Friday, September 30, 2005

where are the snotty kleenexes going?

Mommy has her little suitcase packed. It looks like she is going somewhere but there are a few things wrong.
A) none of my clothes are in it
B) none of my food is in it
C) my treat pickle isn't in it
D) there are no poo poo bags in it
E) she hasn't told me I'm going anywhere
F) the ENTIRE BOX of kleenex is in it
I think I kind of sums it up. I don't know where she is going. Is Daddy going too? Why does she have to take the kleenex away. I guess I will go sit in the suitcase so she doesn't forget me. I would hate to make her turn around to come back and get me.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Okay i realize the toilet paper is an easy thing to get - it is on the roll just waiting to be eaten. BUT LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT SNOTTY KLEENEX! It is like paper only with a squishy inside. A squishy tasty inside. YUMMYYYYY... I do suggest it. And they are really a treat as they are kind of like candy canes - only available cetain times of the year. So when they are there you got to have as many as you can. Steal them out of garbages, off of night tables, from pockets. they will be everywhere.
I am loving my snotty kleenexes.
Mommy bought some new kleenex - it isn't good. It has menthol in it - I don't like it - it is like that gooey stuff she puts on her neck and chest. Eeeewwwww... I hope she goes back to regular kleenex soon.
Mommy has to go to work for a little bit today so I went with her to make sure she would be okay. She let me run around for a little bit so I immediately tried to find the mayor's office set and the craft services. She caught me before I did. And then all the crazy ladies grabbed me and wouldn't let me go until we left. Sigh.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

mommy has a feeeevr

it looks like mommy is staying home with me today - AGAIN! She doesn't look happy about it though. In fact she looks horrible. However I am happy to report I have already chewed countless snotty kleenxes - it is a buffet of kleenexes... So amazing. I had some in the living room and some in the bedroom. AND if mommy stays home today I will get MANY MANY more that she would normally take to work. This is soo great.....
Too Busy to Care - Mommy says nin ench naels was great! She wishes she could go again. I wish she would too - more snotty kleenexes. She said - I quote "Trent was ripped" apparently she was surprised by this - whatever trent and ripped are. Do you think there was other cute puppies there? I hope not. She didn't smell like puppies.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

look what I did Saturday. heh heh heh.... boy was Daddy mad. But it was fun. I'd do it again. Mommy made me do it in black and white cause it was soooo gross. heh heh heh. All by myself....

Mommy needs headshots for work so I thought I would help her. This is payback for all the stupid pictures she takes of me! ha ha ha ha ha!!!! look at all her scary green zits, and my mommy has a mustache. ha hahahahahaaaa!!!!!
Mommy went to a 'consert' yesterday. I don't know what it is. she said a 'consert 4 nin inc naels' all i know is now she is sick - so this means conserts are good cause I get SNOTTY KLEENEXES!!!!!!!!!!!!! life is good.

Friday, September 23, 2005

it's spooky

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Mommy came home from work early today. She wasn't feeling good either. I bet she ate something on the floor of the car that she shouldn't have. We had a good nap. Then Christine came and took me for a walk. I wanted Mommy to come too but she said she needed to sleep more. Christine and I had fun without her and I didn't have to share my treats with her.
I have pictures...

Mommy made more cookies this weekend. She was burning them - I TOLD her to take them out of the overf sooner but she was too busy taking pictures. Evil Mommy. See my new sweater?

It is Calvin Klein. Ohlalala.. Mommy bought a baby sweater at Winners. She was altering it for me I think it still needs some work in the hips - I am NOT that hippy. It is nice and warm.

Daddy bought him and Mommy new toy boxes this weekend. Mommy said they were for their clothes. This is what Daddy did with his...

Mommy said he was supposed to put clothes inside..

I don 't like to put my toys inside either...

Mommy has her first UNFINISHED PROJECT! She is putting aside her summer cami cause summer is over and Xmas is coming. So sad. Mommy said she would never start anything without finishing something. Poor Poor Mommy.

Her is her yarn for her new project:

See those papers in the background? They are arf arf s pee pees. Mommy says she doesn't know how to fill them out. They have been sitting there almost as long as the summer cami. Maybe I will help her with them.
Pretty isn't it. I was helping wind the yarn into a ball

She already has this much done! Mostly cause she didn't go to work this afternoon

Monday, September 19, 2005

My perfume

Okay so I am feeling a bit better this evening. I slept all day and Mommy came home early. She even took me for a little walk where I ate lots of horse poop.
Christine brought us a a sample of this perfume I think it stinks but Mommy and Daddy tell me it makes me smell pretty. BUT on our walk i found a good old dead smelly thing in the grass so I rolled and rolled and rolled in it! Finally I smell better - as mommy says like "dead smelly poo!" the best smell EVER! I am a bit worried that I may end up having a bath though. Maybe I should play sick and then mommy will feel sorry for me and not give me a bath.

bad weekend...

I wasn't feeling very good this weekend, I don't feel good now. Saturday night I woke up at 3:00am and I was doing this weird backwards sneezing thing. Mommy was really scared. She sat with me and rubbed my bottom until it stopped. I tried to wag my tail a little when it was over but I was scared and still didn't feel very well. I was okay all day Sunday. But this morning I threw up. I was cuddling with Mommy on the couch before she goes to work - it is cold so we have to sit together to stay warm and I puked. Mommy didn't get mad at me though. Now she is saying she might take me to the doctor cause she is worried about me - mostly the sneezing thing. I have done it before but usually when I am really excited - not when I am dead asleep in the middle of the night. I hope she doesn't, I don't like it there....
I think it is all just sympathy pains for Mommy's cramps that she has been having.
I am also a little worried because Mommy and Daddy have been looking at rescue dogs in the USA on
This is Jet Mommy and Daddy like her cause she looks like me - I think she looks alot taller then me which is scary. I don't think I want a sister... Maybe this is why I am sick...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

help me

Does anyone know how I can take the bus from my house to Christine's house?
I want to live with Christine. She plays with me and takes me places. She was even in a photoshoot with me. We are going to be famous in Europe!
Mommy ignores me, Daddy is never home. I don't like it here anymore. I am lonely.
So yah.
New fundraising idea. I need bus fare to move to Christine's house. And more bus fare for Baboon. And I need help packing my treats cause I can't get in the closet.
send it to :

i know i know

my mommy claims she knits and sews yet we have seen no proof of this for WEEKS AND WEEKS AND WEEKS...
Well that isn't about to change..
If you really want to see what she is up to (besides the tv show) she has been working on her next theatre show in the evenings - just getting started.

and we saw this on tv this morning - maybe they will bring some cute puppies back?
Mommy has to go to work now and she is taking the computer with her - BYE

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The winner is.....

YAY! Congratulations Gromit!!!!
I promise Gromit didn't win because he is a dog - this was totally just a coincidence. I swear. We still have your address somewhere so I will try and get lazy Mommy to mail it soon....
Thanks to everyone who helped us raise money - they raised over $200,000.00. Not bad? If they hire me as their spokespuppy next year U bet they can raise even more!

more pictures.. sorry if you have dial up

the paws for a cause is over.. We had fun. Unfortunately Sparky and I would not stay still or sit together for a photo but our Mom's took a few. Many professional looking photographer people took my picture - I think I am going to be even mmore famous. But they never asked for my name? Why not?
Sparky got jealous cause I got so much attention.
We didn't win anything cause they suck. We tried to enter an owner/dog look alike contest but they said we were the wrong species (we told them sparky was the owner. Maybe it would have worked if I had been the owner.)
Oh well...
Now mommy and I are ready for a nap.
But we will do the draw winner first!

This puppy looked like Julien. I didn't go say hi.

I got this little puppy for particaipating in the look alike contest - it is pretty cool.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Dear Crazy Aunt Purl,

Of course they let crazy cat ladies into Canada. In fact I think Canada may be the original source for crazy cat ladies. Mommy has had many crazy cat lady friends.
We would like it if you would move here. Then you could make us sweet tea and 'ground' beef burgers - heh heh get it - I made a pun.
I wouldn't mind if some of the kitties came with you but maybe soba should stay there - become Bush's evil sidekick.
Come visit anytime - but watch out - Mommy might make you work.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

paws for cause part II

countdown to paws for cause.
It is Sunday.
So - anyone who was thinking of donating it isn't too late. We met our goal but I thought I would ask one more time. It never hurts to ask. Our only fundraiser EVER. AND remember that little mini stash we have - for every $5 you donate we will enter your name in a hat.
See the sidebar there----> for directions on how to donate.

And if you don't care for the SPCA donate to one of the many groups helping the animals in New Orleans. Or donate to both! ha ha ha haa I know everyone is just made of money....
well except my mommy and that is probably why her credit card doesn't work half the time.
I am playing a game with mommy tonight. Everytime she looks at the computer i go to the door and scratch on it so she lets me out. And then when she finally gets up I run away - ha ha ha haaaaa. Only she is starting to ignore me. Grrrrr...

win yarn.

Monday, September 5, 2005

camping with julien

Okay we are back from camping. and since we are tirreed we will just overload you with photos. Mostly of me and Julian.... I didn't like Julian. I barked and growled at him all weekend and he still didn't go away. Stupid Julian. Mommy and Daddy laughed at him alot. This morning he almost knocked Mommy over on th beach so then I got even more mad at him.
I met a cute guy named Spike - a yorkie/chihuahua.. cutie we played a bit.

I even went in the water - Mommy was so proud of me. Mommy and Daddy were in the water and Julien was running around and I thought I better go in and protect Mommy. I cried alot to get her to come out but she didn't listen so I had to go in. I was scared but Mommy told me I was a good girl.

I spent most of the time on the beach running away from Julien. He was a bully. If I dug a hole- i love digging holes - he would come along and smush it - he was so mean.

Julien tripped and did a face plant in the mud - we laughed and laughed and laughed....

This is a picture of Julien, my Uncle Tommy, Auntie Jenn and me and Mommy...
Mommy will probably we busy at work this week again so I bet we just use the whole week to show more pictures. BORING...

Friday, September 2, 2005

today was a good day..

we went shopping and errand running today cause mommy had the day off. Some times I had to wait in the car but sometimes we bought PUPPY ICE CREAM!!!!!
But then sometimes we bought Puppy Life Jackets. I didn't like the life jacket as much as the ice cream.
Mommy saw another puppy on the news today in New Orleans and starting crying again. She is a big suck. She came over all wimpy wussy like and said she promised she would never let that happen to me. I might let it happen to her though if she makes me wear that life jacket again.

Daddy is supposed to be home soon and then we are going camping - YAYYYYY!!!!