Sunday, December 26, 2010

From The Brights

One of my favourite pictures of my dad as a kid.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saw the crew screening of tron last night.

So much fun!

GO SEE IT!!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

HA HA bacon....

Sandra Lee Is Pissed She Didn't Think Of This

It's the 16 pages of comments that are hilarious!!!!!
Rachel Ray's late night Bacon

By mkmydarling
on November 13, 2010
IN THIS ECONOMY, we dont have fancy late night bacon money in this household. so I sliced a hot dog into approximate bacon-sized slivers.I lay the hot dog slivers out on a sheet of tin foil and I swear on my life NONE of the slivers overlapped!! I was real careful. started it & little bolts of lightning started shooting out inside of the box from the top!!! there were loud sizzling-pop-bang noises!? Idk, I grabbed my box of wine and got out of there fast..what do I do now?!?!?!

By TorgoFan
on November 13, 2010
If I had a sister who was unmarried, I would suggest she marry this recipe. Not only is it solid and dependable, it also has an air of mystery about it that is very sexy. I believe this recipe would be a good provider but also still have a bit of secretive intrigue and magic that would keep my sister guessing. This would keep the marriage from growing stale and provide excitement for years to come. None of this would be possible with daytime bacon for obvoius reasons, so for this, I thank you. You've made my sister a very happy woman.

By huh1111
on November 12, 2010
I love to give late night bacon to my friends that I have over. I try not to overcook it but it does get wrapped very tightly. I prefer not paper. When I am done, I usually put the last of the bacon away and fall asleep. I try to save the last of the bacon for either the morning or the shower.

By manitoban
on November 12, 2010
STOP! For those confused by the "Late Night" timeframe, please consult your local condo by-laws. Typical guidelines call for neighborly silence between 10pm and 8am, which is a good rule of thumb for this recipe. Anything outside this timeframe would constitute "Day Time" bacon and would require a new recipe formula.

By Teacher105
on November 12, 2010
I was really hoping to combine this scrumptious recipe with some toast, but I can't find the recipe anywhere on the Food Network. Rachel, please help me...if you know how.

By marniemaui
on November 12, 2010
An unabashedly modern twist on a seemingly-unimprovable classic! I like to substitute a country-themed tea towel for the paper on special occasions. I've found it even works at 10:00 am, in case you're considering adding "Late Night Bacon" to your next book club brunch menu. When I unwrap and reveal sur la table, everyone asks "How do you do it???" Only Rachel and I know for sure ;-

By jantzie
on November 12, 2010
This is definitely my boyfriend's favorite late night snack at my house! Wait, except I have no boyfriend, it's just me and my three legged dog. Oh, and there's no house, just a crappy studio apartment by the tracks. And then there's the fact I can't afford bacon, just Purina Beggin© Strips. But you know I OHHH GAWD WHHYYYYY DID I QUIT COURT REPORTING SCHOOL

By tablescape
on November 12, 2010
Whoa- 2 paper towels on top AND bottom? Easy there, Rach, I'm not a Rockerfeller.

By concerned citizen
on November 12, 2010
I made this fabulously simple recipe even simpler-I eliminated both the bacon and the paper towels! I turned on my microwave for 6-13 minutes and stared at it. Since it was late at night, and I was therefore drunk, it was highly entertaining. Five stars!

By ldw8888
Avon, CT
on November 12, 2010
Do you have any recipes for cereal? The kind in a box? I really like cereal, but it seems tricky- milk first? cereal? big spoon? little spoon?

By chrismonster8_7548148
Bossier City, LA
on November 12, 2010
But what about the nutmeg?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

We started the intermediate level today. This next group of dogs is much more advanced then Minou but she did really well today.
Now we are off leash, doing all the obstacles at once - and starting to learn the teeter totter, SCARY!
So much fun for me and Minou really seems to like it too....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Funeral for B was today. There was a nice little group of us costume folk there. It felt good to sit and be with friends - all the emailing and text messaging over the past week was not as comforting as a good hug from someone who was feeling her loss as deeply as you.
The eulogy was short but full of memories for all of us.
She mentioned B's starbucks drink a 3/4 cup grande americano, B's favourite word 'ponder' (we spent at least a day discussing the ways ponder could be used in a sentence in Jan 2009), her love of sewing and fixing things for people (I was wearing a bracelet she fixed for me), and her love for her kids.
In between the tears there was giggles from us as we knew exactly what the speaker was talking about.

After the funeral a small group of us went for coffee - appropriate for B's memory. We remembered other things, B stealing a hotel coffee maker to make coffee at work at a particularly bad location, B's movie crush being Rhys Ifans (she always brought up the underwear scene in Nottinghill when someone expressed that they didn't know who he was), her love for Thomas Haus chocolates, her love for knitting, her love of bad jokes, losing her keys and her wallet several times (once apparently she accidentally put them in a box she was mailing home to herself from banff), accusing her of faking a sickness to get out of work (she never missed work no matter how sick)

I really can't believe she is gone. The way our business goes you don't see someone for 6 months - you don't talk on the phone or email during that time and then suddenly you spend 12 hours a day with them for the next year and call them when you are apart for 1 hour or on a 15 minute break. I kind of feel like this is just one of those in between times. Like next week I'll be on a new show and she will be there with her big cup of coffee smiling from ear to ear.....

B I miss you. I'm sorry I wasn't always 100% supportive. I have many regrets about our friendship. It's too late to change what happened now but I hope I have learned from them.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A friend passed away today.
She was young, has three kids and a husband.
It was sudden and unexpected.

I can't imagine their loss.

We worked together alot the past few years. Last year I spent 8 months sitting across from her at the table for 12 hours a day. We fought and complained like sisters but I always knew she had a kind loving heart and would do anything for anyone - even a grumpy me.

She was the most amazing artist/craftsperson. If there was something delicate requiring the patience of a god B was the one to do it. She loved it. If it was silk even better. I think her heart was made from raw silk. She lived and breathed it.

I don't even know what to say. I wasn't her closest friend, I didn't know her the longest, we didn't spend hours on the phone talking but she was one of us. One of the good guys. Someone who was just trying to make it through the work week on the bad days and someone who absolutely loved what she did and excelled at it on the good days. I hope she is happier where she is now.

I'll miss her desperate need for 20 cups of strong coffee a day.
I'll miss her bad bad bad jokes that took way to long to tell.
I'll miss telling her men with no arms and no legs jokes.
I'll miss screaming "URANUS" at her for no particular reason (she knew why)
I'll miss hearing her say "I was just thinkink" (She did alot of thinking)
I'll miss eating 2nd breakfast with her.
I'll miss all her sewing gadgets.
I'll miss her telling me I speak polish with a russian accent.
I'll miss her telling us about ingeldews shoe sales at brentwood mall.

I'm just going to miss her....

The last time I saw her in August she gave me a silk leopard print scarf. We hugged and I ran away off to the next job.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Keanu And A Cupcake

Keanu And A Cupcake

They are done and ready for halloween. tee hee! Loving all the pumpkins everywhere -can't wait to get some!

AND THERE IS TONNES OF CHRISTMAS STUFF IN THE STORES!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO it's almost time for Christmas carols on the ipod!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Friday, October 1, 2010

cranky today.
Got the 2nd of two letters from EI.
Apparently I've misreported my earnings. I thought the first one was from 2010 - but this second one was from 2008. As much as I try and stay on top of this stuff record keeping wise I don't always. And accidentally deleting all of my ical calendars in August doesn't help.
I have NO IDEA what show I was on in 2008 for two days in June. It was a day call of some sort. It could have been anything.
The first letter I didn't really care - I thought oh well if I have to repay two weeks of EI no problem.
BUT if I'm going to start getting a letter every week it could add up.
I can't figure out what I did wrong wither. I've never intentionally lied. I usually have to make a guess at my daily rate as I have to report my earnings before I actually get the paycheck. Sometimes I don't know my hourly wage, and then you have to add on overtime, vacation pay, etc etc. But these letters are basically saying I'm missing at least one if not two extra days a week. I don't think my vacation pay has ever added up to that much.
Now I'm freaked. I try and keep all my pay stubs but they are sorted by show not by year and day call ones often go missing because it is one little pay stub and like I said I suck at record keeping........

BLAH... how annoying....... lousy way to end the week.

Monday, September 20, 2010

From The Chief - WAY BACK WHEN

Found these pics from way back when (before I was digital) of my good friend P and Minou up on top of Chief Mountain. Yes we walked all the freaking way up there. It nearly killed us....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ok thinking more seriously about halloween...
Me = Uhura
The dictator = Spock (even bought him ears at dressew yesterday and I haven't told him any of this)
Minou = kirk? Or who should she be?
Birdie = a TRIBBLE! HA HA HA HAAA!! She hates wearing clothes, I'll just make her a fake fur collar!!!!!!!!!! and she is trouble and we need an evil alien....

Ohhh maybe minou should me a phaser or a tricorder.... Hmm Bit trickier........

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First couch - my newly still in process covered couch.....
Notice the pillow fabric. I bought 20 metres of it to cover the entire couch and then changed my mind.

Second couch - my best buddies couch. I have no idea when she recovered this couch! I haven't been over in a awhile. I remember her talking pillows and curtains but couch - no.... Notice the fabric?????

Should I mention we have the same first and middle names and our last names rhyme? I could go on but I won't.
Her boyfriend sent me the photo last night. TOO FUNNY........... I will say she has great taste! (Now I know my exactly the same chair will look good as well!)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My project this weekend....
Trying to get it done before the Dictator comes home - Maybe tomorrow????
BUT I RAN OUT OF CORDING. Of course the store I bought it at is closed today but I am hoping another fabric store will have some when they open at noon. It won't be as cheap there though... And if they don't well that totally sucks...

I was really really really sick of the damask pattern. SOOOOO five years ago. If not more. it also was filthy. Never liked the black on the back either. Showed everything. I'm hoping this grey will be a little more forgiving to dog hair and drywall dust. Probably not. But hey it is all washable cause that's how I roll....

But now it is making me want to paint the walls white! oh ohhhhh..... The dictator won't like that. Maybe he'll be inspired to redo our fireplace when he sees it.

I bought the pillow fabric first to redo the whole couch - then decided I didn't like it. Oops. So now we are going to have alot of pillows! MANY MANY MANY. Or pillows for everyone at Xmas. And aprons. and reusable shopping bags.... and there will still be some left. Much happier with my second choice....

anyways. I'm procrastinating from some of those pillows that aren't waiting for cording - best to get back up to that sewing room....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It was the Vancouver Zombie Walk today so the Dictator and the girls and I went down to be looky- loos.
Learned a few things about zombies today. Most importantly:
So. I'm always planning ahead for the big day when I need to escape a zombie attack and realize I am going to have to keep Minou and Birdie hidden to not draw attention to myself or them. The zombies hardly cared about me - except one who wanted to discuss what a lovely day it was - but they all came up to Minou and Birdie.
Another important zombie fact I witnessed.
So if trying to achieve a quick get away do not se a white car or a bus.
ZOMBIES LIKE POSING FOR PICTURES. Good to know if you need a distraction.
I love watching the look on faces of people who don't know what is going on. Pretty priceless. Cab drivers didn't even mind having their cabs stopped and being smeared with blood. They were rolling down their windows taking pictures with their iphones laughing their heads off. Buses just plain stopped. There was nothing they could do until the zombies went past (there was alot of them)
It was a good laugh.

We did our engagement photos yesterday night. We acted goofy most of the time. Won't get to see them for awhile. Other then that not much is new. Started the new job which leaves me pretty tired and the dictator has been away most of the summer.... Leaves again tomorrow.... Sigh...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Made another pie tonight. A little silly to do so. Since no one is here and you know I will eat the whole thing by myself. Oops. I took the berries and the dough out of the freezer when my dad was here last week - only we never got around to making it. Too busy shopping and canoeing!

Had my hair trial for our engagement photos today. I think it is going to look totally cute! Can't wait.... I was going to take pictures of the golf course where we are hoping to do the shoot - to show the photographer BUT it poured today. For the first time in weeks. So there was no sunlight to show the photographer. Maybe tomorrow - although it isn't looking good.

I'm done a bunch of side projects that were due, including a mother of the bride dress for a friend. I have some more I need to start but I need a rest this weekend. My new job is going to take some getting used too. I'm a shopper for the TV show 'V'. Anyone remember that? I'm enjoying it but I'm not used to being in my car driving around from 7:30am until 9:00pm.... I spend more time in my car then in malls.... I'm loving my new car. I can't imagine doing this in my truck still. What a pain... I can squeeze into little spots. Yay! and the air conditioning - THANK GOODNESS. I hate air conditioning but it has been necessary. It has been hot and muggy and when you are trying to talk on your bluetooth while driving down the highway next to a semi - well no one can hear you. And doing up the windows for more then 1 minute causes unsightly sweat stains. Unslightly sweat stains are not a good thing when you are walking into Holt Renfrew picking up a gucci suit.... You get my drift. Air conditioning = good.

bed time.... I'll try and find something cute to post a picture of tomorrow.....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Excited to see these! That little sailor outfit was my life 10 hours a day for several months. (Let's just say she had more then one) I think I could still sew it without looking at another one. Very excited for it to come out!

Friday, July 23, 2010
And I can't wait for this to come out. Wow those lights look amazing! Who ever was repairing them and glueing them must have been some kind of genius.....

Cast of Red Riding Hood in medieval costume on set in Vancouver 23july10

Cast of Red Riding Hood in medieval costume on set in Vancouver 23july10

I was doing this... but I'm doing something else now. Isn't that leather hand stitching beautiful????? Like to die for???

Monday, July 19, 2010

Can I just take a moment.....

Sigh... Like a cool breeze on a hot day. Nice.

Real Nice..

How many days until Mad Men starts????

I mentioned he smiled at me once right? Yah. HEE HEE..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just want to make sure everyone knows I have one of the cutest puppies in the world.
From lo-mob

Sunday, June 27, 2010

From lo-mob

From lo-mob

Made my sweetie chocolate chip cookies tonight for when he heads off to the island in the morning. If they stay here it will be trouble for me. Gone in one sitting. They are pretty much butter, sugar with some chocolate.... Not good for dieting brides. I was going to link to the recipe but I can't find it anymore. Go figure...
Just believe me when I say they are good. Really good...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

FINAlly finished my socks... YIPPEEE!!!! It's been soo long I don't know what the pattern was. Already started a new pair.
hee hee!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hee hee. I know it's a commercial but it is still funny...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Must see this:

Alan from the Hangover
Jemaine from Flight of the conchords
Little Britian dude
etc etc etc
how can I not see it???

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did I mention all of my bridesmaids said yes!!!!
Penny, Thyrza, Marjorie, Cathy, Stephanie and Angie.

Why won't it stop raining???

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We drove past this today. SOOOO FUNNY!!!!
sorry not much to report these days.
#1 it has been pouring rain for what feels like 3 weeks straight. As a result we don't leave the house.
#2 all I have been doing is wedding things WHICH I would like to keep a few surprises so best not to blog about them all...
Therefore. Nothing to report. Back at work these days but only doing 40 hour weeks. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm not used to having evenings. Usually it is home and straight to bed. I haven't quite figured out that I can start a project in the evening. Maybe this week.
The dictator is finally off to the island for a few weeks of work. He says he isn't coming back on the weekends. Well I might just have to go there then. But it also means I will really have to keep myself and the pups occupied. They might go to daycare once or twice just to tucker them out.
I want to show off my wedding stuff - I think some of it is super cute. But No. That is what my super secret bridey blog is for.
I guess I can say I am up to 4 bridesmaids.... Still waiting on 2 more. That means at least 4 wedding guests!
Another meeting with our wedding planner tomorrow....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Woke up at 5:30 this morning having some kind of a weird nightmare. I don't want to be up at 5:30 on a Sunday.
There was suburbia, small children playing, birds singing. But we were at war (who knows who with) so we had secret stashes of ammo. But there was marshmallows stuck to the ammo so we had to get it off before we could use it and the enemy was in the neighbors house killing all her chickens.
The neighbor was a lovely Mexican lady who had saved a girl from an orphanage 6 years ago when she was 7 only we all thought she was 26. I know I know don't ask it doesn't make any sense.... none of it but there are so many stupid details.
We were finally getting the marshmallows off but we still couldn't use the ammo so we were chucking the marshmallows at the enemy.
Then the war ended - Yay! But we realized we didn't know what happened to the neighbor's dog. We knew the neighbor was dead. I could see the dog lying on the kitchen counter through the window and called her name (Mia - coincidence a friend's dog?) and she kind of wagged her tail. So I screamed that she was alive and we ran over to help her. And when I opened the door I could see the enemy had sawed off all of her paws. It was HORRIBLE
AND THIS IS THE IMAGE STUCK IN MY HEAD. Up until that point in the dream there was no blood or anything just this bizarre marshmallow chucking and panic. But that poor puppy lying there all sad and helpless but so happy to see me with it's feet gone is really really really bugging me. ANd when I try and fall back asleep it comes back.
SO yah. Now I have shared with all of you and you can have my nightmare too. Or maybe someone can tell me what this means - besides the fact that I should be seeing a psychiatrist.
Soooo until I can fall asleep without poor Mia in my head I'm going to sit at my computer and do bridey things with Minou in my lap.....

Friday, May 28, 2010

And the winner is J.crew.
Whew that saves us some money.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today we did Groomy things. Looked at suit options for The Dictator. Well. We tried too. We want him to wear a vest and pants, no jacket. But there are surprisingly few vest options out there that don't involve buying a wool 3 piece suit. Wool + tropical beach climate = too much sweat.
The only option we found was doing a made to measure suit at the Bay - they are having sale next week, 25% off. But that is quite a bit more then we wanted to spend. But nice and it takes us back to a wool because we didn't like the colors of the linen. But it would fit the guy. He is very skinny and can't seem to wear anything off the racks.
J.Crew was always a thought but now we have less then a week to find out if it fits because of this one day sale next week. So I go online to see if they have express shipping to Canada (many of their men's suits aren't available in stores even if I did drive to Seattle) They do have shipping. ok. Try to order grey linen suit. OH no small pant sizes. ACK ACK ACK. Try to order grey cotton suit, sold out until AUGUST. Ack ack ack. Ok order same suit in different color, and same vest in different color, express them here, try them on, also order at same time vest and pants in right size and color so when they are in stock we don't miss out on them, hope the 'fit samples' get here before June 3rd - the made to measure sale. SO if we find out the J.Crew just doesn't fit him we still have the sale price on the made to measure suit.
I thought we had tonnes of time for this thing. The wedding is officially a year away tomorrow. But if you are trying to save $1000 on a suit you have to move fast. (J.Crew = $300.00, Made to Measure = $1300.00, unless we can get them to NOT make the jacket) It is hard to move fast when nothing is in stock though. Weeeeeeeee....
I think I found jewelry tonight. I keep changing my mind on things - have been looking at pictures since October. But things seem to be narrowing down now. There is less variety in what I am looking at..... But once again, if I don't buy this jewellry now a year from now it will be unavailable. BLAHHHHHHHHHH.....
Did I mention we did book the Villa? ANd our wedding planner???? YIPPEEEE!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm having fun being bridey... hee hee.... You should all be glad I have a secret bridey blog so I don't drive you all nuts.... Soon I'll be back at work though and no more time for being bridey.
Not sure how to spell "Bridey"
Angie used the term before we went dress shopping. Said I had to make sure my hair was "bridey" and we've been doing bridey things ever since.
Pronounced Bride-EE....
heh heh....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hee hee

Thursday, May 13, 2010

mom is coming mom is coming mom is coming! Yay!!!
Trying to clean the house before her arrival. I do not like cleaning house and it is filthy. Been at it all day and already did a bunch last week. Still lots to do. Yuck.
Oh well. Wearing my new white spring dress so I feel pretty while I'm in the grim.
Tomorrow I try on pouffy white lacy beaded ruffled numbers for the first time. HA HA HAAAA!! Should be a laugh riot. Mom and 3 friends will be joining (Tdawg, A, and C) I'm sure they will make ample fun of me. I look forward to it. I'm sure I will cry and fall in love with one but I will not buy it. I will not. I'll let you all be surprised when the time comes...

Yay. Fun wedding silly times with friends.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mpm!!!!
This message makes us giggle everytime we hear it. One of us can be in a super bad mood and it will automatically make us smile... Little bit of mom whenever we need it at the press of a button....
Thanks Mom! Happy Mother's Day. I hope M took you out for supper with that $500.00 I sent him - heaven forbid it gets lost in the mail......
If he didn't I'll take you out when you get here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Out with my friend C today and her 4 year old A and her 2 yr old Z.
We were all enjoying our starbucks in the mall. We were trying to chit chat but A and Z very much wanted to be a part of any conversation.
Z, dressed awesomely in cowboy boots, a Canucks jersey and sunglasses (wish I'd taken a picture) came up to me at one point and said - quite loudly,
"I pooped"
Her mother's head whipped around, looked partially shocked/worried/embarrassed all at once and said, "Right now?"
Z giggling, but not really knowing what is funny about it replies, "No."

You probably had to be there but it was HIGHlarious.
heh heh heh....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can anyone translate this for me?
Spaceward in the prevenient lilac bridesmaid dresses of the bodice.Thats it; lilac bridesmaid dresses.Pavel petrovitch gave a vicarious roughhouse, and dahomeyed lilac bridesmaid dresses thinkings victorian lilac bridesmaid dresses.In an lilac bridesmaid dresses purple and lilac bridesmaid dresses pavel petrovitch was apropos off-color in colors with a flamboyantly rock-steady plus size lilac bridesmaid dresses.Eight.. .. Bazarov nubile.You can pauperise I ageinged thinned anglomaniacs. That will demonstrate capitally.Gestate full, coachman. Nikolai petrovitch mushed be my bridesmaid poem blasphemously the droshky; bazarov was four-party where lilac bridesmaid dresses was.. ..You have edulcorated trippingly.. .Atilt to our lilac bridesmaid dresses, unheeding of Lilac
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spoonfeeding was hittite to underspend macabre.Is that censorious? Xeranthemum offensive, mashhad to pavel petrovitch; or shall I dialyze rosy-purple olympiads corruptly? As you spot-weld, replied the draped, cultist brownish-striped the framboesia bailor.That lilac bridesmaid dresses was not draughted yesterday. I twitter, constructive, replied pavel petrovitch, inspectorateing bazarov synesthetic chalcids.Spout lilac bridesmaid dresses to chaff undemanding.. .If you shop ludicrously my lilac bridesmaid dresses, you will glycerolize accumulated that its multi-colored of common-sense and shoes.Radcliffe nanocephalic to tickle so mandatorily.Measurablys crosstown snazzy in sight; hugely affectionate reels lilac bridesmaid dresses.What surround you cricket that lilac bridesmaid dresses curtains of lilac bridesmaid dresses size 10 sneakingly? Anatropous pavel impression bridesmaids dress petrovitch, tachyliteing to the semilunar Prom, flat bow had ungrateful the scurryd chlamyphores albinal bazarov a walk-up zoril benevolently the

It's on a page with pictures of bridesmaid dresses. I think they are trying to send secret spy messages back t Russia..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Had a good day yesterday with a bit of extra goodness on top....
hee hee..
First the dictator picked up our taxes after work. Let's just say I don't know why people don't like accountants. I LOVE accountants. We are getting enough $$ back to pay for our ENTIRE wedding (I mentioned it was going to be cheap right???) I was hoping to get enough for deposits but we have more then enough. I can relax. I am definitely getting married next year. If only I could get the villa, restaurant and planner to email me back - what are they busy with cinco de mayo or something silly?? Don't they know who I am????
Then as if that wasn't enough to put me on cloud nine - my garment has made it through the first round of judging!!!!!! I started panicing last night that it wouldn't make it and just as I had told the dictator my concerns about why that might happen my email beeped and there was the confirmation.
I've spent the morning printing out dressing instructions and what not. Next I need to get dressed and go out and get a box. But the puppies are getting a special treat this afternoon too - a bath and a trip to the vet so we will have to fit that all in somehow! WOO HOO!!! (They aren't sick just the annual thing)

So yah. Good things. Time to start figuring out what I will wear to the wedding and more importantly SHOES!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Minou's birthday today. Almost forgot in my mad attempt to finish my wearable art and schedule a last minute photo shoot for Sat....
Got the photog, got the model. Just need makeup.
I did remember the birthday in time for us to run down and get some cake at three dog bakery. The girls both just had a BIG piece...
Happy 7th Birthday Minou!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm sure a billion and a half people saw this on Ellen today. But I thought it was worth sharing. I laughed out loud.. hee hee

Friday, April 23, 2010

Just got back from Vegas last night. Had such a fun time. I'm absolutely useless today though. Can't seem to motivate myself to even eat. Life was easier with two starbucks in the lobby, and getting dressed meant putting on a bathing suit and moving from bed to poolside beach chair.....
Ah well....
We walked MOST of the strip... Not all but most...
Learned how to play craps and roulette but didn't actually play at all.
I ate everything I wanted to eat, except missed del taco, coffee bean and tea leaf, god mexican food, in and out, baja fresh, etc etc etc
went shopping, got new converse and some betsey johnson jewelry
ate some more
walked some more
sat by the pool some more
slept very little
went to see Ka our last evening there. It was so amazing. Everyone needs to see it. Everyone. I totally blew me away. Very different then all the other cirque shows out there and it can never tour due to the crazy stage.... We were in second row, we could see everything, they flew over our heads, snow landed on my nose and even melted, during the storm scene I thought the boat would capsize right on top of us, amazing. we even got to flirt a little bit during the curtain call. Woohooo....
It was an awesome trip. Thank you T and C. I think we should make this a yearly thing. Only maybe not next year - I have a wedding to get ready for.

From Vegas 2010

From Vegas 2010

From Vegas 2010

From Vegas 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Leaving tomorrow afternoon!!!!!!!!!
Sadly I won't have any good stories to tell since as we all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But I'm sure I'll be 20 lbs heavier with all the food I'm excited to eat...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I needed some new wii workout buddies. The dictator couldn't figure out who they were supposed to be. It's so obvious....
A) I'm going to VEGAS
B) uhm hello he's my other boyfriend
C) ritard

yah. no one will get it... But I like it. I was jogging with 'my boyfriend' today and he kept trying to pass me so I had to run my little wii ass off.....
lazy lazy lazy.......
The dictator left to work in Victoria for a few days so it is just me and the girls. AND we have many exciting plans. Like....
uhmmm... sleeping and not being kicked..... staying up late...... barking at whatever we want (mostly Birdie's plan not so much me)....
yah no big plans. Still working on my wearable art. I was at Petra's yesterday and made little embroidered pork chops - they are soooo cute!!!!! Lot sto do but nothing tricky to figure out anymore. Just have to get it done...
Off to Vegas on Sunday with the ladies. Very excited.... it is supposed to be 28 degrees there on Sunday - YEEHAWWWW!!!! Hot weather poolside and some suncreen here I come!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A friend is running in the weekend to end breast cancer. I thought I would post a link to her team in case any of you out there want to make a donation!!!

Her words below:
I am walking in the Weekend to End Women's Cancer in August and I fundraise for the event and participate. A few of you I have already asked and talked to, and others I just didn't get the chance, but if any of you would like to support me in my journey please go to the link below to make a donation on line. It's very easy, no amount is too small and it goes to an amazing cause. You can view my personal story as well and view pictures of last year's event. But my story is simple, I walk because I can and this year I am walking in honour of my Grandmother who was a breast cancer survivor. It's an amazing time and any one who wants to join me, you can too!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OK. Diet is officially back on. During my forced starvation at BC place I quickly lost 15 pounds without even trying. However now I've been eating everything I can. Time to stop.
I found an app last night for my iphone. It's basically weight watchers online program only - calories instead of points and it is only $2.99 instead of $25.00 a month! HA! Let's just see if it works shall we.... It's called livestrong - some powerbar thing. Whatever. Doesn't mean I have to eat powerbars.....
making progress on wearable art. Think I might start the hat today.... starting to look into shipping....

also got a vegas app - 11 days until we are there....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm tired. Can't seem to snap out of it. Is this what working 14+ hour days for 2 months does to you? Knocks you out for a good month afterwards...
Sigh. It is really hard to be productive when I am like this. Thank goodness I'm not working. AND a vacation is fast approaching with two gal pals!!!! Vegas baby.
I've been many times before but it will be good to go again and relax by a pool... Hopefully the weather stays warm.... gets warm whatever it needs to do.
Not much else to report. Waiting to hear back from the wedding planner.... sometimes my emails go into her junk folder so I'm hoping that isn't what happened this time....
what else? Nothing.
really nothing. Could I be more boring???
still working on the wearable art. I've done alot but nothing that shows up in photos. All the inside bits I've been ignoring are getting done, covering seams, hooks and eyes, velcro, elastic...... I have a big old porkchop but it is too heavy. I'm going out to by packing peanuts today to see if that helps instead of fibre fill. Tried making a tulle skirt thing yesterday but it looks like ka ka. I will be revisiting that....

That is my inspiration image for my outfit... Still trying to work out the title.... I don't like 'The Rookie Lion Tamer' so if anyone else has anywords to replace rookie that would bring to mind someone with little experience, dressed inappropriately, who was about to get eaten (and it can't be too long I'm at the limit for characters in the title) that would be great...
Love these boots:

that TaMara showed me.. I'm going to try and reproduce something similar for my stuff. I have a pair of pink knee high boots that I bought 10 years ago and have maybe worn once. I love them but I really have nothing to wear them too or with, an gosh you can't put orthotics in stilettos.... time to let them go....
Time to go sew...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can't make a lion head... I can't. I want to but it looks like an elk or a bad kindergarten version. This is for WOW not your local community craft show. ARGH!!! Whose stupid idea was this???

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I don't know if I am anymore interesting but I am feeling happier...
The show opened. Done.
I am officially unemployed for the first time in over a year. Very unusual for me. I need the rest. So far in the two days I've been home I have had 3 naps a day. This is partially due to my back though.
I had a stiff back friday and woke up with it still there saturday. I thought i was getting a flu it was so achy. But I did some stretched and popped a few things back there only to discover the biggest knot I have ever had. By the time I had done my stretches I couldn't even bend over to put my pants on, forget picking up my car keys off the floor. The dictator had a good laugh or two at my expense. I had a lunch date with all my olympic buddies (it was so good to see them again) minus the boys and managed to sit through that. But by the time I got home I could barely get out of Cathy's car. AHHH! Lot's of heat and ice and the dictator beating me up - I mean - massaging me and it loosened up a little. I can get to the floor today SLOWLY. It really hurts though, just touching it feels like a huge bruise on my back. Tomorrow I will go find some professional help. Chiropractor or something.
I've been doing a bit of beading on my wearable art but not much else due to the lack of movement. The puppies are always happy to have a family nap though....
Not much else is new. Planning the wedding - found a new planner who is great. Had a sit down with the dictator to go over a few things he's all over it and as excited as me. Things are starting to come together..... Now I'm trying to get some people together to go fake wedding dress shopping. I wanna be a tacky bride!
anyways. happy. Tired and happy. But I have time to sleep now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am so bored. I am sitting outside of the theatre with nothing to do. Don't get me wrong there are things I could do. But I'm not. It's preview night, I'm overbudget and I'm tired. It's over. I just have to look over a few changes tonight and hopefully all will be better. Sigh.
I should have gone home this afternoon. But I didn't.
Can't wait to stay home tomorrow. I have much wearable art to do. So behind it is sad. Hopefully I will start making it like crazy next week.
I wonder if I need a ticket to see the show tonight. Hmmm maybe they won't let me in and I'll have to go home.
The dictator and I are sitting down this weekend to go over wedding things. We need to start giving the planner some actual figures. Exciting. Hopefully we can do it on a baby budget. I still can't decide what direction to go with my dress. We think We know what the dictator will be wearing. We will buy it this summer in case it isn't available next spring when we need it
ok I should go down to the theatre. Check in and waste so
e time.
Thanks for listening. I'll try and be more interesting next time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Did I mention I'm working on footloose right now. I've never seen this conchords episode before - Just saw it on sillycon's site. It's killing me...
I love those guys

Monday, March 22, 2010

From Wearable Art

working on my wearable art again. Gosh it goes slow. Especially when you spend most of your time pinning decorations on and not actually sewing the structure. I got some missing bits yesterday (elastic, bias tape, zipper) so I could actually finish this section. We'll see how long that takes. I'm in dress rehearsals every night this week. BLAH.... Not looking forward to it.
But then next week I can be wearable art full time! YAY! Got to get it done. Deadline fast approaching.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

so I'm at the cafeteria in BC place grabbing a bite of food before it closes and the madness of the opening ceremonies for the paralympics starts...
I order a quesadilla. The food at BC place isn't great at the best of times but a person needs to eat. When everyone in front of me ordered the serving lady asked if they wanted vegetables with it. So when she turned to me and said "would you like..." and paused, I said " sure whatever it is I'll have it" I assumed it was a brain fart - couldn't remember the word vegetables. Then she turns around and says " tortellini" I start laughing and say "sure" There was no tortellini on the menu and why on earth would she offer me that. The woman behind me in line is laughing too - we both think it is a funny joke. UNTIL she turns around and gives me a plate with a quesadilla (that had bean sprouts in it - WEIRD) AND a HUGE helping of tortellini....
Yah. Bizarre...
I ate it. It was better then the quesadilla. But man.
I'm not going to miss BC Place food. Not even a little bit. Not those boxed lunches. NONE OF IT.

I got to dress Terry Fox's parents last night. That was cool - they were such sweet people.
Today it is 4:00pm and I am still in my pjs. Not getting dressed doing very little. The amount of running around you do dressing people in a venue like that is insane. I had people on the third floor and people on the main floor. Half the time you can't use the elevators because the governor general is taking them and there is no staircases - just ramps which take forever... Yah. My feet were and still are killing me. Probably time for another nap....

No more olympics for me. I think I am finally done. It was fun but man I need a rest.
From opening/closing ceremonies.....

I swear I tried to make their mittens look nice but they kept taking them off...

Monday, March 8, 2010

the official tron legacy trailer is out.
AWESOME..... wish I didn't have to wait so long to see it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

ok ok said famous person mentioned below - did you figure it out? Michael Buble. Also got to spend about 5 minutes with Catherine O'Hara.... love her.

From opening/closing ceremonies.....

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From Last Import

I dressed a famous person tonight.
Went well no big deal. HOWEVER. Here is: Lesson #2 from an idiot.

When you have to dress people and it involves bending over and working on their shoes. DO NOT wear your jeans that show a little too much butt crack. When you are dressing someone famous, onstage, at a dress rehearsal, in front of an audience, with television cameras and a JUMBOTRON DEFINITELY DO NOT wear jeans that show too much crack. AND if you do - DO NOT BEND OVER NO MATTER WHAT.

Yes I think I gave a LARGE supersized plumber butt to several thousand people tonight.
Your welcome.

The blue - the stage I was standing on. The screen below the rings - the jumbotron my ass was on.

Monday, February 22, 2010

why didn't anybody tell me saskatchewan house has saskatoon berry tarts????? HELLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
I'm going to have to line up tonight. It is right beside work.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Working on closing. Costume wise there are more - we did have some done before opening but we only have a week left. Long days again. The volunteers who were so great for pushing out the big numbers of stuff have all but dropped off. we used to get around 20 a day, not we are lucky to get 10.
I went to see STARS last night though. I love them.
Taking a slow morning into work so I can deal with my car insurance at 10:00. I'm sure the pups will enjoy their little walk.
Whew I have nothing exciting to say.
To tired.

Oh yah - diet still going amazingly well. I am now so incredibly sick of the sandwiches I am hardly eating at all. HA. So healthy. I know. But hey I'm fitting into clothes I haven't worn in 2 years. I'm sure I have enough fat stored on my body that I could stop eating for a month and not waste away. When I am allowed to bring my own food in again and have a chance to buy groceries I'm sure some of it will come back.... Wish I could market this diet though. I'd make millions. How to lose 20 pounds in one month.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So there you have it. I must say it has been fun - good people, even with the crappy pay. NOW I can tell everyone what I was doing. Mostly the costumes with the lights in them. Just figuring out how to hide the wires and such, how to stitch the lights in and then I'd pass them off to the electricians. There was ALOT of those lights....
But we all touched every area of the show, placard bearers to audience leaders to the torch bearer outfits I was doing this afternoon. And yes I saw Wayne Gretzky again.
I get a day off tomorrow. Think I will mostly rest. I need to get over this cold I've had along with everyone else.... It's going but it is still around...
Hope everyone enjoyed the show...
I LOVED the whales. I could watch the whales for hours every night. So magical when the surface turned to water.......