Sunday, June 19, 2005

Mommy's projects PHOTOS!

Okay so I have been slacking off on showing Mommy's things. Somehow I don't care as much when they aren't for me but she has been making things so I thought tonight I would share. Daddy has left for Whistler again and there isn't much going on around here...

Mommy's new running vest. It looks okay - but it is full of mistakes. You would think if she made her own pattern she could remember what the seam allowance is! Apparently not. But I guess it will keep her dry.
You will probably shortly notice a theme in the colors here... Mommy has a habit of making everything either blue or pink. I bet you can't guess which it is these days...

The tankini - Mommy wanted to take a picture of her wearing it HOWEVER (and I agree with Mommy's decision here) she has not showered all weekend and is looking pretty scary. Better on the mannequin. Mommy is also a good 6" wider then that silly mannequin so it is much more flattering on the mannequin.

This is a very wrinkled (cause Mommy never irons) little polka dot wrap skirt Mommy made last week. She has been wearing it alot...

This is a little silk skirt Mommy also made last week - she has been waiting for it to dry since when it is all twisted up like that it takes awhile.... She dyed this scrap piece of silk with blue kool-aid, really unevenly and then quickly put the thing together. I hope I get a matching skirt!
Not much else. Mommy totally slept in today - recovering from her work week I guess I was more then happy to sleep in with her. We did get up to watch a bit of coronation street but fell asleep in front of the tv. (they played belle and sebastian on it today!!!!) For you poor poor americans who don't get coronation street we feel very very very sorry for you. It is the best soap opera EVER!!!!!
ok... c'est tout pour maintenant....


  1. I totally missed Corrie today! crap. I've been watching it too, Minou. It is the best. I love Mommy's new running vest. It looks great... as do her new skirts. Please tell Mommy "Hello" and that I wasn't really sure if I actually talked to her the other night (I was 1/2 asleep when she called).

  2. Oh. I can't believe it, you are a corrie watcher. I am a closet watcher, tape it and watch it in private so I don't get teased by my family.
    I am not even sure if I should sign my name but I will give you a hint... I'm also a dog lover, I like to sew and garden and hate your mom's headbands.

  3. Brenda????? My mommy doesn't wear headbands but GRANDMA DOES!!!!!!! It is Brenda!!! HEE HEE HEEE!!!!

  4. What cool skirts your mommy makes.

    We are very color coded around here too, makes sorting the clean laundry easy. Blue for Emily and purple for Liz. Green for Anmiryam. Paco and Martin are boys and they don't seem to care!

  5. PRETTY! Your mommy is very talented. Also, you definitely need a matching silk skirt!