Saturday, November 20, 2004

the CAT

That's me - my mommy took the picture. It is blurry cause I wouldn't let her use a flash - it makes me blink.

I had an okay day today after I got away from that nasty scary cat. It was soo scary. I couldn't even look at it. It was soo scary - big huge teeth, and huge sharp claws. I kept crying and mom kept making me sit next to it. It hissed and growled. mom said I should be friends with it cause in another 2 months it will be bigger then me - I can't imagine how frightening it will be then. It will take over the world my mom should be careful. I can't believe Thyrza let's it live with her - it may try and kill her in the night. Evil cat I just wanted to be it's friend.

Afterwards we went to a yarn store. Mom was trying to hide me in her bag but I kept barking hee hee. I heard the yarn store lady say it was okay to have dogs in there but mom still didn't let me out so I barked some more.

Then we went for a little walk. I like going for walks and sniffing everything. I had to have a nap afterall my excitement today and now daddy just gave me a greenie!!! Yippee I will go eat it!

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  1. Min min!
    I wanted to let you know that I dropped off your business card to Dr. Rick last night. He was very excited about your web page. He said that the girls at the Vet clinic would be very excited to see you modelling the clothes. He also said that they all missed you and were wondering if you would ever come back to visit.

    Must run.