today. Something about golf and superbowl - is a super bowl a great big bowl full of treats? Maybe I will watch that part with daddy too!!! Mommy said she might sew me a new sweater - she got some pink fabric last week at dress sew for $4.00 and thinks it is even silk... so fancy....

Ok I am going to go bug daddy somemore....

Friday, February 4, 2005


Mommy got a job today - that means she won't be around much soon. Oh well..... Maybe she will take me with her to work. She said she will probably be inthe truck - I could hang out in the truck with her all day!!! We would have fun!!!!

Here is a hint for Auntie Steph - I was helping mommy make your birthday present!!!!!

And here is mommy's sweater - she finished the ribbing it is still all pinned together. Now she is working on the sleeves. We have to go get more yarn soon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005


mommy is making me cookies and it is killing me. I've been sitting in front of the stove growling for awhile now. But mommy still won't give me one. Ohhh they smell so good. She had a little cookie cutter and I would stands on the chair and lick the counter a little bit when I could. Mommy says another 5 minutes until the first batch is done. Ohhhh I can't wait. Mommy wants to mail some to julien but I will do my best to make sure I get to eat them ALL!