Wednesday, September 28, 2005

mommy has a feeeevr

it looks like mommy is staying home with me today - AGAIN! She doesn't look happy about it though. In fact she looks horrible. However I am happy to report I have already chewed countless snotty kleenxes - it is a buffet of kleenexes... So amazing. I had some in the living room and some in the bedroom. AND if mommy stays home today I will get MANY MANY more that she would normally take to work. This is soo great.....
Too Busy to Care - Mommy says nin ench naels was great! She wishes she could go again. I wish she would too - more snotty kleenexes. She said - I quote "Trent was ripped" apparently she was surprised by this - whatever trent and ripped are. Do you think there was other cute puppies there? I hope not. She didn't smell like puppies.


  1. Minou, if you run out of snotty kleenexes at your house you can come to mine. Anmiryam has a cold and a fever too, but foolish human, she went to work. Ha, like she's going to get much done with a head full of snot and watery eyes. Why didn't she just stay home and knit?

    Hope you mommy feels better soon, colds/flu suck.

  2. OOOooooo...I love snotty kleenexez too-- they are so fun to shred and there is this good stuff in them... I don't know why my mommy always says "Girlfriend, bring it here!" to me... Rats!

  3. Minou, I can assure you that there were no other puppies at the NIN concert. You would not have liked the concert Minou, I think the noise level woudl have hurt your cute little puppy ears.

    It doesn't surprise me that Trent was ripped either.

  4. A buffet of kleenexs - wow. That is so gross... but yet funny at the same time.

  5. Abbey(my femal Jack Rusell) tried stealing Toilet Paper the other day right off the roll. I looked and there was a stream of TP going all the way across the house and under my bed. I looked under there and she was having a TP buffet.She looked surpirsed that i had found her!

    At least it was clean TP.