Thursday, July 27, 2006

007 DAY four
Ok... Not reallly a 007 story but definitely a Mommy being stupid story.
First of all they were shooting in a mental institution - they were in a section that was no longer used but were still told "do not give anything to the patients"
they were shooting a hospital scene with nurses - who needed hats. But Mommy and friends forgot to give them hats so Mommy was sent to get them as fast as she could and bring them back to the set.
Mommy gets there as they are moving the camera down a long hallway. She can't see the nurses but backs into a little 5ft x 5ft space to get out of the way of the camera. Then this guy stops the camera and says "producer coming through, producer coming through" he crosses the hallway and starts pointing at Mommy. Mommy is worried - producers NEVER talk to the extra extra extra costumer unless they want them to go home because they are costing them too much money. This producer wants to talk to mommy about her t-shirt though - her belle and sebastian t-shirt and the concert she went too. Well that is fine and good but Mommy has to find the nurses and put their hats on. But this man is signing mommy's paychecks so now she figures she better talk to him for a little bit if he wants to talk to her.
Just as the conversation is fading up comes 007 and his assistant. He then jumps into the little 5ft x 5ft space because now more equipment is coming down the hallway and he is getting out of the way. so now Mommy is stuck with the producer behind 007 and his assistant while all the nurses are waiting for her to put hats on them. THEN they roll the moniter in front of 007. Now they are all trapped in this little area.
Mommy is starting to really panic about the hats.
then over the walkie talkie mommy hears "Angela what's your 20?" (where are you in movie talk)
Mommy "trapped behind the monitor" mommy doesn't want to say too much over the walkie cause everyone can hear it.
other costume person "can you bring us the nurses hats?"
MOmmy "yes I'm just trapped behind the moniter"
other costumer person "well we need them right now"
mommy "yes I'm just trapped behind the moniter I'll go as soon as I can"
what mommy really wanted to say is "the producer is talking to me about belle and sebastian and 007 is standing in my way and I don't want to interupt anyone or push them out of the way, so I am just going to wait here until they all go away and I can leave my corner"
finally they did go away and Mommy was able to get the hats on the nurses. whew. the world almost came to an end today - but mommy saved the day...
movies are silly..
she gets to sleep in a little tomorrow because she won't be on set. maybe we will get to play with her for a bit too..


  1. I totally understand those moments. Get in trouble for not being where you're supposed to be or draw attention to yourself and feel like a total geek. There is no right answer.

    How's this for geeky? Minou, do you or your mommy have any suggestion on which Belle & Sebastian cds/songs to start with? I've heard some I liked on the radio, but I have no clue which songs they were.

  2. There was a time when I would actually have a Belle and Sebasian CD playing in the car while I whisked the kids to an appointment or school. Then I grew a pair.