Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I have a job now - it is very hard. I had to get up at 4:30am with mommy, have a poopy outside and go to work! Sooo early. It was hard. When we got to work it was dark and cold. there was no power or heat in the truck. I shivered and shivered and sat in my bag waiting for mommy. Then we suddenly got lights and heat so I sat in front of the heater while mommy puttered around looking in boxes and ironing things. Finally Sheila came and we went to eat!!! There was sooo much food and they didn't give me anything. RUDE! I was working too and needed breakfast. When we went back to the truck with all the costumes people kepty coming to see us - I was very busy I had to bark at all of them. Finally mom brought a chair for me so I could sit in front of the door and watch everyone a bit better. I barked and barked. I helped mommy take clothes out to dressing rooms. Donna came after awhile too - we were all so busy running around in that little truck. I had to be careful they didnt' step on me. For awhile they were filming on the street in front of us and I would bark - I hope that when the movie comes out you can hear me bark int he background!
Not much else happened but it was very busy. I could not sleep. I did not get a nap all day. mommy and daddy laughed because when we got home I was sitting watching mommy eat and I guess I fell asleep watching her - I almost fell over.
At the end of the day I decided instead of just barking I would be in the scene. It was the 911 scene - I can help give 911 advice. So I got of the truck when mommy wasn't paying close attention and I ran to the set. Mommy caught me just as I was about to go inside. Grrr..... Next time I will make it on set.
When the big actors came to visit I gave them kisses but when extras came I would growl and ignore them - hee hee.. I shouldn't have to hang out with the extras!!! I kept trying to go in the lead actresses dressing room too. Mommy will get busy one day ad I will get away.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be a very buay day so Mommy doesn't think I am good enough and she is having Sarah Brown come to work instead of me. She better growl at everyone...
Grandma left yesterday. I will miss her. I liked crawling into bed with her in the morning. Mommy and her did too much shopping though without me. They even went to target without me.
I think Grandma was going to try and take me to Saskatoon with her - NO WAY i remember the weather there. I kept hiding whenever she tried to put the collar on me.
I am soo tired I must go to sleep...

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  1. Minou,
    Have you joined the union yet? Are you meeting famous actors and actresses? How famous? Shelly Long famous or Glenn Close famouse?
    Have you considered writing an expose about the goings on in the wardrobe truck? Are you going to take photos?

    Must go.