Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'm gonna be FAMOUS!!!!!

Mommy got a phone call tonight from a vet and they want to meet with her to see about possibly selling my clothes!!! How exciting. She is going to have to make up some samples this weekend since I wear all of my clothes and they are all dirty! Dirty me! I wonder if I will get to go with her and model them! As long as they don't give me a needle!
YAYYYYY!!!! She will call them back tomorrow.
I didn't do much today - Mommy and Daddy were gone all day again. I looked at my blog pet a few times - it is cute but useless - it doesn't have a baboon to hump or anything. So sad.
I fooled mommy tonight. I stood in front of my toy box and growled. I kept growling and growling until she took every single toy out. Then I sat there and growled some more at the empty toybox. HA HA HA HAAAAAA! I didn't want any of the toys I just wanted attention. I think I will go chew on my purse a bit now...


  1. Minou!
    You mean you're going to be more famous than you are now!!!! That is sooooooo exciting! Uncle Andrew and I are very happy for you and Mommy.

    This is the start of something big, we just know it!

    Oh, BTW, Mrs. Jones' daughter, Theo, saw your pretty ruffled shirt yesterday. She said you looked very pretty in it.

  2. This is Mommy's Boss speaking and she says that MOMMY shouldn't call her boss anymore She is your MOMMY'S COWORKER