Wednesday, July 19, 2006

thislooks like it is going to be mommy's next movie. She will be one of two assistants on it. YIPPEE!!! And it goes until November! Yippee!!! Mommy will work on the Pierce's movie for one more week and then on to the next one.
not much else is new. everyone is so busy working birdie and I are bored. Today - after daddy vaccuumed of course - we pulled most of the stuffing out of baboon. He is really skinny now and will look good in a bathing suit. We also brought three sticks into the house this morning while mommy was rushing out the door - running late as usual. And chewed them until they were skinny little toothpick sized pieces ALL OVEr THE CARPET.
this weekend is the chihuahua BBQ and mommy still hasn't made our costumes - that silly pantyhose dress and those retarded bobbi pin shoes have taken too much time. I hope our costumes aren't too warm cause it is supposed to be freakin' hot here this weekend. (35+)


  1. Mmmmm...Ian McShane.

    Poor baboon. Jimmy never humps or pulls the stuffing out of his baboon.

  2. Oh my god!! a CHIHUAHUA BARBEQUE!! How could anyone eat little chihuahuas???!!!! Minou --besure to watch out for Birdie-- someone might snack on her!!!

  3. I second what meegiemoo said re: Ian McShane!

    Another cool movie. Puppy treats all around!