Sunday, June 5, 2005

BBQ sauce

A few weeks ago Mommy took me to Memphis BBQ with Rina. I got to sit outside and lick her fingers after she ate. It was REALLY REALLY GOOD. I tried to ask some men at the next table if I could lick their fingers but I think I scared them cause tehy jumped and let out little girly screams. (I was hiding under their table)
Well I am reading Mandy's blog today and look at this!!!!!!
Can you believe that. I was home, I wasn't busy. I could have gone. And it sure looks like she needed assistance keeping clean...... Geez. Well next time I will go without Mommy.
ALthough I did pay her back a little this morning before I even knew what had taken place. I went pee pee, licked my bird and then french kissed Mommy to wake her up. HA HA HA HAHAHAHAAAA! I know Mommy loves the taste of little dog pee in the morning.


  1. Wow, Minou, you are a sly one! You can dream up all kinds of revenge I never knew existed...
    I did have fun hanging out with your Mommy, I'm sorry you were left out. I hope you and her will do something fun today. :)

  2. Poor Minou, you must feel awfully left out--BBQ and ice cream. But pee pee kisses, ugh. Well, I guess it will teach your mommy.

  3. Dear Minou,

    Hah hah. The pee kiss. Classic! That's the way to let her know who's boss.... also, if you come back to my house I will give you all the BBQ sauce you could ever want. Promise!

    Your Big Fan,
    Crazy Aunt Purl