Wednesday, June 29, 2005

not much to say today..

mommy got home really late because there was an accident on the highway today... SO I slept ALL DAY. Now she has been cleaning up some of her mess because daddy is coming home tomorrow night.
Since I don't have alot to say I thought I would distract you all with some of my pictures when I was a PUPPYYYYYY!! MOmmy found them yesterday night.

Aren't I the cutest?
Mommy has to do a night shoot tomorrow - she doesn't start until 8:00pm - isn't that dreadful? And it is a 2 hour drive from home to get there. Poor Mommy she will be really tired. I wonder if she will be awake enough to take me to fireworks friday (note to americans - it is canada day friday)

Monday, June 27, 2005

chewing time...

mommy was at work again today - what else is new. She didn't come home dirty though - and even went for a run! since then we have been sitting on the couch she has been reading her script and researching on the computer and I have been chewing four different bones in rotation, keeping my bum on her arm at all times. What a talent...
here i am playing princess and the pea yesterday!

The picture sucks. Mommy is looking into new digital cameras - this one is dead dead dead....

Sunday, June 26, 2005

drat I have been found out....

let's just say I have discovered a taste for strawberries recently... well I think it is all over cause Mommy caught me.
The lady who lives upstairs has a plant that she keeps strawberries in - what a weird place to keep strawberries. Mommy keeps hers in the fridge.
Anyhoo I found it and have been snacking in it for weeks! Well Mommy saw me today - I thought she was inside but she was really outside. CRAP. I am going to have to be very careful next time. I really like those strawberries - they are sooo soft not like crunch crunch at all. Even better then grapes!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

big dog eats chihuahua for lunch

ok so today was a busy day. after mommy got back from her run, me, mommy, grandma and grandpa went shopping. We shopped all afternoon - and again NOTHING for me! Dreadful. When we finally got home Mommy had to have a nap so I curled up with her. I miss her so much during the week I don't leave her side when she is home. I think she must be very tired from work. She slept in until 9:00am - usually she wakes up at 7:00 without an alarm. Anyways after our nap we all went for a walk. We had just crossed the street and Mommy was in the process of taking off my leash so I could run and sniff on the trails when grandma says "oh Ang there is a big dog up there" Mommy then says"that isn't a big dog it is a coyote" Now I don't know what a coyote is but i was listening to mommy talk and apparently they like to eat cute little puppies, they are smart and travel in packs. I was TERRIFIED. So mommy kept my leash on (which sucked) and stayed really close to me. I guess it was okay though - the more they talked the more scared I got. At one point I made Mommy carry me cause I was too scared. I don't think I want to see one of those coyotes again.
after the coyote we had supper and then went to the chinese night market! Woohooo - who knew there was so many other chihuahuas that liked the night market. I made all kinds of friends including rocky - he was a handsome sucker - only 7 months old but if mommy likes younger men why can't i? he was brown with a black stripe down his back.... It was fun but I was very very very tired. Now I am resting and I think I will go to bed soon...
Daddy didn't come home this weekend. But that is ok Grandpa Mel is trying to be a dictator too...

Friday, June 24, 2005

i came back

i actually came back the next day but I haven't been able to go on the computer.
I went to Thyrza's and Erez's (how many couples do you know who both have z's in their names?) Mommy said she was going to be gone for more then 14 hours and she didn't want to leave me alone so I got to play at their house on wed.
it was fun I chased that kitty 'betty'
MOmmy dropped me off there at 6:30am and she didn't come get me again until 9:00pm. She has a LONG day at work. She was soooooo DIRTY I have never seen her so dirty. BLACK - face hands feet - everything. GROSS.WHen we got home Grandma and Grandpa were back and Grandma wouldn't even hug her - she was soooo dirty. It has been three days now and she still isn't clean. I wish I had taken a picture... maybe next week. She said the 'barbarians' were even making fun of her. Apparently there is REAL barbarians at mommy's work and she spends the day in the forest with them getting dirty. She said today she was standing in the rivier with them and there was two stunt barbarians who got really wet. I wouldn't want to be a barbarian. Unless maybe they get to roll in dead things too...
anyways mommy has been working really really long hours and grandma and grandpa are here - busy busy. Dictator Daddy hasn't come back from Whistler yet. I wonder if he is coming back this weekend. If he does I bet grandpa will give him some grapes too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

what is going on?

Daddy isn't here... and Mommy packed a bag for me... She has my pink bag, with a blanky, a pee pad, food, treats, my kitty from Soba and my rawhide bone... I think I am going somewhere. She just packed her bag for work. I don't think I am going to work with her though - my spidey senses are tingling....
hmm well I think I will hide in my tent in the morning until I figure out what is going on....
mommy looks tired and ready for bed. She has been working sooo much. I have been lonely.... I wish I had a car. I miss daddy....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

dictator daddy

oops... i am a bad puppy.. I forgot to wish my Daddy a happy father's day. I didn't know Daddy! No one told me! I only heard Mommy call Grandpa and then started to read other blogs.... Today is dictator daddy day. DDD. I should have found him a present. I didn't lick my 'birdie' and then give him a kiss like I like too so that was nice of me. And I didn't take too much kleenex out of the garbage and shred it. And I didn't ask him to hold my bone so I could chew it while he watched golf.
I am sorry Daddy.
Happy Dictator Daddy Day!

This is one of Mommy's favourite pictures of me and Daddy at peggy's cove in Nova Scotia. I was only about 5 months old.
I hope you are on the internet while you are away.

Mommy's projects PHOTOS!

Okay so I have been slacking off on showing Mommy's things. Somehow I don't care as much when they aren't for me but she has been making things so I thought tonight I would share. Daddy has left for Whistler again and there isn't much going on around here...

Mommy's new running vest. It looks okay - but it is full of mistakes. You would think if she made her own pattern she could remember what the seam allowance is! Apparently not. But I guess it will keep her dry.
You will probably shortly notice a theme in the colors here... Mommy has a habit of making everything either blue or pink. I bet you can't guess which it is these days...

The tankini - Mommy wanted to take a picture of her wearing it HOWEVER (and I agree with Mommy's decision here) she has not showered all weekend and is looking pretty scary. Better on the mannequin. Mommy is also a good 6" wider then that silly mannequin so it is much more flattering on the mannequin.

This is a very wrinkled (cause Mommy never irons) little polka dot wrap skirt Mommy made last week. She has been wearing it alot...

This is a little silk skirt Mommy also made last week - she has been waiting for it to dry since when it is all twisted up like that it takes awhile.... She dyed this scrap piece of silk with blue kool-aid, really unevenly and then quickly put the thing together. I hope I get a matching skirt!
Not much else. Mommy totally slept in today - recovering from her work week I guess I was more then happy to sleep in with her. We did get up to watch a bit of coronation street but fell asleep in front of the tv. (they played belle and sebastian on it today!!!!) For you poor poor americans who don't get coronation street we feel very very very sorry for you. It is the best soap opera EVER!!!!!
ok... c'est tout pour maintenant....

Saturday, June 18, 2005

saturday's are good days...

we get to sleep in until a whopping 7:00am!!! WOOHOOO!!!! Then I had to let Mommy up for a pee pee....
Mommy didn't go for a run today - AGAIN!!! Like the 4th day in a row!!! BADDDD!!! But her and Daddy did pilates again... This time I got to jump on both of them! I tried to chew my bone on Daddy's tummy while he did the 100's... heh heh...
Then Daddy made crepes... this totally counteracted any pilates and then some - and he made a small little Minou sized one. I heard Mommy say "is that for Minou?" and I was totally excited but guess who ate it? Nooo not Minou. DADDY. Rude rude rude.....
We went shopping this afternoon.. They didn't buy anything for me and didn't bring me in the mall - I bet they ate food in there - they sure smelled like they did. Mommy has been talking about another pair of pink bcbg shoes ever since we left a place called winners.... hmmm.. I wonder if we are going back tomorrow????
Tonight Mommy has been sewing and Daddy went golfing so I have been napping. We never did go see Gaye and John and Alex.

Mommy's knitting thus far - it is very slow going.....
Tonight she started sewing a vest for running - something to keep her dry - this way she can't stay home just cause it is raining.

All the fabric bits Mommy had lying around to make the vest out of.

The pattern mommy made for the vest - I jumped on it and put a hole in it!

the really nasty Mock up of mommy's new vest just to see if it will actually work...

Me napping in my marco marco shirt - I still have to make Audrey a collar even though I think she doesn't deserve it - Mommy says I have too.
I guess I should point out Mommy did eventually go for a run today around 6:00 - the sun was actually out. I thought I would rather stay home and hump my baboon - which mommy said was crusty and gross. If she thinks it is nasty how do you think I feel, I can't reach the washing machine or I would do something about it myself.... Maybe I should start a petition to get baboon washed....

Friday, June 17, 2005


ok not much to report.... Mommy totally was sleeping in this morning so I thought WHOA!!! NO GOOD!!! SO I decided I would give her lots of kisses to wake her up. Well she moaned and told me to go back to bed. But I didn't want her to be late for work so I tried it again and jumped on her a few times.... She still wasn't moving. It was like 5:15 and Mommy's alarm wasn't even going off. I was panicing so I went to get a squeaky toy to help....
THEN Mommy informs me she doesn't have to get up yet - she isn't going to work until later. WHOOPS. SOrry Mommy. If she had told me last night I wouldn't not have tried to wake her up.
I went back to sleep then until Mommy woke up with her alarm at 7:00.
Mommy and I did pilates then. Well ok. Mommy tried to do pilates and I jumped on her. It is more fun that way. She really likes it when she is wheezing trying to do these sit up things and I jump on her tummy. She REALLY likes it. And she likes it when I put my rawhide bones behind her so she rolls over onto them. Good stuff. Boy we had fun. I wish she did pilates more. She said she was doing it cause she didn't want to run in the rain this morning...
But our fun had to come to an end - Mommy went to work.
I found out Mommy doesn't have to work tomorrow though so we might go visit Gaye and John and Alex... they feed me chicken.. They were my babysitters last summer - I wish we still ived close to them. Mommy would go to work and they would come over and we would hang out.... Good times good times....
AND maybe we can go do some birthday present shopping for the various people on our list....

oh P.S. Auntie Steph I just heard the news - (for those of you who don't know Mommy was going to go interview for a position in the Xmen 3 costume shop but can't make the interview now and can't reschedule) I am so sorry. I am thinking of dressing up in some of Mommy;s clothes and shoes and going to the interview. I can sew so maybe I will get the job! I will make the wolf guys costumes cause wolves are kinda like dogs...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


we are still waiting for grandma and grandpa mel to get here. Mommy just told me their plane was hit by lightening!!!!! Grandma will be stressed - she has to be drugged to fly even when it doesn't get hit by lightening! Hopefully they will get here soon.... I am worried.
Daddy is working in Whistler for awhile so it is just us girls. But Mommy is working so much it might not be so much fun. Hmmm today she left at 5:45am and came home at 8:30pm!!!! But I got lots of cookies when she got here....
CAP - we want to send you a b-day present but Mommy says she can't take me shopping or help me make anything until the weekend. I think it will be late.....

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


mommy just asked me to mention that yes she is knitting. She started a tank top just before we went to L.A. She isn't cruising on it - work has her kinda tired when she gets home. But next time we have a nice sunny day I know she will be outside with it by the pool. and we will get some pictures......

Monday, June 13, 2005

holy smoke there is alot of you......

i had no idea there were so many puppies who read blogs..... no clue.... and my blog.... wow. Now I feel the need to write something interesting...
unfortunately nothing interesting happened today. Both Mommy and Daddy left for work at 6:00am..... I stayed in bed as long as I could and got up at the last possible minute in order to make sure Mommy left me a cookie.
Then I slept. ALL DAY LONG.....
Daddy came home around 5:00 and left again and came home again..... I still slept.
Mommy didn't come home until 8:30.....
I said hello to her and crawled up on the couch. After she ate she took me to the park. I didn't really want to go - I tried to tell her that by hiding in my tent. I think she was feeling guilty cause she got home to late to go for a run. But she put on my new sweater from Auntie Steph and out we went.
There was a BIG DOG outside. He had no Mommy with him and he ran right up to me. I was brave at first but I got scared after he sniffed me to long. So then I started screaming and running circles around Mommy. I screamed and screamed. Finally Mommy (she is so mean) picked me up but geez he could have eaten me twice by the time she picked me up. AND THEN she had the nerve to tell me to be quiet!!!! I was almost eaten by a big dog!!!!!!!!! As the big dog ran away I yelled at him a few times to leave us alone - which Mommy told me to be quiet again. Stupid Mommy.
By the time Mommy let me off my leash at the park I had enough so I turned around and went home. HA HA HA HAAAAA! I didn't want to go for a walk. Now I think I will sit on the couch and watch tv with Daddy.
Mommy hasn't made me Ande's cookies yet cause she says we are missing ingredients. I wish she would tell me what they are so I could go get them.
Tomorrow is shaping up to be the same. Mommy and Daddy will work all day. BUT guess what - Grandma is coming on Wednesday and Grandpa Mel!!!!! I hope they bring me presents!!!!
We'll see....

Saturday, June 11, 2005

OHHHH long day at work

yes it is saturday and yes I went to work today. Mommy woke up at 5:00am and by 6:00am we were already half way to work. I didn't want to go. I hide in my tent as long as I could. Not only was it 5:45am but it was raining outside - WHY WOULD I WANT TO GO ALONG!!!
But when I got there it was sooo exciting. Mommy's works in a building with lots of corners and underneath things and shelves at my height so I spent the first hour sniffing everywhere.
I smelled a spot where another dog was so I thought I should pee there too. Mommy didn't figure that out for awhile and I got in trouble for it.
Julia and Rosalee were there at the same time as Mommy - I tried to get treats from them. (SHHH don't tell but I got a piece of granola bar) Julia's table had lots of good hiding spots so I put my greenie there.
More and more people came to work - Soula, Petra, eliza, Keith, Melissa, Lauren, Ute, Audrey, Mitchel, Phong and Nancy - I think that is everyone.
Julia tormented me ALL DAY! If I was sleeping she would poke me, if I was eating she would take my food away, if i was playing she would take my toys away. Then she would ask Mommy why I didn't like her - DUHHHH!!!!!! She has a puppy at home named Lexus - boy do I feel sorry for her!! Maybe she should come live with my Mommy instead.
Mommy had alot of handsewing so I spent most of the day sleeping in her lap. It was fun!
BUT after 10 HOURS I was ready to come home - sooo tired. (Remeber when I did sleep Julia woke me up) Mommy said she should have brought her camera - but she didn't. Maybe if she works another Saturday I will get to go again.
There was a BIG BIG BIG room when they make fake rooms and stuff to shoot scenes in and it was EMPTY today so on our way to go pee pee I ran inside. Mommy couldn't catch me - I ran soooo fast in the great big room (like a big airplane hanger) Round and round and round and round and round. But then mommy said I was going to have to stay there by myself so I got scared and caught up with her.
I think I am going to go play with Baboon now... He didn't get to go to work....
Hello to all my new friends - where did you all come from??? Do you have blogs? are you cats? dogs? big dogs? scary big dogs who really want to eat me and not be my friend....

Friday, June 10, 2005


ok the recipes....

gourmet food processor biscuits
1/4 cup water
2 eggs
2 cups all purpose flour
1 1/3 cups sharp cheddar shredded
3 cloves garlic
1/2 cup vegetable oil
there is a big long list of instructions for people who have never baked before but my Mommy just dumps it all in a bowl and mixes it. I think the idea of the name is that you are supposed to mix it in a food processor but we don't even have a hand mixer so a fork is used!
then when it is all mixed you roll it out and use the cutest cookie cutter you have to cut the cookies you lay them on a cookie sheet with tin foil. Bake at 400F for 15 minutes then take them out and flip them and bake them for another 10 minutes..
the cookies I had last night....
and this cookie

the other recipe mommy makes is:
good dog cookies
2 1/2 cups whole what flour
3/4 cup non fat dry milk powder
1 egg beaten
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 cubes of beef boullion
3/4 cup boiling water
2 TBSP brown sugar
guess what! you mix it all together again and then use the cookie cutter again... you bake these for 30 minutes at 300F
The end
I think I like the garlic ones better but really I am not fussy.
if anyone has any other recipes with ingredients we have in the cupboards and not weird things they can send me a sample along with the recipe....and they can send jerky... and greenies...and soft toys....
hey guess what - I ate gum off the sidewalk today. Mommy tried to stop me but I lodged that gun so far back in my throat she couldn't get it out of my mouth. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!
La who cares if Mommy needs me I am going back to L.A. Just tell me when to be there! I will sneak to the airport - I know where it is... hey did we tell you we have friend named Lala?
Ande please don't kidnap me - i don't like kids - maybe cutepuppynap me instead
Gromit Mommy is working on......Merlin's Apprentice! starring Sam Neil and Miranda Richardson. There are scary barbarians in it that Mommy has to cut up buffalos for. Lately though she isn't as dirty maybe she is done with the buffalos...
Saber cookies really are the most important thing in the world.... although I am very cute
Opie and Abbey i don't know if the cookies are for diets. Mommy says I have high 'metabolism' and don't have to worry about diets - whatever that means...maybe you will only have to diet after you eat cookies for like 1/2 an hour...
AUNTIE STEPH!!!! come come come come - you can live in my tent with me!!! we will go to L.A. to visit La together.
Mommy forgot to ask if I can go to work tomorrow. Sooo I probably can't go even though I would be very very quiet. Daddy is working to. Maybe I will have some friends over..

Thursday, June 9, 2005

OHHHHHH 12 hour days

AGAin.. Mommy is working 12 hour days again. I knew it was coming.... She leaves at 6:15 am and starts work at 7:00 then works until 7:30pm and gets home a little after 8:00pm. What a long day. Then today she went for a run as soon as she came home. I got all excited for nothing as she left again! Poops.. But now she is home. She says I am almost out of cookies and she should make me some more - I AGREE!!!! But it takes awhile to bake them all and it is getting late.
Maybe I will get out some bowls to try and help her and some ingredients. I am trying to look extra hungry so she feels guilty.
Someone asked for my cookie recipes once... mommy has a lame cookbook from the grodery store with recipes full of ingredients she has never heard of - there is one recipe in there. it came with the bone shaped cookie cutter. As cute as the bone is I would prefer oh tiaras and hearts and diamonds...
The other recipe she found on the internet.. Maybe tomorrow we will post them. not tonight or I will never get to eat them.
Mommy has to work Saturday too - only 8 hours on Sat. though. She said MAYBE I could come along. I don't know if I want to - maybe if Daddy is working.... Although there will be all those buffalo hides to play on - it could be fun sniffing... there is apparently another puppy who works in props called coco....
ok time to get these cookies going....

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

mommy is...

officially 10 lbs lighter then when she started running... That is more then an entire ME! She sat at 7lbs lighter for a very long time but recently the scale started going down again. And to repeat Mommy has not dieted at all - at work she snacks on chocolate and various other goodies all day long.... She is CRAZY!!! I bet if she dieted she would take off all the weight she's put on since graduation - but then my mommy and I aren't ones to say no to treats....

Monday, June 6, 2005

mommy's ego

as if she needs this to encourage her, although it is pretty cool.....

everyone was back at work

so I had the day to myself again. Daddy left his computer on today so I took pictures of myself with Baboon and emailed them to people. Nothing too naughty.
When Mommy came home she went for a run - she usually does that in the morning but this morning she couldn't get up on time. HA HA HAAAAA serves her right for reading blogs until midnight last night. I figured she wasn't coming to bed so I slept in her spot and when she did come I didn't move over so she had hardly and room to sleep and barely enough blanket. I may be small but I know EXACTLY where to lie down to maximize my size.
Maybe tonight she will come to bed ontime....

Sunday, June 5, 2005

BBQ sauce

A few weeks ago Mommy took me to Memphis BBQ with Rina. I got to sit outside and lick her fingers after she ate. It was REALLY REALLY GOOD. I tried to ask some men at the next table if I could lick their fingers but I think I scared them cause tehy jumped and let out little girly screams. (I was hiding under their table)
Well I am reading Mandy's blog today and look at this!!!!!!
Can you believe that. I was home, I wasn't busy. I could have gone. And it sure looks like she needed assistance keeping clean...... Geez. Well next time I will go without Mommy.
ALthough I did pay her back a little this morning before I even knew what had taken place. I went pee pee, licked my bird and then french kissed Mommy to wake her up. HA HA HA HAHAHAHAAAA! I know Mommy loves the taste of little dog pee in the morning.

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Dad's new 'FRIEND'

I am not impressed. Look at the picture Daddy showed me and Mommy today..... Hrmph. I leave for 10 days and look what he does!!! MY MORTAL ENEMY!

In the doorway. I am surprised it didn't come right in the house and Daddy didn't offer it my food!! He probably gave it my jerky!!!!!!I am sooo angry.....
If he is going to do this everytime we go away I won't be going away again.....
No sir.... next he'll have cats over too.... and big dogs.... and maybe those things called horses - which might not be so bad cause then I can eat their poo.
Here is me in the sweater Auntie Steph. Mommy took it before we left. I was sleeping abd not very happy about the picture but at least you can see how well it fits me..

Since you Mommies have a weird thing about shoes...

I thought I would share Mommy's purchases with you.... Daddy told me not to let her buy anymore shoes after the first pair but I am a very small dog and it is hard to stop someone when you are in a purse!
This was the first pair Mommy bought.

I wasn't with her at the time. The story goes that Uncle Nick found them and then when he wandered off to find Mommy (to show them to her) she found them and practically had them on her feet. Obviously they were a must have especially in Vancouver. They are much better then her $12 zellers rubber boots.
Next pair was the keens

As we said Mommy's new favourites, They are already getting dirty...
Lastly was these

from ross dress for less in bellingham - BCBG.. You can see they are TOO BIG on Mommy but since when does that stop her!!! She figures a heel grip or two and problem solved. I don't know where she thinks she will wear them.... Silly silly Mommy....
I figure you humans are weird for wearing shoes in the first place. They are horrible things. I guess as long as Mommy doesn't try to make me wear anymore she can have hers.
Maybe tomorrow we will post her other purchases.... although there is underwear and I am NOT taking pictures of Mommy in underwear - especially since it isn't really pretty - she bought it casue she was silly and didn't pack enough.

Friday, June 3, 2005

mommy;s new shoes

AUntie Stpeh thinks Mommy's toe is gone but it isn't true... They are Mommy's new favourite shoes.... Obviously keens haven't become as popular in Halifax yet. EVERYONE is wearing them here.....
Mommy bought one pair last summer. Her friend Nicola has about 8 pairs. They like them because they have closed toes so they can wear them on film sets (union rules no open toe shoes)
Mommy bought these ones in L..A.

But they are pink... they aren't really a closed toe but that little bit of a cover has protected her toe many times..... she bangs it all the time - she is klutzy to say the least....
They were everywhere in L.A. too......
So Auntie Steph you should get some too. They make cute boots that Mommy wants for fall..
website has SOME pictures but not all
Okay we are going for a walk now.... later

Thursday, June 2, 2005

another boring day for me

but that is okay - I am still enjoying catching up on all my sleep. It was sooo stressful to follow mom when she was in the pool - I was so worried and having all those people in the house to keep track of. And it was a big house so if I went from Uncle Nick's room to the living room to make sure everyone was okay it took awhile. I had to go back and forth all night. And then sometimes they would move around on me and I would have to find them. Oh it was stressful. So I don't mind that Mommy and Daddy are at work and I can sleep all day.
Mommy came home smelling like buffalo again. I don't know what she is doing. Maybe I will ask her to bring her camera to work. She comes home happy though so work must be good....
She even went for a run this morning. I was shocked! Then we ate breakfast outside cause it was nice outside...
anyways this blog is about me NOT mommy cause I am cuter....
I can't scam table scraps anymore so I am back to my boring dog food. I guess it is better for my figure but I am not thrilled about it. Mommy bought me some designer issac Mizrahi cookies at Target that I am still enjoying...
I wish I lived with CAP so we could go to target everyday for cookies.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

I had a quiet day today.... I had the house to myself. Mommy slept in this morning - she didn't set her alarm properly but luickily she wakes up at the crack of dawn. She just didn't have time for a run.
I barely got out of bed to say goodbye - it was sooo good to sleep in our warm soft bed again. I missed it. I stayed there all day. And now I'm spending the evening in my tent, I love it.
Mommy got home from work late - she is only doing 10 hour days but she has to make up some time since she was late on Tuesday.
She came home smelling all weird. I had to sniff her whole skirt and hands. She was covered in fur - I could smell buffalo, raccoon, rabbit, sheep, and who knows what else. She said she is making barbarian costumes. I am a little worried. I hope they don't need any blonde short fur.... I think I must make sure mommy can't find me when she goes to work tomorrow morning.
It is nice to be home although I miss getting stuff dropped on the floor from Barbara, Gus and Nick.....