Friday, December 31, 2004

THE sweater

mommy got the yarn yesterday - rowan cotton wool - thanks to the nice ladies at wool and wicker who rigged the holiday discount game... This is what it looks like so far. I think when she goes out for new years tonight I will add my own special touch to it.

She keeps saying that she is trying to finish it so she can wear it tonight. I hope she is kidding cause she has a long way to go.

And this is daddies new haircut - we have the same hair!!!

link buttons

heh heh heh mommy made a button for you Auntie Steph.. heh heh heh...... you'll understand why in Mandy's blog.....heh heh heh

Thursday, December 30, 2004

new sweater

mommy made me a new sweater today.... I like it - it is a little tight but she says it will loosen up. It is nice an cozy. I will wear it all day.


Mommy is sick with a cold and can't sleep. She just got up and banged around and woke everyone up. She keeps saying she can't breath - but she must be able to or she would be dead. She keeps making alot of noise blowing her nose - and lucky for me she leaves the snotty kleenexes lying around. I think they taste great - almost as good as greenies. I don't know why - they won't let me eat them. They are just throwing them out - I could eat them all, less garbage. If they go out today I will go back into the bathroom garbage and eat those ones. I did that yesterday, I can reach most of them.

Angie and Todd left after supper last night. I liked them. I hope I can see them again soon.

Oh and mom asked me to show Grandma this boring picture of the bedroom. They got this ikea wardrobe in the as is department with the gift certificate for cheap. Dad put some shelves in it and with the leftover money they got a tv stand. So finally all their clothes are off the floor. Dad even put their little reading lights up. But I saw what they really did - before Angie and Todd came over then just took everything and threw it in the closet - they didn't really hang it all up or fold it nicely.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

the last of the fuzzy feet

Mommy and I are just sitting around waiting for Angie to come. We don't know how close she is because we have no idea how long the ferry from Victoria takes. Mommy said maybe I could put more of her fuzzy feet online to show Auntie Steph. We are all done the fuzzy feet!!! The first pair mommy first dyed in cherry koolaid and then overdyed in grape koolaid. they are made with the brown sheep wool that you sent her!

oh she is here time to go say hi!

Monday, December 27, 2004


I had a bath today. I hate baths. I hate being wet. I had to run around for like an hour rubbing my nose in the carpet trying to get it dry. Oh it was horrible. Thank goodness it doesn't happen regularly. I was pretty dirty - mommy took me for walk and we got all muddy - she wore her rubber boots and jumped in the puddles.

Tomorrow Angie W is coming - yay!!! I will jump on her and try to steal her food.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

help my mommy...

My mommy wants to make this but she doesn't know what kind of yarn to use that isn't wayyyy tooo expensive. (pattern says the phildar wool and cashmere blend - 25g/60m) Any suggestions? Has anyone made it? Did the sleeves fit? She is suspicious due to their lack of shaping and the models skinny fatless arms. I wonder if mommy will get it done before it is too warm to wear it? I bet not - she better not use it as an excuse to not take me for walks.

mommies pj's

mommy dancing in her new pj's!!!


Look at the big plate of cookies my mommy made me!!! Right on!!! I have already had 5 of them today and they were still warm. I have tried to get more but mom hide them. She says I will have to send some to julien but I think I can eat them all.

Mommy wanted to show these to Auntie Steph too - another pair of fuzzy feet. Still two more pairs to make - mom is always late with Xmas presents.....

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S !

Yay! I got to open my presents last night. I had to wait until midnight though. Grandma and Sparky Senior got me a baby baboon. I've already hid it somewhere in the house so no one can steal it from me. I also got a box of bacon flavoured rawhide bones - they are tiny just like me! And for breakfast today mom let me eat an entire chicken jerky!

Mom and Dad liked their presents too - Dad got power tools from Grandpere Marcel and mom got a ring from dad. I liked the chocolates and things from lush because they smelled the best.

Last night we went to Thyrza's I was so excited I barked at them to open the door. But when I ran inside there was this other horrible big dog. I screamed and screamed - it was a nightmare. After awhile it fell asleep so I relaxed a bit. But I had to be careful - at any moment it would wake up and visit someone. I also got to see that horrible cat - and it had a friend. They are vicious - it nearly ripped Thyrza's mom's hand off! Horrible creatures why would anyone want one.

Now I have to have a nap because I'm already tired. I didn't get enough sleep last night too much excitement

This is our tree this year - way too big I want a much smaller one next year. Notice there is nothing on top.

Dad was supposed to make an angel for Christmas - he made this flying Tiger Woods robot - I think it is kinda scary. Mom said it was too big for the top of the tree

Me and dad opening presents.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas is coming!!!!!!!

I got to see Santa today!!!!! I barked and barked and barked at everyone in the mall. We had to wait for a long time I was really nervous and Abbey the golden retriever behind me kept sniffing my butt. Finally I saw Santa and he was ok. Mommy and Daddy just laughed at me though. I asked him for a big bone - I hope I get it.

This afternoon I snuck under the tree and took my present from Grandma and tried to open it. But the paper makes too much noise so mommy caught me. I tried yesterday too but she caught me again. I have a big hole in it now - maybe next time I can get it open. I also put a piece of my pig chew in the wrapping paper to help mommy wrap presents for daddy but she took it out, I think daddy would like it.

It is really nice here - mommy was out with just a sweater on today and a skirt! I can poop all I want - it isn't too cold. Daddy even went golfing again. Mommy saw the tempature in Calgary was -17 today and she laughed. I hope Julien can go poo there or he will have to come live with us.

Monday, December 20, 2004


what can I say... i do not like that place. It is very very very cold...... I don't think I pooped for 5 days. It is very hard to poop on two legs in a snow bank with a windchill of -35. I love my grandma and sparky Sr. but it is tooooo cold.

Mom said I was a very good girl on the plane - I just curled up and went to sleep didn't make a peep. I was awful glad to get out of that bag though.

I got to meet my cousin Julien too. Boy was he fat. Not very smart either - kinda slow and plodding. Everybody laughed at him alot and he didn't know they were making fun of him. He gets to eat fancy food and wouldn't give me any which was making me relly mad - and then he ate one of my piggy things without asking. I was soooo mad. I growled and growled.

I saw Grandma's tree at the cabin too - ours is better. She should have let me help pick hers out too. I slept on Sparky Sr.'s lap alot too and he fed me grapes and oranges.

I was so excited to come in and look for Daddy when we got home that I pooped on the doorstep. I wanted to do both at once.

I'm tired... i think I will go to bed soon. my weekend was sooooo busy....


Tuesday, December 14, 2004


My great grandpa died this morning. It made mommy so sad I had to lick all the tears off her face. I only saw him twice this summer but I liked him alot. He fed me treats while I sat in his lap and licked his fingers. Mommy says we might be going on a trip now to Saskatoon but she isn't sure if I will go with her. I hate planes so I don't know if I want to but I would like to give Sparky senior a big Christmas kiss. I guess we will find out.......

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Xmas Tree

We went to cut down our Xmas tree today. I really wanted to go along but I got car sick and puked twice. Daddy said he would never take me along again but he always does. When we got there after a long drive everyone kept pointing at me going "AWWWWWWWW!" Can't they tell I'm tough? We all walked around looking for the perfect tree. Mom and Dad picked a big one but I liked the smaller ones that I could sniff the tops of. Oh well next year. I didn't puke on the way home and mommy gave me a greenie - YAY!

Mom and Dad started decorating it while I had a nap and now they say they need to make more ornaments for it.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


I just saw my cousin Julien posted a comment - maybe one day he will have his one blog too. This is one of the pictures I have seen of him. I don't know how big he is now. mom says he is bigger then me and way fatter. I can't wai tto see him and tell him I am the boss. Cause I am.

I know what he's getting for Xmas....

more of mommie's fuzzy feet

Mommy wanted auntie steph to see these fuzzy feet. The purple ones are for Auntie Penny who doesn't have email so will never see this and the brown ones are probably for Grandpa Mel aka Sparky Senior who also doesn't have email..... The purple ones were dyed with the koolaid again and the other ones are the kureyon yarn...

tomorrow we are going to get a Xmas tree - I think I will pee on my favourite


Tuesday, December 7, 2004


I love my tent what are you crazy auntie steph? It is my only place of refuge. Today mom and I were playing with the ball when she supposedly accidently whacked me with the ball. I don't think it was an accident so I hid in my tent. When mom wants to put an itchy sweater on I hide in my tent. When dad yells at me for pooping in the wrong spot I hide in my tent - he usually dumps me out though.

I love my tent I wish mommy couldn't stick her head in it..... evil mommy...

Saturday, December 4, 2004


it won't stop raining. Mom said she would take me for a walk to the treat store today - a nice long one. But I won't want to go if it idoesn't stop raining. What if she forces me? Can I call SPCA? I don't want to walk in the rain. Is it because she doesn't like me. She hasn't made me go poo in the rain yet this morning. I really have to go. But I will wait until it stops. I can wait longer then it can rain. I really want treats though. whoa mom keeps sneezing - it is so scary! I am going to hide in my tent until she stops.

yeseterday daddy kept calling me trailer trash cause I was picking up my tent and dragging all over the living room. I just wanted it in front of the tv and not in the corner. I'm not trailer trash. It was nothing like moving a trailer to the next town.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

fuzzy feet

mom put these here so auntie steph could see them.... they are for her boss...

shh.. don't tell...

i miss mommy

my mommy hasn't been home at all this week - i miss her. when she did come home early one day she had a sore ear and slept the whole time. so to get back at her i stay awake all night long and keep bringing her new toys to chew on. it looks like she will be home today and will hang out with me. it is sunny out so i'm hoping we can go for a walk - no rain! maybe to the pet store for a treat. daddy is mad at me cause everytime i jump on the bed at night i jump on his head - he gets really mad...

i'll be good today. prmoise.

mom thinks my new cousin mightr be coming home today - hello julien!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

the CAT

That's me - my mommy took the picture. It is blurry cause I wouldn't let her use a flash - it makes me blink.

I had an okay day today after I got away from that nasty scary cat. It was soo scary. I couldn't even look at it. It was soo scary - big huge teeth, and huge sharp claws. I kept crying and mom kept making me sit next to it. It hissed and growled. mom said I should be friends with it cause in another 2 months it will be bigger then me - I can't imagine how frightening it will be then. It will take over the world my mom should be careful. I can't believe Thyrza let's it live with her - it may try and kill her in the night. Evil cat I just wanted to be it's friend.

Afterwards we went to a yarn store. Mom was trying to hide me in her bag but I kept barking hee hee. I heard the yarn store lady say it was okay to have dogs in there but mom still didn't let me out so I barked some more.

Then we went for a little walk. I like going for walks and sniffing everything. I had to have a nap afterall my excitement today and now daddy just gave me a greenie!!! Yippee I will go eat it!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

humping fair

Today mom took me to the 'pet fair.' I didn't really like it. There were lots of dogs there. I was really shy - there was some nice ones who wanted to sniff my butt but some were too big - there was a great dane and sheep dogs. Dad kept making me do tricks - I was so embarrassed. Then we sat and watched a brown noser chihuahua do lame tricks. But while we watched this littl eguy - he was half my size - started humping me. He was really weird. I kept running to sit on mom to hide but Charlie kept coming. Then this other dog came and and Charlie started licking his balls. I used the opportunity to hide on Daddy. Mom had said I could sit on Santa's lap and then changed her mind - she said it was too much money. I was glad - he looked scary. Oh Dad just got really excited - there are 3 golf movies on TV next week - I have't seen him scream like a girl like that in a long time.

Then on the way home I got car sick. I puked all over the seat - but not on daddy. I felt bad. When I had to do it again I puked in the plastic bag like daddy told me too. I feel better now. I had some crunch crunch and a greenie. I just don't like driving in the city.


Mommy didn't come home until midnight last night. Daddy was already in bed. I thought it was a robber so I barked as loud as I could but then the robber knew my name "MINOU!!"

She looked too tired too wash her face so I licked her real good before she fell asleep. But she did promise me today we would go see Santa Claus and I could have my picture taken with him. It sounds like fun......

Daddy came home at his usual time and put my sparkly hoodie on and took me for a walk. I missed Daddy this summer - I'm glad he is around again.... His hair is even longer then mine now! He was supposed to work today but now he isn't so I don't know if he will come with me and mommy. I hope he does!

Sunday, November 7, 2004


mommy has been too busy tp help me type and spell lately. She has been working so hard ) hardly see her. But she is home now. yesterday she left before supper and didn't come home until 4:00am. I thought someone was breaking into the house so I barked alot. This morning she got up again but she came home a little while later.

I have beena good girl today it is only noon and I have already been given treats twice - I've pooped in my box just like I'm supposed too! I refuse to go outside in the rain. It is yucky.

Daddy went out and bought me treats last week - he has never done that before! He is such a great daddy. I love him. I hope me mommy and daddy can go for a long walk today if the rain stops.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

The Neighbours.....

I met my neighbour today - a pug. He's okay. I don't know if I want to be his friend yet - some neighbours are sooo nosy. He always seems to be outside.

Last night I fell out of the bed. Well I didn't fall I had to pee but I slipped and hit my head on the floor. I woke up mom with my thud. It hurt so much but I didn't cry - I didn't want to wake up daddy. Mommy came with me to the other room, I had a little water and peed. Mommy did the same. Then we went back to bed. Mommy got up a little later and went to work. It was so early I didn't get out of bed to say goodbye. Then she didn't come home again for soooo long.... But she is home now and we have been playing and eating treats - what fun!

Monday, November 1, 2004

Moving day

We've moved again..... i think I am an army brat, but no one is in the army. I don't know about the new place. No one feeds me chicken and it rains all the time. We have no bed here or any furniture. My little tent is here so I have been hanging out in it alot. There is carpet in most of the rooms - I like running around on it.

Just to make sure everyone knows I live here I peed on the welcome mat as we came here. I'm so smart.

Mom and Dad seem very happy here - they had their supper by the fireplace, and mom has a tub to soak in again!!!!

We also went to ikea today. Dad picked out a mouse pillow for me. I'd rather sleep on their dirty clothes though.

I hope tomorrow the rain stops and I can have some chicken....

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!!!!!

So tonight was my second halloween - only my first time dressed up. My mom was Priscilla Presley- we were very cute together.

I didn't like all the small people coming to the door. They all kept saying 'treat' and I never got anything. Not to mention it is way past my bedtime and I'm cranky.

I'm still awake and wandering around in my costume. Apparently we are still going out tonight to shoot fireworks - sounds terrifying. I was minding my own business taking a crap when some went of 5 ft away. Freaked me right out. I've never moved so fast with crap coming out my back end.

I'm gonna go now I'm sure there is still some candy on the floor somewhere.

P.S. I took a crap inthe pet store today - ha ha my mom was so embarrassed!

Halloween DAY

Can't wait to go out in my costume today some moer. I got so much attention yesterday along the sea wall. Other dogs desparately wanted to sniff my butt - that annoys me so much I kept running away.

Mom has a new bag to carry me in when she rollar blades. She is a horrible rollarblader - and wearing the bag made it worse. I was glad when dad suggested getting the leash. If I had $$ I get mom lessons - she looks so silly out there with her hemet on barely going 1 mile per hour.

After that we came home cause mom had to go to a concert - i don't know what that is. So I hung out with dad and slept...

Dad is finally on friendster but he won't add me as a friend. He is so cruel...

I think I'll lick his face a bunch this morning after I finish licking my butthole.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

my costume

I have to poo

I slept in until 10:10am today when mom and dad finally annoyed me so much I had to get up. Mom won't stop kissing my head. THyrza got up and started making breakfast - she never drops anything. I really have to poo now but they won;t let me outside and I hate going in my little box. I keep licking myself so that it doesn't come ut but I won't be able to hold itmuch longer. Mom says I can wear my halloween costume today. I'm excited...

Friday, October 29, 2004

I got scared.

I had a really scary day yesterday. I was running around with my dad and this really big dog came and wanted to eat me. I started screaming but no one wanted to help me. Not even my dad he laughed. I was so scared I nearly peed myself. So I ran all the way home. I knew the way all by myself. I had to cross 5 streets. I was so frightened that the big dog was right behind me I didn't stop - even though my dad was yelling at me. I got home and I couldn't reach the doorbell so I barked as loud as I could and Thyrza saved me.

I hope I don't see that dog again.

Mom won't give me any chicken and the lady who like to give me chicken at supper hasn't been here for awhile. I miss her.

Dad is still picking fleas off me. My medication doesn't seem to be working.

Oh and my horrible mom cut my nails tonight. She gave me a greenie afterwards like that makes it any better.

I think I'll sleep in really late tomorrow.