Sunday, May 30, 2010

Woke up at 5:30 this morning having some kind of a weird nightmare. I don't want to be up at 5:30 on a Sunday.
There was suburbia, small children playing, birds singing. But we were at war (who knows who with) so we had secret stashes of ammo. But there was marshmallows stuck to the ammo so we had to get it off before we could use it and the enemy was in the neighbors house killing all her chickens.
The neighbor was a lovely Mexican lady who had saved a girl from an orphanage 6 years ago when she was 7 only we all thought she was 26. I know I know don't ask it doesn't make any sense.... none of it but there are so many stupid details.
We were finally getting the marshmallows off but we still couldn't use the ammo so we were chucking the marshmallows at the enemy.
Then the war ended - Yay! But we realized we didn't know what happened to the neighbor's dog. We knew the neighbor was dead. I could see the dog lying on the kitchen counter through the window and called her name (Mia - coincidence a friend's dog?) and she kind of wagged her tail. So I screamed that she was alive and we ran over to help her. And when I opened the door I could see the enemy had sawed off all of her paws. It was HORRIBLE
AND THIS IS THE IMAGE STUCK IN MY HEAD. Up until that point in the dream there was no blood or anything just this bizarre marshmallow chucking and panic. But that poor puppy lying there all sad and helpless but so happy to see me with it's feet gone is really really really bugging me. ANd when I try and fall back asleep it comes back.
SO yah. Now I have shared with all of you and you can have my nightmare too. Or maybe someone can tell me what this means - besides the fact that I should be seeing a psychiatrist.
Soooo until I can fall asleep without poor Mia in my head I'm going to sit at my computer and do bridey things with Minou in my lap.....

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