Sunday, December 31, 2006

en cresmus burdee pla weth sparke. Burdee hav fun weth sparke. Mommee spilld granmas al-ko-haul en flur. burdee run to hep lick up de al-ko-haul. burdee reellee lik de al-ko-haul en drunk et all!!! Momee wus busee plaing gam so she dednt see mee drink al-ko-haul. aftr burdee wus reellee reellee HAPPEE!!!!!!!! Burdee play lots weth sparke en let sparke get to 2nd base!!! YAHOOOO!!! Burdee have gud fun!!!! Next mornin burdee hav headak. Burdee no feel gud. Burdee no wanna play weth sparke. Burdee so embrsed. Burdee trid to slep all dae.
Momee en Daddee en Antee Pennee en Antee Jenn en Granma all mak fun of burdee. But no on gev burdee mor al-ko-haul. mabee burdee hav al-ko-haul for neu yeers!!!!
still bored

Saturday, December 30, 2006

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! burdee gut G MALE!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!! now burdee post 2!!!!
Burdee miss Sparke. Burdee wanna veset sparke agan. Burdee lik cresmus. murre cresmus!!!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Birdie sang during our drive to Calgary. She loves this song so much she woke up to sing. Halfway through the song she went in the backseat and sang the rest with Auntie Penny. Mommy is a lousy DOP so we edited that part out. (That and Daddy said it was already really boring which I agree)
Calgary was stressful - my cousin madelaine kept attacking me. She would get time outs afterwards but it didn't matter she kept trying to kil me. I have scratches on my face because of her. She attacked Birdie once too. And she kept taking everyone else's Christmas presents. Mommy would always break us up and save me.
I got lots of presents..... Including a PINEAPPLE HOUSE!
Their new pineapple house
it is great.... apparently I am supposed to share with Birdie. That is lame.
we got these
new t-shirts from santa. Birdie has a matching one...
We got a bunch of toys too but Mommy doesn't have any pictures of them.
Birdie played with Sparky a bunch.
birdie and sparky
I might have but I was way to scared of Ling Ling....
Ok. Mommy says we have to get up now and get dressed and stuff.... YAHHH HOLIDAYS!!! Even Daddy is home.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Merry Christmas everyone! We are off to Calgary tomorrow. (I wish Birdie wasn't coming. She keeps trying to open the presents.There are LOTS for us under the tree and Auntie Jenn and Grandma bought even more!!!! YIPPEE!!!)
I'll try and post again during the holidays but we aren't sure if there is internet at Auntie Jen's new house......
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with lots of licks and greenies.......


Monday, December 18, 2006

I wasChristmas TAGGED!
The Rules: The player of this game starts with "3 things he/ she would love to get for Christmas" and also has to list "3 things he/ she definitely does not want to get for Christmas". Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says "you've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.
I never pay attention to rules...
We were Christmas shopping with Mommy today. I totally know what I am getting for Christmas!!!! I had to try it on! It's ok I guess. I liked the sparkly sweater better. We were at 3 dog bakery too! There will be yummy things under the tree. They are already wrapped - I want to open them but mommy won't let me. I sit in front of them all day long.

oh mommy is sneezing. It is totally scary.

Things I want for Christmas
3. an stamped envelope to mail Birdie far far away

Things I don't want for Christmas
1. New clothes
2. doggie perfume
3. more collars and harnesses

Auntie Steph you are tagged. Sophie is tagged. And any other puppies who haven't been tagged....

We made Christmas stocking yesterday. Mommy made mine and Daddy's, Daddy made Mommy's and Birdie's. Mommy's is HUGE and Birdie's is teeny tiny. Her stocking stuffers don't even fit!!! There is already things in my stocking.
Everyone's stockings

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I was tagged.
Here goes - a;though I am trying to watch Waiting for Guffman with Mommy so I am bound to get distracted.
"THE RULES:Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog."

1. I like to lick Birdie's eyes. I really really really like to lick birdie's eyes. Birdie lets me even though she growls sometimes.

2. I prefer to drink water leftover after Mommy and Daddy have showered. When we had the boil water advisory for two weeks it nearly killed me - even though Mommy was putting bottled water in my dish I wanted the shower water instead.

3. I don't sing like birdie but I talk. When I was still little I was playing while Mommy was on the phone. The lady Mommy was talking to asked if she had to go check on her baby cause I was making so much noise.

4. If you scratch my bottom and say '1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 ' I will lift up my back legs in time with the counting. I call it dancing.

5. I LOVE greenies. If you say the words green, clean, been, seen, jean - anything I get really really excited and start spinning in circles and running to the treat closet. I bark and go nuts until someone gives me a greenie.

I'm not going to tag anyone because I think everyone has been tagged already....

Anybody know who this is? Daddy is trying to win a contest...
we think he might be british, and he is reading from his autobiography and we have this clue
"A shephard watched his flocks by night...."
(that is how it is spelled)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Mommy and Birdie can't post on my blog anymore. HAHAHAHAHAAAA I switched to beta and they can't figure out how they can switch to beta. It is finally my blog again!!!!! Yippeee!!!!!! It is 9:30am and Mommy is still home - she hasn 't been home this late in WEEKS!!! We are all cuddled up on the couch together. Apparently there is a horrible wind storm going on outside. We have absolutely no evidence of it in our backyard but Mommy is using it as an excuse to stay home just a little longer - you know until rush hour is WAYYYYY OVER....
but she definitely has to leave the house at some point today - we have NO FOOD!!!! NONE!!!!!!!!
i will starve. I already feel weak. Woe is me.....

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I was tagged too... by gromit.
But Mommy says it is time to turn the computer off even though she just brought it home... Maybe next week she will help me with my meme.
Oh, I almost forgot, Mommy is designing the next show at the artsclub and there is a DOG in it who wears CLOTHES!!!! Mommy is sooo excited. She gets to design and make a doggie raincoat for the THEATRE. I wish I could be in the show. Mommy said if that dog is too nervous or gets sick I could stand in...
It opens tonight..
Mommy has not been home at all. We miss her. This week we couldn't even go with her because she had to go to the theatre for rehearsals. Birdie doesn't sit still during shows and I bark when people fight onstage. ( At Dalhousie Univeristy I went to a rehearsal with Mommy and two actors were 'fighting' onstage. I barked and ran onstage to stop them)
This is the link for the show
there is a little video you can watch. It looks kinda sad in video form like that. But I know Grandma will like it anyways. That night the costumes weren't finished either....
Next week we get to have fun. Shopping, the bodyworld's exhibit, christmas decorating, more shopping and SLEEPING IN WITH MOMMY!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

mommy is working too much. She goes to work sometimes early with daddy and comes home long after daddy is asleep.
She always take us with her. If is boring - we sleep in the laundry baskets full of fabric and bark at everything we hear.
Sometimes we get to walk to starbucks but we never get to go inside. I don't like starbucks but birdie does and she always tries to lick the cup lids. Whenever she licks auntie Heather'scup lid Auntie Heather gets totally grossed out.
Only one more week says mommy - the first audience is tuesday and it opens on thursday.....
I hope mommy doesn't die first.
Yes AUntie Steph it is Emily of new moon....

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

tank u pappy... u r gud dug!!! burdee a star!!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I know I know. This is Minou's blog but it once pretended to be a bit of a knitting blog when Minou wasn't looking.
Knitting has been scarce.
I wish I could say I have many F.O.s and just haven't blogged about them. But I don't.
I haven't even done any sewing.
But I have been drawing. Nothing special and as usual it is all work related.
This is what has been keeping me busy lately. We open in a month. I will be sewing - ALOT - very soon. Only a few more days left on the movie then I can focus fulltime on theatre for a few weeks.
I wish I only had one job at a time. (I have 2 more theatre pieces LOOMING and stressing me out.)
Although I couldn't work in an office, have a desk job, do the same tasks everyday I must say I envy people who only work 8 hours a day and only have one job at a time. It sure sucks your creativity when you work 12 hours a day on one job and then have a 2nd job in your (haha) spare time.
Excuses excuses I know - all this time typing I could have spent knitting...

Look what Mommy got today. She has some nerve bringing them home and showing them off. She didn't once introduce me!!!!! I didn't get a new ipod or greenie. NOOOO... and she comes home with these glossy photos..
She made this..

WITH MY PICTURE ON IT - hands it to everyone. But does not let me meet anyone. I think I should splash a picture of her everywhere... and then lead an exciting life meeting famous people without her. Leave her at home.
There is still some birthday cake. Maybe I will go look sad and see if I can get some cake.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mi burdae!!! My happeee burdae partee!!!!!!!Burdee 1! YAY! Momee gut me caak. BEEG CAAK. WE at en at en at thut beeg caak. ALL niit. Burdee gut precents en we haad partee hats!!!! Antee Pennee wus heer. En we hud CAAK! De caak wus so beeg.
Singing Happy Birthday
Last niit wen Momee en Dadee wer sleepin burdee wanted mur caak. I fun caak I hid en bruht eet to bed. I cri luts cus I wan momee en dadee to hep me eet et. Momee wak up sckird she tink I hurt or go poopoo en de carpet. Momee grub me en put me ootsid. I wanna eet caak!!!!! Wen Momee let me in I go bac to bed. I get mi caak and gev to Dadee. Dadee hep me eet mi caak undr de blancet. I wus vri happee!!!!! I luv CAAK!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mommy has cold. You know what that means???? One of my favourite things!!!
I can't believe it! It has been sooo long!!!!! I hope I don't have to share them with Birdie. She still needs to go buy some kleenexes though. Right now she is walking around snorting alot (she is a lady!)
Mommy left work early last night because she wasn't feeling well. On her way home the designer called her and said "you left to early - Renee just gave everyone ipods!"
OH MY GOSH! Mommy was speechless!!!! Mommy already has one but just the idea of someone she has barely met and will probably never speak to again buying her an ipod. They are some not yet released thing. Mommy isn't supposed to be at the office again until Tuesday but who can wait that long!!!!!
Last week Renee took a bunch of people out for supper (not mommy she wasn't at the photoshoot) and she literally told them to order everything on the menu. If they wanted a little shrimp and a little lobster get both. It was a very expensive restaurant too..... She seems to be a really sweet person. I wish I could have met her. I bet she LOVES dogs.. LOVES THEM. and gives them huge greenies when she sees them. Stupid mommy not taking me to work more.
I think I need to go get mommy a piece of toilet paper or something I can see it coming out of her nose.....

Thursday, November 9, 2006

I'm bummed. I had a major fight with someone at work last week. The 'I'm not speaking to you ever again' kind.
I feel better when I don't talk to this person. My stomach calms down and I don't have to worry about arguing with them. But apparently it is upsetting everyone else in our department that we aren't speaking.
There is only a week to go. I was really enjoying myself on this job and loved everyone (except this person) I don't want to see it end this way but it is falling apart.
I can't fake happy happy when this person upsets me as much as they do. I don't want to pretend everything is ok and that their behavior was ok. (I'm not saying mine was either)
Now I am getting paranoid everytime I see a conversation happening just out of earshot. Other people are starting to treat me differently. Tonight I ate lunch by myself.
I hate it.
Yes I could apologize but then the power tripper would be justified in treating me the way they did. I do not like people who abuse their position and will speak out everytime. It has gotten me in trouble before. For example when I refused to make coffee in Stratford. I don't drink it - AT ALL and it wasn't part of my job description. They threatened to fire me.
This person threatened me with my job as well - even though they were in no position to do anything about it other then complain.
I wrote said person a letter yesterday telling them why I was upset. Now they are really mad.
We are supposed to have a big end of show party this weekend. It is expected everyone goes. Right now it is the last thing I want to do. We are also supposed to do a department lunch. I can't imagine sitting across the table from this person and joking around and celebrating.
Ugh. I don't know what to do. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that I am ruining a really good friendship with someone who is stuck in the middle.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Not much new around here. It has been raining for days - I think we will float away.

Mommy tried to take us for a walk yesterday and we got caught in a downpour an hour from home. I looked as SAD as I could - put on my best puppy dog eyes. Finally she picked me up and put me in her rain coat. I was all snuggly warm and slept in there. Auntie Penny was carrying Birdie and Birdie wouldn't go in her raincoat (she can't see Mommy inside a raincoat) so she was soaking wet byt the time we got home. She did manage to sneak a few licks of Auntie Penny's Caramel Mocha soy latte thingy. Mommy was drinking some disgusting green tea - I had a sniff and was totally uninterested.
We've gotten our sweaters in the mail but Mommy hasn't taken any good pictures.
We carved pumpkins last week too but again no good pictures and now they are outside rotting full of water.
Grandma got a new puppy this weekend - his name is sparky. She sent us a few pictures that are on flickr.... He looks the same size as us now but I have a feeling by the time we meet him at Christmas he will be BIG.
HEY - GRANDMA if you are reading this I want a dog house for Christmas!!!! Ask Grandpa Mel to make us a little dog house!!!! Something cute. With french windows and a skylight. It better not be leaky though. Heated tile flooring would be nice as well.
That's all for now.....
Special-effects fire destroys movie set


A fire ignited by a special-effects crew during the filming of Case 39 starring Renée Zellweger suddenly raged out of control Tuesday night, destroying the movie set and engulfing the Vancouver warehouse where the filming was taking place.

The warehouse roof collapsed minutes later, Assistant Fire Chief George Whitehurst said.

None of the actors were on the set when the fire erupted, unit publicist Julia Frittaion said. Two crew members and two special-effects people suffered minor burns. Assistant Fire Chief Whitehurst said three firefighters on the scene, who reacted so quickly that they did not have time to put on their gloves, suffered burns to their hands.

Filming of Case 39, expected to be completed next week, continued yesterday at another location. Ms. Frittaion said the fire had started during the final shooting at the warehouse.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I get up this morning and turn on the tv like I usually do. I was waiting for Birdie who had gone outside. I'm watching the local news when they start discussing how a film studio caught on fire last night. I'm assuming it happened in the early hours and am thinking 'oh that sucks' Then I hear people were inside at the time and think - oh I hope they were ok, I wonder what film it was. I'm sitting there trying to recognize the studio but all you can see is a big black building with huge flames coming out of the roof. Then the reporter makes a comment about how the crew was able to escape with the film and the tv cuts to OUR CAMERA CREW HUDDLED IN THE DARK HOLDING FILM CANNISTERS!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! OH NO! I immediately start calling other members of the costume department - none of whom knows what I am talking about. AHHHHHH!!!! I eventually find out all the actors were already done for the day so they were gone and safe along with all the costumes. WHEW.
However much was lost, cameras, film footage, the sets, props, lights, the ENTIRE BUILDING!!! AHHHH!!! It was still burning this afternoon. CRAZINESS.....
I bet this makes the DVD extras....
It provided lots to gossip about at work today, lots of cell phone pictures to look at....
If you ever need some excitment at work just set your office on fire!

Monday, October 30, 2006

So I had to go to dressew today for work. I didn't want to. I tried to come up with other places to go. Not that it is a bad place to go or anything - just this time of year it is CRAZY busy with people getting halloween costumes. The kind of people who have never turned on a sewing machine but decided this year they can make their kids super diffficult detailed costume. BUT they can't even read the back fo the pattern to figure out how much fabric to buy.... let alone what kind of fabric and need to be walked through every step by one of the two people available to cut fabric. And all that and then they find out dressew doesn't take debit or credit so they have to leave to get money anyways. I could go on. I'll stop though.
All I needed was 2 meters of elastic. You can see why I didn't want to go.
But I went and got my elastic. As I was leaving I ran to catch the walk light at the corner. I see this woman. She is waddling and wearing ALOT of clothes. It was cool here today but not hooded parka, scarf and winter boots cold. Just puffy vest cold. She also had big sunglasses on. Now I know from living in L.A. big sunglasses mean your famous (or at least that is what I tell everyone when I am wearing my big sunglasses.) For whatever reason I decided to give this woman a second glance, she is walking arm and arm with a guy, she's very pregnant and WAIT A MINUTE. IT's TORI SPELLING!!! HA HA HAHAAAAAA.... I watched her once I went across the street to see where she was going. Her and her husband went into dressew. I am very curious as to what they were doing in there and regret not going back to find out. It would have probably been funny. I hope she wasn't trying to make a halloween costume.
Anyways. That's all. I know I see famous people at work all the time but it is fun to spot people on the street in strange places.
ON another note I went to see TIDELAND on Saturday night - the new Terry Gilliam movie. I LOVED IT. Some people might find it to disturbing and dark but it was my kind of thing. (Don't bring your kids) Jodelle Ferland (who is in the movie I am currently working on) is in it and she is amazing!!!! GO SEE IT.. unless you aren't good with disturbing things. Then better not. Or read the book first so you know what yoaure getting into. ALthough I haven't read the book at all so who am I to say if that is a good idea.
Blah blah blah. I have alot of work to do tonight perhaps I should start it.....

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Birdie is scared of the fish
daddee brut hum a beeg fesh. eet es skaree. Meneu want too eet et but I thinc et es too skaree.
Minou wants to eat the fish
yu kan see meneu tring to talk to de fesh. She wus brav.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Four jobs I've had: (other then costume related ones?)
1. merchandizing at my dad's shoppers
2. that is all I can think of... it's all costume stuff

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. none anymore. I'm too tired and fall asleep. Old lady syndrome.

Four places I have lived
1. Los Angeles
2. Montreal
3. Halifax
4. Vancouver

Four television shows I love to watch:
1. House
2. Project Runway
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. 22 minutes

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. San Fransisco
2. NYC
3. Los Angeles
4. Hmmm I never really go on vacation - the spa?

Four of my favourite dishes:
1. pad thai
2. chili cheese fries
3. tio pepes chicken burritos
4. green tea lattes (not a dish but I can't hink of anything else)

Four websites I visit daily:
2. go fug yourself
3. my gmail account
4. Steph's blog

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Los Angeles
2. Somewhere exotic
3. Somewhere with clean dishes
4. Spending money on my puppies

Four bloggers I am tagging:
1. Crap. I don't FEEL like tagging anyone..... I want to tag steph but it is her fault we did this in the first place!
Four jobs I've had:
1. model
2. lap dog
3. guard dog
4. food inspector

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. anything with doorbells

Four places I have lived
1. Surrey

Four television shows I love to watch:
1. anything with door bells

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. L.A.
2. Seattle
3. Calgary
4. Saskatoon

Four of my favourite dishes:
1. Greenies
2. cookies
3. anything from 3 dog bakery
4. cake

Four websites I visit daily:
1. I don't really

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. away from Birdie
2. in a petstore buying treats
3. somewhere where I can run on carpet for miles
4. snuggled with mommy in bed

I'll let Mommy do the tagging...
Birdie just found a roll of toilet paper - well actually it looks like she found it awhile ago - she just brought it into the living room. heh heh heh....
Four jobs I've had:
1. puple bitr
2. fud eetr
3. munkee cheur
4. meneu seestr

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1.nun i can not set stil

Four places I have lived
1.leven rum
2. bedrum
3. bathrum
4. ootsid

Four television shows I love to watch:
1.nun sam as moovees

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. campen en hop bc
2. calgaree

Four of my favourite dishes:
1. crunch crunch
2. cookees
3. greenees
4. stiks

Four websites I visit daily:
1. nun momee do nut let me

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. dugee delee
2. eaten stiks ootsid
3. poopen en carpet
4. chasen meneu

Four bloggers I am tagging:
1. puppees

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Heh Heh.... the picture isn't a new one but I imagine everyone will enjoy it - Thanks to Pappy for showing us the link.

Monday, October 16, 2006

dat evul dug wus ootsid agan todae. "togo" stuped nam fer stuped dug. he trid to get me agan. hes stuopid owners do nut put hem en a leesh an he tris to get me.
I wus so scard. Mommee grabbed me an she had to get meneu cus evul togo wuld nut leev us alon. I wus shaken so bad. He kept jumpen on momee tren to get us.
Then when we wer almust hum togo wus der agan!!! And he kept jumpen en Meneu!!! She wus so scard. I wus barken an barken. Mommee wus holden me cause I wus stell scard frum beefor. Pur Meneu. She culdnt run away caus momee wus holdn her leesh. Togo kept jumpn an jumpn. Momee wus so angree. De other Momee an daddee dednt do anethen. Dey thut et wus funee. Momee sturted kecken that bad dug togo to mak hem leve us alon.
i am too scurd to go for walks now cus of dat togo.
Birdie vs the turkey

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yesterday was Mommy's birthday so today she wanted to celebrate! First Mommy slept in - well slept until 8:00am. These days that is pretty late. Mommy and Daddy have been getting up between 4:00am and 5:00am all week. It was not fun.
We slept in. Then after Mommy had her shower her favourite show - PROJECT RUNWAY - was on. And it was a repeat of the episode she missed last week. YIPPEE!!! SO we all watched. We still can't decide who our favourite is. Last year Daniel was such an obvious choice. Maybe Michael? We definitely don't like Vincent or Angela.
Anyhoo after that we had to go run some errands.
While we were running errands Mommy got a green tea latte at Starbucks. She LOVES them and after hearing on CBC how good matcha green tea is Mommy has decided she can drink as many lattes as she wants. (RZ seems to like these too - whenever she buys starbucks for the crew she always orders a bunch of these)
Then we went to Barking Babies Mommy bought us argyle sweaters. Not as good as homemade but they are cashmere and will do until she has time to knit us that cool skull and crossbones one she saw. She also got presents for two other puppies. We liked it there cause we could wander all over the store without our leashes. Birdie liked to stand in the doorway and bark at everyone who walked past.
After we went there we were on our way to the Doggy Style Deli when I went into a bosley's pet store. Someone was holding the door open for me so I walked in and went straight to the counter. Since Mommy's hands were full trying to untangle Birdie she couldn't stop me. HA HA HAAAA. The ladies at the counter gave us pupperoni/jerky. I LOVE pupperoni/jerky. I know where all the petstore that give me treats are and I make Mommy go in them whenever we walk past.
Then we finally got to the deli. Mommy got us each a bowl of turkey with pumpkin and gravy. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD. We couldn't finish! So we got people bags to take it home. The lady was even feeding me by hand. I asked if I could stay with her but she didn't pick me up and take me away. Oh well. At least we have turkey leftovers at home that we are allowed to eat.
Then Mommy stopped here. She said she needed a birthday cake - more like 6 birthday cakes - all different colors. A crazy lady was trying to pet Birdie while Mommy was inside. When Mommy came out she tried to tell her that Birdie bites - the crazy lady didn't speak english. She is lucky that she didn't lose a finger.
Now Birdie and I both are going to have turkey naps.
I like it when Mommy has a birthday. (She is a million years old now in case you are wondering)

Monday, October 9, 2006

It's not David Bowie. It's Donald Sutherland. Not even remotely in the same categorey. At least there won't be any spur of the moment outrageously priced flights to NYC.

heh heh..... burdee wanna be furends weth teecl me almo

Friday, October 6, 2006

You KNOW we will be watching this on Monday....

Nothing to do on Monday? Stay tuned to this turkey
CALGARY -- Okay, it isn't Gemini-worthy original programming, but it could be the surprise smash of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Turkey TV will hit the air holiday Monday featuring nothing but a 10-pound roasting turkey surrounded by carrots, tomatoes and fresh greens in front of a traditional wood-fired oven. Highlights of this riveting new show, which does not actually offer cooking advice, includes the occasional basting by a hand.

"It looks like a real nice turkey and there's a lovely crackling fire behind it," said Peter Bissonnette, president of Shaw Communications Inc., which is the brains behind the bird. "I think people will record this."

The Calgary-based company has been working on the project for a couple of months as a way to celebrate the holiday. It enlisted the help of a local restaurant where the turkey was cooked and filmed.

But clearly the folks at Canada's second biggest cable television operator aren't taking themselves too seriously. Rarely has a press release announcing the launch of a new show been so breathless, with corporate tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Turkey TV promises its ongoing coverage (55 minutes of footage will be played all day on a loop) will "keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout this thrilling turkey program."

Shaw is hoping to build on the success of its previous much-loved holiday hit --a fire log.

The crackle and hiss of a burning log was introduced to audiences in Edmonton during the 1986 Christmas season. Hours of footage of a blazing hearth was interrupted from time to time by an arm, which would reach in to stoke the fire or change the charred piece of wood. The arm, of course, went on to become the star of the show.

The fire log video spread like wildfire across the country. It even spawned knockoffs. And, a cult-like following.

When the local Shaw station in Victoria wrapped up nine days of its holiday log run in 2000, the switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree and protesters gathered outside the station demanding that the program return. The station, taken aback by the reaction, acquiesced.
*(there was more to the article but it went on about cruelty to animals and such and really it is all about the cooking turkey on tv)

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Mommy was talking to Uncle Nick yesterday and she got WAYYYY too excited, Now she is talking about flying to NYC next weekend. Apparently Uncle Nick is working on a film in NYC and HIS people sent a script to DAVID BOWIE's people and now they are just waiting for DAVID BOWIE's people to call back to see if he wants the part. IF DAVID BOWIE takes the part Mommy has decided she will be his personal dresser and is going to fly to NYC immediately.
Think of all the garbage she can go through this time to find crap to frame on the wall.
(For those of you who don't know Mommy took a make up sponge out of David Bowie's dressing room in NYC a few years ago. She is hoping there is DNA on it and she will one day be able to clone him. She also has drum sticks, the X of tape that says DB on it and marked where he stood on stage, 5 guitar picks, a playlist..... I think that is all.)
Needless to say she is VERY excited.
Wish her luck.
How Mommy knits puppy sweaters while working on a film.
#1 Turn on computer.
#2 Go to this website.
#3 Click on 'pet apparel'
#4 Find this really cute picture and click again.
crap I spend my money on

#5 Remove credit card (WITH NO BALANCE OWING) from wallet.
#6 Enter credit card information and walk away from computer.
#7 Patiently wait for mail to arrive.
#8 When mail arrives open box and VOILA you have knit a new sweater!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

The glorious puptart
Look what we got today!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have my best paying job ever right now. Being as it is a movie it never lasts long. In another 2 months I could be unemployed and wanting EI. However this time, this job has actually lasted long enough for me to reach a goal that I have been trying to achieve for a LONG time.
I am one paycheck (aka TODAY) away from paying off my mastercard. YAY!!!!! I have fought with this credit card for over 8 years. I've never been able to get it below $3000.00, I'd get it down to that, then I'd be unemployed again and I would fill it back up. And funny how those credit cards just keep raising their limits for me. Evil people.
I've even managed to start a savings account.
For those of you who don't know me you probably don't think this is a big deal. For those of you like Stephanie who know that when I am down to my last pennies and feeling really stressed out about money and how I will pay the rent I have one cure. I go SHOPPING! My job is also one where I am in the malls everyday shopping 'professionally' for the latest fashions in size 0. You can't help shopping for yourself - at least once a week you see something you NEED. (unfortunately not in a 0.)
Anyways that's all. I no longer have credit card debt in my life. Relief.
Next the car. And then STUDENT LOANS!!!!! (I won't hold my breath) We don't have a mortgage yet - we are in Vancouver afterall. If we had a mortgage here I'd never pay off my creditcards.
Birdie is trying to help me type which is never useful so I better go play with her and Minou before I head off to work.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

to spazelshus,
i had a beeg bump on mi fec. eet wus getten beegr. Momee tuk mee to de vet en he tuk eet uff. aftr they testd eet. eet wus nut kanser. I am ok. but we didnt no i wus ok untel he cud tak et uff. no et is almost gun.
knitting and sewing hasn 't really been happening lately - sparetime hasn't been happening lately. Work is all consuming. But I thought I would share this just to make it look like I was doing something.
new cowichan sweater, blurry photo oops
It is a sweater I bought for the play I am currently working on some sort of vintage cowichan/mary maxim sweater. As fabulous as it is it needs more color. So I started doing a duplicate stitch on it.
new cowichan sweater with color added
It's start but now I will pay the lovely Jayme to finish it. It's looking a little too 'oilers' colors for me as well - I might make the remaining white stripe a red one.....
Yesterday was the start of the wearable art exhibit/fashion show. I didn't win anything with the nylon dress - it didn't have much runway appeal and it didn't fit the model very well. But it has inspired me to go big next year. If anyone wants to help I'm going to need ALOT of used tea bags and coffee filters - dry ones of course, not moldy wet ones.... I've already started collecting them. I wish I didn 't have a movie and two plays to finish before I can start. I'm trying to convince the dictator to enter something too - it would be fun....
oh and there is this:
Enjoying a dead slug
Birdie fits the sweater I tried to make for Minou last year. Minou's sweater is still on the needles and I KNOW it is going to be too big. Ii can't seem to get it right and I have never been very good at ripping things. My serger and sewing machine always look more appealing as a way of making things fit.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

we wen fur walk toodae. en wae hum ther wus a beeg dug. well ther wus alot of beeg dugs but ther wus on reelle beeg dug en he chaasd me. I wus so skirrd. I startd skreemin en runnin. but ther beeg dug he ceept runnin aftur me. i runnin fasstr, he runnin fastr. I thught that beeg dug wus gonna eet me.i wus skreemin and skreemin. Then I cudn't find momee. I wus skreemin mur an that beeg dug he wus steel chaasin me. No Momee. No Meneu. I skreem an skreem. I haad to ceep runnin. I run all de wae hum!!!!! Et wus far. That beeg dug he ran all de wae hum too. I sah daddee's kar so I skreem reel lod. But Daddee noi cum hep me get en fense. I cept skreemin. The naybors no hep me evin wen I skreem. Finallee aaftr manee ours momee and meneu caam. Momee sad NO to that beeg dug an mad him go awae. i was stil so skirrd. she open de fense. No mur beeg dug. I nivir want to go fer a walk agan. eet was too skirry.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Mommy sucks. She puts sweaters on us - and our harnesses at midnight drives for 10 minutes to set. Makes us walk around outside in the cold FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!
THEY WERE ON LUNCH BREAK - AT 12:15AM!!!!! think about that - lunch at 12:15AM not PM!!!!!! At first I thought this was brilliant. I could go meet RZ and she could feed me her fancy catered lunch. YAY. Sit on her lap in her trailer...
BUT NOOOOO Mommy wouldn't let us near the catering truck. We had to wait in the otherside of the fence and weren't allowed in the lunchroom. GRRRR.. The 2nd AD came to visit and I let her pet me HOPING she would take me to RZ. But no. Mommy said she didn't want to wait for lunch to be over so we walked around the block on our way back to the truck. Birdie and I devised a plan. We would sniff EVERYTHING, pee and poop as much as we could just so it would take a really really long time and lunch would be over. Birdie even agreed to walk slower (she is always falling behind on walks) BUT IT STILL DIDN"T WORK. We got to see the costume truck and we got to see the set but no scary monster and no RZ.
But on a happier note I was tagged. I real puppy tag, not a stupid one like your favourtie books which I have to have mommy do for me.
Here goes......
A good doggy friend is not named Birdie.
A good doggy friend will not sniff me in the butt.
A good doggy friend will not touch my baboon.
A good doggy friend will give me their treat and mine.
A good doggy friend will not be bigger then me.
heh heh.. those are the rules...
If Grandma is the 'Planner'
If Daddy is the 'Dictator'
I will be the 'ENFORCER'
yah I like it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mommy has to be on a night shoot tomorrow. So she has to stay up late tonight. She said she would take me and Birdie to set tonight to visit and see a scary monster in the movie.
As long as it doesn't rain.
Anyone who watches moronic ET CANADA may have heard a little bit of gossip about RZ saying she had a fight with the director and stormed off set and had to be coaxed back onto set. WELL. Mommy was there - there was no fight. She didn't storm off the set. No one had to beg her to come back. They are idiots. Mommy still says she is super duper nice and a real professional. She was on set with her all night last night in the rain and cold. Mommy thinks the press is pretty horrible to lie about stupid things like that. I do too.
Unless it is about Birdie. Then everything you hear about how horrible she is - is TRUE!

Monday, September 18, 2006

project runway
project runway
project runway
project runway
look what was on project runway today!!!! I should have been a model!!!! Why didn't they call me!!!! Next year they better call me so i can be a model. I'm going to go pout until they call me....
P.S. for those of you who are already on episode 10 please don't spoil the ending for us backward Canadians... Mommy and I LOVE this show...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Minou having her first taste
Mommy went to the spa today and came home with carrot cake! YIPPEE!! She should go to the spa more often. She set the table for us and gave us our cake on plates but we thought that was dumb. So I pulled my cake off the plate and put it on the floor. Then I jumped on the table and took Birdie's cake too. I licked all the icing off of both our cakes. YUMMY!
We didn't go for a walk today because it rained all day. I am not pooing as a result. I may not be able to poo until summer comes round again.
Daddy was all proud of Birdie because she laid some fabulously huge log in the grass - yah but she peed on the bathmat Mommy had just washed, and we both got yelled at cause Mommy didn't see her do it. Stupid dog.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mommy is home - she is watching some haunted house ghost story on tv. She is freaked out and keeps getting goose bumps. But does she turn it off. NOOOOO... It's Saturday and I want to go out for our usual morning walk - I have my new Gap sweater on and everything. But she isn't going anywhere. She has her bags packed to go to work - BUT IT IS SATURDAY!
Birdie pooped on the carpet (like usual) and TOTALLY got yelled at. HEH HEH. Stupid dog. She is this close to going to the glue factory. HA HA HAAAA!! I'll keep telling her Mommy likes it when she poops on the carpet. And the yelling and spanking is Mommy saying she loves her in that special way.
Oh the scary tv show is back on. heh heh...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Thinking of you Auntie Steph - lots of hugs and kisses and puppy licks and wet nose nudges....

Saturday, September 9, 2006

minou finally gave me my own user name in agreement we would buy new greenies today. I hope I can find some I haven't seen the tiny ones in awhile...... You can't say the color green in this house without Minou freaking out - or clean, or jeans, or mean etc etc etc..
Not much new going on around here otherwise - chewing of rawhide, humping of baboon, licking of shower, eating of crunch crunch......
ok go here and scroll down to the june 27th entry and click on the link.
it is fun and lasts FOrEVER. Dictator daddy will hate it but Auntie penny will love it..........

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Sorry Auntie Steph.....

Mommy comes home from work and then she goes to bed. No computer. BORING.
Minou and Birdie
Birdie wants hashbrowns
Minou in the BIG tent
I have to be quick....
Mommy is supposed to be at work.
We went camping this weekend it was fun!!!!! There was a big tent instead of my little tent. I would sit inside of it and bark at everyone cause I am in charge. There was a tree and I swear there was HAM GROWING ON IT!! I was just sniffing in the bushes and lo' and behold - HAM IN A TREE! I ate it sooo fast Birdie didn't even know there was ever any ham and I am not going to tell her. Mommy brought Doggy s'mores from the three dog bakery along too - I tried to eat them bot but Mommy gave one back to Birdie. Man I am all about Darwin and survival of the fittest. If it wasn't for Mommy Birdie would be LONG GONE. There was big stinky wolf dog that came to visit us- I hated him and barked alot. We went to the beach and I got to dig. We went on a boat and I cried the entire time. Birdie tried to jump out. Someone thought it was a good idea to tie daddy to the back of the boat and see how fast we could drag him behind - silly daddy thought it was fun. Mommy looked as scared as I did. Mommy didn't shower all weekend and she smelled really really gross. I wouldn't even give her kisses and normally I like that kind of thing. There was another chihuahua camping that we got to play with a little bit. Uhmmm what else... Uhmmm oh Mommy is being mean and saying she is late. I better go....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mommy and Daddy watched the matador last night, starring mommy's best friend Pierce Brosnan. They loved it and laughed all the way through it. I liked it too cause I got my belly scratched the whole time.
Mom was working on this yesterday. As you can see by the link she didn't get a heck of alot done. I have a feeling it is going to cut into our fun time today.
Mommy wants me to tell everyone even though she hasn't been leaving comments on other people's blogs she reads them almost everyday - on the sly when she can sneak away at the office, before she goes to bed, etc....

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Daddy didn't put his cookies away last night. heh heh. And cause Birdie has her wound Mommy took her to work. I HAD THE HOUSE TO MYSELF!!!!!!
After they all left I pulled the cookies off the table. Opened the bag. Pulled out a chocolate chip cookied. Closed the bag. Took the cookie and put it away until I was ready for it. Then when Daddy came home he thought Mommy had eaten cookies before work and left the bag on the floor - Mommy might like junk food but she doesn't eat cookies in front of the TV at 6:30am. HAHAHA. SO Daddy got a glass of milk and started eating cookies. I ran to the bedroom and got my cookie and came and sat with Daddy so we could eat cookies together.
I couldn't believe it - it was the perfect bonding moment and he took my cookie AWAY! I was so good waiting until he came home so we could share and I only took one and closed the bag afterwards.
Next time I won't wait until he gets home and I will eat the whole bag.
sympathy shot
burdee cri. burdee haf oowwee. burdee no happee.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

evel mommee tuk burdee too vet agan. evel evel mommee... mommee laft burdee at vet. burdeen cri an cri an cri an cri an cri an cri... burdee no wanna sta at vet. burdee go sleep at vet an wen burdee wake up burdee haf oowwee en burdee hed.
finaly dadee cam to get burdee. Gud Dadee. but now momee and dadee won gev burdee anee fud. burdee sooo hungree. meneu es eeten a greenee burdee wan on too. SOOOO hungree. starfen.
burdee luk tuff weth oowwee. beeg frankenstiin scar on fec. burdee es hardkor.
ohhh burdee soo hungree.... ohhhhh....

Friday, August 18, 2006

burdee got peereeud yesturdae. Burdee tuk momee's tampon. burdee tuk tampon oot of rapper. Burdee tuk off plastik aplikaatror. AN BURDEE RIPPED TAMPON ENTOO LETTL TINEE PEESES!!!! Burdee liks havin peereeud.
Toodae Burdee hurt lag. Wen momee caam hum shee tuk burdee to VET. Burdee cri an cri an cri no wanna gu. Vet tuch lag an burdee bit momee. Vet gav burdee needl for lag.
Now burdee hum an want to hav peereeud agan.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I forgot to tell you mommy wanted me to tell you that she saw mark wahlberg at work yesterday. His trailer was parked across from her office and he was running laps around it for whatever reason. She said she stared at him for a bit wondering why he looked familiar until she figured out he was a FAMOUS PERSON WHO SHe HAS SEEN ON TV. She is such a dork. He totally saw her staring at him to and kinda gave her one of those 'why do you keep looking at me' looks.
later he was playing football/catch with some other guys - mommy stared again just to make sure it was really him.
heh heh..
mommy is too busy to help me blog.
I've even been tagged by another puppyand she still won't help me.
All is pretty dull around the house - mommy is the only one with anything exciting to report.
First she is in L.A. then today she was in Seattle. She leaves for work early in the morning and comes home 1 hour before bedtime. Yesterday she at least brought home some cookies and fake greenies. We have been out of homemade cookies and greenies for a few days and have been trying to survive on crappy milkbones. I swear I have lost weight - Birdie too.
Everyday Mommy comes home with bags from all kinds of stores but nothing for me - Nordstroms, bloomingdales, macy's, holt renfrew, saks 5th ave, target......
Mommy did buy a new puppy cookbook the other day. But she doesn't make any recipes from it and i can't reach the counter unless someone puts a chair beside the sink.
Mommy says she will play with us this weekend. She isn't going to work and she isn't going away. I hope this is true. Birdie and I need attention. We are actually starting to play with each other as we have nothing else to do. How horrible....
During all this busy 'work' Mommy has managed to come home with new shoes. Hmmm

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mommy met RZ yesterday. She was so nervous - BUT GUESS WHAT!!! RZ is SUPER SUPER NICE!!! So if anyone is a fan they should continue to be with the knowledge that she deserves the respect and admiration. And if they weren't really a fan they should at least give her the benefit of the doubt since she is such a nice lady.
She didn't show up with any entourage (stars always seem to have too many people hanging around giving their opinion,) not even an assistant. Tried on clothes for 4 hours and was super excited about everything. It was a costumers dream. The producers didn't even give them a headache like mommy thought.
RZ even gave mommy a hug when they were done.
YAY MOMMY - this must mean she can go buy me presents today before she comes home - I hope she goes to fifi and romeo... Mommy said she has lots of pictures too which she will show me when she gets back..
maybe RZ likes chihuahuas as much as she likes the costumes. I hope so. yippee!!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Emily and Minou (and Sarah, Cosmos and Kaitlyn)
Mommy hasn't been bringing her computer home from work - and she has been working really late.
So no blogging for me.
We went away this weekend - we all went on the plane - me, mommy, dictator and Birdie. We saw our grandpa and Auntie Jenn and LOTS OF COUSINS!!! The picture is Mommy's cousin Emily and me.
We also saw Uncle Yogi. He was ok. And we saw cousins Julien and Madelaine. They were annoying. They drooled on Mommy lots - so much she had to change her clothes. ANother cousin was also there - Cosmos. He liked Birdie AND uncle Yogi - as in more then friends like.. heh heh...
Mommy is leaving on a plane again this weekend. She was putting stuff in her suitcase tonight - and the other one isn't even empty yet. She is flying to L.A. to have a fitting with R.Z. She says she is nervous. Well maybe I should go instead. I won't be nervous...
Mommy wants her computer back. Ugh. I'll go attack Birdie. She deserves it.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Lethal Weapon DUI
Part Two
So Mommy was leaving work today - driving her little red truck. She started on the new movie today with R.Z. They are shooting at a studio with many other movies. ANyways. She is leaving work driving down the little streets with all the stargate people, Hot Rod people and others wandering around getting in her way. She turns the corner and there is a big man bent over in the middle of the road. It's like he is touching his toes but he isn't getting up. And there is a crowd of people standing around watching him. None of them are saying "hey big guy - there is a little red truck that wants to go around you and go home, maybe you should move out of the middle of the road" so the big guy stays there. Mommy waits wondering if the big guy is stuck - maybe he hurt himself and can't stand up straight. But then why aren't these people helping him? His big butt is just staring at mommy's windshield. Mommy started thinking maybe she could plow him over if he wasn't going to move and no one was going to tell him to move. His butt was lined up perfectly with the front of the truck. She would just have to hit the gas.
Then finally the big guy stands up - and oh he really is tall. He turns around and looks at Mommy in her little red truck. IT WAS DANNY GLOVER! ha ha hahaaa!!!!! Mommy wanted to run over Danny Glover. She still doesn't know what he was doing in the middle of the road but she is glad she didn't run him over as it would make a nice companion headline with the Mel Gibson mugshots....

Thursday, July 27, 2006

007 DAY five
mommy was not on set today so absolutely no 007 news to share. She even managed to come home early so we are sitting in front of the tv right now chewing on pinecones birdie and I found in the yard.
i'm hoping someone actually takes us out of the house tonight. Like a walk on a beautiful summer evening would be nice. Lazy Mommy.
Ok Belle and Sebastian songs for Gromit...
Mommy says all of them are good and she can't pick. Alot of people say 'tigermilk' is the best album but Mommy listens to all of them on random on her ipod. 'If your feeling sinister' has alot of good songs on it too. Mommy really liked their newest cd as well 'the life pursuit' - this probably doesn't help at all....
ew ew ew barry manilow is on tv and he looks scary.
just so you don't go through withdrawal.
peek a boo
who do those belong too?
you can guess who those belong too...
007 DAY four
Ok... Not reallly a 007 story but definitely a Mommy being stupid story.
First of all they were shooting in a mental institution - they were in a section that was no longer used but were still told "do not give anything to the patients"
they were shooting a hospital scene with nurses - who needed hats. But Mommy and friends forgot to give them hats so Mommy was sent to get them as fast as she could and bring them back to the set.
Mommy gets there as they are moving the camera down a long hallway. She can't see the nurses but backs into a little 5ft x 5ft space to get out of the way of the camera. Then this guy stops the camera and says "producer coming through, producer coming through" he crosses the hallway and starts pointing at Mommy. Mommy is worried - producers NEVER talk to the extra extra extra costumer unless they want them to go home because they are costing them too much money. This producer wants to talk to mommy about her t-shirt though - her belle and sebastian t-shirt and the concert she went too. Well that is fine and good but Mommy has to find the nurses and put their hats on. But this man is signing mommy's paychecks so now she figures she better talk to him for a little bit if he wants to talk to her.
Just as the conversation is fading up comes 007 and his assistant. He then jumps into the little 5ft x 5ft space because now more equipment is coming down the hallway and he is getting out of the way. so now Mommy is stuck with the producer behind 007 and his assistant while all the nurses are waiting for her to put hats on them. THEN they roll the moniter in front of 007. Now they are all trapped in this little area.
Mommy is starting to really panic about the hats.
then over the walkie talkie mommy hears "Angela what's your 20?" (where are you in movie talk)
Mommy "trapped behind the monitor" mommy doesn't want to say too much over the walkie cause everyone can hear it.
other costume person "can you bring us the nurses hats?"
MOmmy "yes I'm just trapped behind the moniter"
other costumer person "well we need them right now"
mommy "yes I'm just trapped behind the moniter I'll go as soon as I can"
what mommy really wanted to say is "the producer is talking to me about belle and sebastian and 007 is standing in my way and I don't want to interupt anyone or push them out of the way, so I am just going to wait here until they all go away and I can leave my corner"
finally they did go away and Mommy was able to get the hats on the nurses. whew. the world almost came to an end today - but mommy saved the day...
movies are silly..
she gets to sleep in a little tomorrow because she won't be on set. maybe we will get to play with her for a bit too..

Monday, July 24, 2006

007 DAY 2
So today Mommy was getting her lunch early cause she could and who else decided to get his lunch early. You know who. There they were - Mommy, 007 and his assistant and Nancy - another costumer. Well Mommy and the assistant were wondering if they were allowed to have both desserts cause they looked so good. 007 came up and asked what it was and they assistant said "some kind of shortcake"
007 said "shortcake - I'd say tall cake"
007 looks at mommy like she is a weirdo and walked back to his trailer..
Mommy thinks 007 is totally in love with her now. Whatever - psycho...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

hee hee
forgot to tell you about this guy. Mommy thinks he is the comic boy guy from the simpsons. He was big he had a ponytail and stockings AND he had two chihuahuas in a stroller. He was alone - no girly girl making him push the chihuahuas in the stroller...
Mommy was laughing. She thinks she is going to H.E.L.L. for making fun of strangers that are probably really nice people.
heh heh... Well I will join her there cause I think it is fun too.
so we are really ticked off.... for the costume contest they got some lame ass white trash kids who couldn't read to be judges. they got all dazzled by a couple of hos in cheap sequin get ups calling themselves paris and nicole. They didn't even look at us. The second and third place winners were just as stupid. people told us afterwards that we should have won. Next year screw them all. Birdie is wearing my elvis costume (it is too small on me now) and I'll dress up as priscilla.
stupid chihuahua BBQ.
it was really hot too so we didn't wear our costumes very long - this is the only picture mommy really got of us.
birdie was a total ho too. She was checking out all kinds of guys. Her favourite one - riley - was a chihuahua mix. He fell asleep in his Mommy's lap and birdie went over and licked his naughty bits while he was passed out. Isn't that like date rape? Birdie really truly has no social skills. I can't believe she is my sister. She didn't bark though - she was very quiet which is unusual.
Mommy has to go to bed early tonight cause she has to be at work with Pierce at 5:42 am an hour out of town. That means mommy is getting up at 3:30am. HA HA HA HAAAA!!! Sucker.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

birdie and minou helping with my photoshoottomorrow is the chihuahua BBQ and mommy even finished our costumes this afternoon in the heat. There was talk of a nap and going in the pool but she managed to stay focused....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

thislooks like it is going to be mommy's next movie. She will be one of two assistants on it. YIPPEE!!! And it goes until November! Yippee!!! Mommy will work on the Pierce's movie for one more week and then on to the next one.
not much else is new. everyone is so busy working birdie and I are bored. Today - after daddy vaccuumed of course - we pulled most of the stuffing out of baboon. He is really skinny now and will look good in a bathing suit. We also brought three sticks into the house this morning while mommy was rushing out the door - running late as usual. And chewed them until they were skinny little toothpick sized pieces ALL OVEr THE CARPET.
this weekend is the chihuahua BBQ and mommy still hasn't made our costumes - that silly pantyhose dress and those retarded bobbi pin shoes have taken too much time. I hope our costumes aren't too warm cause it is supposed to be freakin' hot here this weekend. (35+)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

close up of finished dress
Mommy finished this...
Now she is doing something with these:
bobbi pins in progess
She is weird.
She hurt her I.T. today running and has been limping around the house all day. She keep putting ice on it. Birdie keeps licking the ice pak. I hope her tongue gets stuck. Not much else happened today. Daddy worked. We went for a little walk with the crippled limping one. heh heh...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

We want THIS!!!!
We even have an extra shower in our pee pee room that no one uses. IT IS PERFECT!!!!!!! We NEED it. Birdie can use the old one and I will have the ultimate NEW SUPER AMAZING ONE!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

mommee wurk mommee no hum. i go poopu en da curpet wen momee nut hum. meneu an burdee no bark wen mommee cum hum. we gud qwiet dugs. Mommee saa gud qwiet burdee!!!!
meneu aat burdee gud stik - burdee need mur gud stik fruum mommee.
burdee hep mommee sew oder dae. burdee tak tings frum sewing box won bi won. burdee need all mommee har elasstiks for gud sewung. burdee hep mommee weth patrn and li en da fabrik.
burdee saw SNO!!!!!! et was rully FUN!!!! burdee run en run en run en SNO!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 8, 2006

1940's nylon riot dress
mommy is up to something.
she came home with two bags full of ugly pantyhose and now this.
I hope she isn't planning on wearing it. It isn't a good color on her. And it will be too small....

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

I forgot to mention - we went to the chinese night market last Sat. That itself was not so exciting. It was what we saw when we were leaving that was exciting. HEE HEE HEE
If you are eating Do Not Continue Reading
There was a boy - he was about ten. And he was sick.
Not just oh my tummy hurts cause I had too many greenies - but sick.
He was projectile vomiting. Repeatedly.
Daddy was just laughing. When Mommy and Auntie Penny realized what was going on they were too close. And realized that his fountain of puke could hit them at any given moment. I think Mommy and Auntie Penny ran faster then they ever had before to get away from it. Birdie and I were in our carriers so we were just spectators otherwise I am sure Birdie would have tried to get closer.
It looked just like a movie where they have the hose behind the guys head with unending puke streaming out of his mouth for like 10 feet.
Heh heh.
Projectile Vomit. Cool.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

ha ha on Mommy. She finally decided to apply for EI - aka free money. (yes she knows she has been giving them half her money for the past billion years but let her pretend for 30 seconds that it is free money) It took her 3 hours and three tries to fill out the claim. To be brief anyone with more then 10 employers a year should not have to fill out the same form as everyone else - as it is she is still missing two employers and needs to call tomorrow.
Birdie kept trying to help to which was making mommy angry. Birdie is really good with computers; she can walk across the keyboard once, dim the screen to black, mute the sound, close all the windows and restart the computer. That was probably half of Mommy's problems.
Mommy was done for less then 1/2 an hour and she GOT A JOB. ha ha ha haaaa!!!! Later this week (or beginning of next week) she starts on this movie. She will be doing fittings with extras in all kinds of pretty clothes from 1949. It is only for a few weeks but she seems pretty happy.
Other then that Birdie and I are exhausted and happy Mommy is going back to work. We can't keep up with her and Auntie Penny. We are used to sleeping everyday and now we are at the beach, going for walks, going out for lunch, meeting other dogs for sundaes. IT IS EXHAUSTING. Today we tried sleeping in but it never works Mommy comes and pesters us - wants to make sure we aren't dead she says. Thank goodness she is going back to work.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Minou after digging in the sand
YAY another beach day - this time with Daddy. It was nice. Except we weren't allowed to bark. Mom brought that horrible apple bitter spray with her. She is EVIL.
I kept digging holes and putting lots of sand on Mommy's and Daddy's towels. Heh heh heh. they would clean them off and i would dig another hole and put more sand on the towels.
We even went in the water a few times. I didn't like it but Birdie was doing it so i couldn't let her be the better doggie.
check this out:
Birdie taking a crap ON A ROCK
Birdie has no shame. She found a nice big rock where everyone could see her and made sure she was right where Mommy was taking pictures of Daddy and she took a POOP - ON THE ROCK. How embarrassing. So undignified.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

nacho libre desktop
Mommy went to see this tonight with Daddy and Auntie Penny. They came back jumping on each other shouting "I hate orphans!" and "anyways..." And now Daddy wants a mask. They haven't said anything about any chihuahuas in the movie - which apparently it takes place in Mexico so there SHOULD be chihuahuas.

Mommy bought this bitter apple spray when Birdie first moved here in case i was bad. Well.... she was using it to try and make Birdie stop barking. But it wasn't working. So Birdie and I just started barking all the time at everything. If she can baark i can too.
Today we quit.
This morning the upstairs lady came outside and we did like we usually do we came running outside at top speed barking hello as much as we could. ONLY today Mommy came running outside too. She ran up the stairs and around the upstairs lady and grabbed birdie - OPENED HER MOUTH - AND SPRAYED HER 3 TIMES IN THE MOUTH!!!!!
Birdie hardly made a noise for the rest of the day - not when daddy came home and not when auntie penny came over. Not even when the other upstairs lady came outside.
So I had to be quiet too - or I would get sprayed.
I forgot when Mommy and Daddy came home from the movie. Daddy chased after me and I got sprayed in the mouth too. (In the past they have just kinda aimed for our heads. No big deal.)
That stuff is HORRIBLE.
I don't think we will ever forget again.
If she ever leaves the apple spray where I can reach it I will hide it. Or next time she is being a fat bloated whale eating ice cream and caramel apple pie - I WILL SPRAY HER IN THE MOUTH.
There will be payback. I may not bark but this is not the end.
ha ha ha - mommy's photo from her run. HA HA HA i mean WALK ha ha ha ha haaaa!!!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Con and Nolan on the 'ferry'
this dug was heer yestrda. he beeg dug weth no furr. i burkd lots. he gu en watr weth momee as hur frend. weerd dug. he sed meneu was gud dug an i was stoopid. nolan baag dug.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

She is still alive!!!! Barely..... Mommy is moaning and groaning and going VERY slowly up and down stairs but she is still alive.
She has blisters on one foot but now armpit chaffing. She is covered in her own salt too (which tastes great I must say. Mommy is a walking salt lick) Her running clothes - now hours later are still soaking wet with sweat on the bathroom floor.
She managaed to do it under her 2:30:00 time - barely. Her gun time was 2:29:03, we are still waiting to see what her chip time was. She had wanted to run it in 20 minute intervals with one minute of walking in between but around the 15 km point it all started to fall apart. It was hot, there was no shade, she had no one to run with and she was tired. But her friend Petra showed up to help her finish the last few miles and gave her a hat to wear. She had to walk up any hill she found cause she was just to tired at the end (this includes the burrard street bridge) but was able to run the last mile in. So now the bloated whale says she has to do another one where she actually sticks to her 20 minute and 1 minute goal. I don't think she will be doing it anytime soon.
Everyone got medals at the end. I am surprised she isn't wearing hers around the house like she is someone important. Her and Daddy have been sleeping most of the day away - Mommy I can understand why - Daddy has no excuse. Mommy even fell asleep by the pool and burnt the tops of her legs - heh heh she is gonna hurt tomorrow with the stiffness and redness. heh heh. Birdie and I stayed inside it was just too hot today.
One of the upstairs ladies is outside by the pool eating grapes. I think I will go and look cute - and really skinny and underfed so she will give me some grapes.

Friday, June 23, 2006

overheard conversation between mommy and daddy last night:

Mommy: I'm going to work on a movie that jeremy Irons is in tomorrow.
Mommy: He won't be there tomorrow though.
Mommy: That sucks.
Mommy: I LOVE Jeremy Irons.
Daddy: I thought you loved me?
Mommy: I do - but I LOVE Jeremy Irons.
Mommy: I love him in a totally unaccessible kind of way.
Mommy: But he isn't going to be there tomorrow.
Mommy: John Malkeovich is in the movie too.
Mommy: I love him too.
Mommy: But he won't be there either, just a bunch of extras in the dark in the woods.

End of conversation...sort of - Mommy kept going fopr quite sometime. Actually most of Mommy and Daddy's conversations are like this - except Daddy never says ANYTHING and Mommy just keeps babbling. She is real good at carrying on conversations by herself. Sometimes she tells people she is talking to me and Birdie but I know the truth - she talks to herself. ALOT.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

minou at the beach
Picture of me at the beach yesterday!
The bloated whale was back in her gigantic bathtub this morning. All white and pasty grinning from ear to ear. My Mommy is a weirdo. So happy to be in that cold water with an outfit on that is less then appropriate for the size of her rear end. It didn't last too long thank goodness.
Mommy then helped the upstairs lady work on the cover for the gigantic pool. Birdie and I liked racing all over it even though Mommy kept telling us to STAY OFF. Heh heh - I don't understand what she could have possibly been trying to say.
After a bit more Daddy called and told Mommy she had to go for a bike ride. We hadn't gone for a bike ride since last summer. The bike was all dusty and full of spider webs. Mommy leaned it up against the wall while she cleaned it up and bit and jumped in the basket! I was so excited to go for a bike ride and leave birdie at home.
BUT NO. Next thing I know Birdie is in the basket too and off we went - WITH a flat tire. Birdie freaked out a little bit but I like going for rides so it was ok. I didn't try to jump out once. We went to get Daddy's car at the garage where the mechanic offered to give Birdie and I a lube job - yah not funny mr. mechanic man.
tomorrow mommy got a day call and is working a night shoot with some fancy movie. That is sad - we were supposed to hang out by the gigantic bathtub all day with Auntie Penny. And Saturday Mommy and Daddy are getting their eyes checked in the middle of the afternoon so no good pool time then either. And Sunday Mommy will be DEAD.
If anyone wants to laugh the bloated whale will be running the scotiabank half marathon Sunday morning at 7:00am. I hope I get to go along and ridicule her. She leaves UBC at 7:00 and arrives at stanley park second beach - we are predicting approx 2 1/2 hours later. Just make a sign that reads - 'run bloated whale run!' heh heh She'll love it.

Monday, June 19, 2006

**note from Minou - sorry the music is overlapping Birdie wouldn't wait a few days to post this movie**

Burdee wher purtee purfoom Burdee smel nic Burdee reel elagant ladee

Sunday, June 18, 2006

happy after sniffing dead beach things
we went to the beach! we went to the beach!
1st Mommy sewed Birdie a rain jacket cause she doesn't have one and mommy thought 'FOR SURE it will rain today if she doesn't'.
Then we went to the beach and it was a gorgeous hot sunny day all day because Mommy carried our rainjackets in her purse all afternoon.
Birdie barked at all the other dogs even if they were three times as big as us. She is sooo going to get us beat up one day. I tried to walk far ahead of her and Mommy in case it happened today. Then the other big dogs Might not think I was with her - EXCEPT stupid mommy dresses us in matching t-shirts which REALLY isn't working for me. Do we have to match EVERYTIME we go out. How pathetic.
Birdie is so insane she even went swimming today. SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM! There was a big golden retriever chasing sticks in the water. Birdie decided to chase him into the water without realizing it was water. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON HER FACE. Mommy was laughing so hard. She sort of stood/floated there stunned for a few seconds. Then hopped up on a rock. But the waves were still hitting her and she was surrounded by water so she had to jump back in the water and swim to the shore. I wasn't going to help her - NO WAY. I stayed FAR AWAY from the water. Mommy was going to help her but Birdie was too far away and because Mommy was laughing so hard she wasn't walking very fast.
Birdie was soaked for the rest of the afternoon. HA HA
When we left the beach Mommy took us to the three dog bakery for ICE CREAM! Yippee. We ate it in the car on our way to AUNTIE THYRZA'S!!!!!!! MORE YIPPEE!!! WHere she fed us OODLES and OODLES of treats. I didn't see the evil kitty though. Then we came home and I had a long nap.
Today was fun - unemployed Mommy is MUCH better then employed Mommy.
P.S. Daddy and Grandpa golfed ALL day today - and watched golf ALL DAY yesterday and Played golf on Friday.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hey hey hey! look everybody it's the flying pig!
(sorry kids in the hall reference courtesy of Mommy)
We need inspiration. The Chihuahua rescue BBQ is coming up next month and we need costumes! My first year Mommy and I won best look alike. Last year Mommy SUCKED and we won NOTHING! I must win this year and I figure if Birdie and I are dressed in some cute cheesy themed outfits we will rock.
Mommy says she doesn't want to spend alot of time on our outfits (she is unemployed what else is she going to do - SO LAZY) so make them the best EASY ideas you can think of. Last year one dog even had a float! I wish I could have a float.
for anyone else who wants to go -

Friday, June 16, 2006

This should be on an IMAX screen.

do you like our new t-shirts?
their new 'ren' t-shirts
it is ren from ren and stimpy. I think birdie should have a stimpy t-shirt because she is as smart as stimpy.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

do you think mommy has been knitting. Such a pretty summer sweater. Where did she get the pattern? When does she have the time? How come she didn't blog about her progress?
HAHAHAHAHAAA!! She hasn't been knitting - it was one of kim's sweaters - she got it at the costume sale when the movie was over. It is nice isn't it. Eileen Fisher or something is the label. It is so nice. It is inside out on purpose - all the seams on the outside. Maybe one day we will copy it. Make a Minou version!
and check out our ceilin!!! WITH LIGHTS!! THAT WORK! Mommy is soo happy to have the power back on!
our new 'curtains'
and look new curtains - although I have reason to believe it is sideways.
the new utensil racks
and look! Utensil racks in the kitchen! YAY!!!!
If only mommy would do something with my tent. It should at least be cleaned. I wouldn't mind a new carpet in it too - Dark brown was sooo last year. Hot pink would be more exciting.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

momee use beg scaree grrrrrrr macheen. Et suck up burdee toys. Burdee nut hapee. Burdee get pine con and make into smal peecees on carpet. Burdee pull whiit fuzzee from toy an put on carpet. Burdee chu stik ento smal peecees on carpet. Burdee mak beter. Burdee put hedgehog en waterbowl and sqish on carpet.
granpa com tomorow. Mabee he bring mor pinecone and stiks.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

We finally have a kitchen ceiling! Yay!! Mommy painted all day today while Daddy played with the outside lights. Mommy had a worklight set up so she could see. It was nice and warm, I spent most of the afternoon suntanning in front of it, This drove Mommy nuts as I blocked all her light. She really wasn't doing a very good job though - she really didn't need to see what she was doing.
Mommy wanted to paint yesterday but she was too busy groaning all day. Aparently she ran 11 miles in teh morning. She looked worse then she ever has befpre. She even had bum sweat. HEh heh. Gross lady. Panting is so much more dignified then bum sweat. Although rumour has it she was doing a bit of that too. She even had armpit chaffing.
The movie in Victoria is over now so Mommy is officially unemployed again. YIPPEE lots of walk with me and Birdie this week.
By the way there is nothing finer then a pile fo Daddy's dirty work sweaters. (They are lying by the front door and I am going to go curl up and have a nap in them as soon as I am done. Mommy wants me to mention this pile is nowhere near the washer and dryer or the laundry baskets/hampers. Not sure why that is important.)

Thursday, June 8, 2006

I finally got to sleep a bit today. I got up early with Mommy and we walked down to the beach. Then she brought me home and I got to stay here and sleep while she went to work. At lunch she picked me up and I got to go to set with her. I tried to meet Kim again but she kept stopping me. Her make up lady was totally in love with me again today. Even was picking me up and giving me kisses - but no Kim. Kim came out of her trailer while I was standing in front so I wagged my tail best I could and looked as sweet as possible. But alas. I am too tiny she didn't look down enough to see me standing there.
No Kim for Minou.
However something MUCH BETTER happened.
Today was the last day of shooting for the movie so Mommy and Nancy had a party to go to. They came home ate some food and left again. Notice I didn't say - came home, ate some food, cleaned up some food, pushed the chairs under the table and left again... heh heh
I had shaved turkey, aged gouda cheese, avocado, apple, crackers. It was FABULOUS! I have never been so lucky. I hope Mommy and Nancy go to another party tomorrow. It was tricky - everything was in little plastic packages so I had to open them very carefully. The cheese and turkey were wrapped in another layer - wax paper. There should be less packaging for puppies. I figured Mommy would be impressed. She left my bag of treats on the table and I didn't touch them. I only ate "supper" I accidentally dropped the gouda on the floor though.
When they got home they threw out everything I didn't finish. WHY? I could have finished it tomorrow if they didn't want it. Stupid Mommy.
I think we are going to the beach early tomorrow again so I better go to sleep.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I am SO the centre of attention in Victoria. This is great. Just like the good old days before Birdie came. Today Mommy had the day off so she said we would sleep in. I don't know what planet she is on where 7:30am is sleeping in. Mommy went for a run and I promptly went back to bed. Then we went shopping with Nancy. Everyone wanted to pet me and told me I was SUPER CUTE and one lady said I was the prettiest chihuahua she had ever seen. After awhile I was tired so I fell alseep in my bag while Mommy and Nancy kept shopping. We even went to a pet store and I got puppy pizza.
Later Mommy and Nancy went out for supper so I barked a whole bunch. Just to make her feel guilty and stay home. It didn't really work but I did get more treats.
Now we are cuddling on the couch chewing rawhide. It has been a fun day with Mommy. Tomorrow though Mommy has to go back to work and she said I can't come because there is a lady there who is really allergic to me. That sucks. Kim will wonder what happened to me. I wish she would call.

Monday, June 5, 2006

if you think Stephen Harper is a Dink please go to:
and sign....
ok. i got to go with Mommy! Yippee! We are in Victoria BC. Mommy is making a movie - she isn't living in the ocean. We had to take a big boat here. It was scary. But we arrived late last night. I was so excited. I was hyper instead of sleepy. I only slept a little and then early this morning Mommy took me for a walk on the beach.
Then we went to work. It was boring. Finally we went to set for lunch.
Kim Basinger didn't know I was there but I knew she would want to meet me if she did so I kept running away to her trailer. Mommy kept catching me though and and wouldn't let me go. Finally I met her make up artist so I thought - THIS IS IT I AM IN!!! But NOOOOO.... Again Mommy stopped me. Then I saw her driver and the door to the car was open so I thought I would get in. BUT NOOOOOO!!! she stopped me again. I hope that Kim finds out I was there and tells mommy I can visit her. Or maybe her pretty make up lady will tell Kim I wanted to see her. I almost tried pooping in front of her trailer as a secret signal for her. Again Mommy stopped me.
Mommy is no fun.
Finally we went back to the office. I was pretty tired so I slept the rest of the day. We are actually home early but I am TIRED. so I will go to bed early.
Kim - call me. (But not on Mommy's cell phone)

Sunday, June 4, 2006

burdee purtee puppee
burdee most beeuteeful.
meneu so-so