Sunday, November 7, 2004


mommy has been too busy tp help me type and spell lately. She has been working so hard ) hardly see her. But she is home now. yesterday she left before supper and didn't come home until 4:00am. I thought someone was breaking into the house so I barked alot. This morning she got up again but she came home a little while later.

I have beena good girl today it is only noon and I have already been given treats twice - I've pooped in my box just like I'm supposed too! I refuse to go outside in the rain. It is yucky.

Daddy went out and bought me treats last week - he has never done that before! He is such a great daddy. I love him. I hope me mommy and daddy can go for a long walk today if the rain stops.

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  1. Min min,
    I'm sorry to hear how busy your mommy is. If you're very lonely, you could come visit your godmother at any time. Since you've already proven you have an uncanny sense of direction, I'm sure you could make it to the East Coast. But don't try, ok? I would worry too much about you if you travelled alone. The airplane food might make you sick.

    Please, tell your mommy that everyone at my house misses her, you and your daddy. We hope that Uncle Andrew gets a publishing deal soon so that we can come for a visit. And we'll go shopping, of course!

    Must get back to work.