Wednesday, June 15, 2005


we are still waiting for grandma and grandpa mel to get here. Mommy just told me their plane was hit by lightening!!!!! Grandma will be stressed - she has to be drugged to fly even when it doesn't get hit by lightening! Hopefully they will get here soon.... I am worried.
Daddy is working in Whistler for awhile so it is just us girls. But Mommy is working so much it might not be so much fun. Hmmm today she left at 5:45am and came home at 8:30pm!!!! But I got lots of cookies when she got here....
CAP - we want to send you a b-day present but Mommy says she can't take me shopping or help me make anything until the weekend. I think it will be late.....


  1. AWWWW! Too sweet, Minou, that you would think of me and send me a present. You know you're my favorite dog. I have a little thing here to send you, too. Ha. See how late I am with everything? So, you know, relax. Eat cookies. Watch your mom knit. Hope Grandma isn;t curly-haired from the lightening.

    I wish I had a tent to hide in like you!

  2. Minou, we think your Mommy works way too hard. Our Mommy doesn't work nearly that hard--I think we have mentioned the laziness before...

  3. Minou...can you come over and play a while???