Monday, September 19, 2005

bad weekend...

I wasn't feeling very good this weekend, I don't feel good now. Saturday night I woke up at 3:00am and I was doing this weird backwards sneezing thing. Mommy was really scared. She sat with me and rubbed my bottom until it stopped. I tried to wag my tail a little when it was over but I was scared and still didn't feel very well. I was okay all day Sunday. But this morning I threw up. I was cuddling with Mommy on the couch before she goes to work - it is cold so we have to sit together to stay warm and I puked. Mommy didn't get mad at me though. Now she is saying she might take me to the doctor cause she is worried about me - mostly the sneezing thing. I have done it before but usually when I am really excited - not when I am dead asleep in the middle of the night. I hope she doesn't, I don't like it there....
I think it is all just sympathy pains for Mommy's cramps that she has been having.
I am also a little worried because Mommy and Daddy have been looking at rescue dogs in the USA on
This is Jet Mommy and Daddy like her cause she looks like me - I think she looks alot taller then me which is scary. I don't think I want a sister... Maybe this is why I am sick...


  1. I agree Vets suck. I havent had to go too manny times myself thankfully. Dogs should never sneeze. Backwards or forwards. Perhaps you ate something you shouldnt like, oinons (causes a fatal blood anemia) Choc. (its a poison to us!) RAW potatoes (they will explode in our tummies and kill us dead) Cooked spuds are fine though, and spicey foods are to be avoided. Do a google search for human foods us dogs should never eat. Hope youre feeling better soon. Let us know ok ? We'll be worried about you too.

    And dont worry too much about having a new packmate. Im sure youll get along fine with each other once you both become used to each other. My pack has been as big as 14 and we did ok. So 2 is a god number and it gives you someone to keep you company when your humans arent home.

  2. I didn't eat anything except puppy food yesterday - Mommy and daddy don't give me people food no matter how cute I look. Sigh... Maybe I would feel better if they did.

  3. Every once in a while, one of our dogs just barfs, and that's it. Sometimes they are like little kids with little random colds that go away.
    And every once in a while Belu reverse sneezes after sleeping, I think maybe her snot pools or something. But your mommy knows you best and if she thinks you aren't feeling'd better snap out of it or you'll go to The Bad Place. How are your poopies? (eek, TMI, but if they're significantly different that's another oopsy sign. try pepto-bismol, chicken broth and boiled rice.)

    "appears to be housetrained"? I dunno, Minou, cute but sounds like trouble ;) Nothing you can't handle, I'll betcha.

  4. My mommy brought home Jethro and life has never been the same.. All the time it's share, share, share. "Poochie, don't growl at Jethro".... Sometimes I think that mommy loves him more than me because he lays on the couch. I can't help that I am 80 lbs. Just makes me want to SHED more... I hate the vet too...too scary to go there...they poke and prod and make me stand on some scale thingie....grr!

  5. I wish my mommy would give me a packmate. All I have are 2 stupid cats who don't know how to be a pack. They just want to be left alone, and that makes me sad. Sometimes I feel so ignored. Sometimes I feel so alone! It would be fun if I had someone to share the ignore time with.

    You should feel lucky that your mommy loves you enough to bring you home one. Mine doesn't. Oh, and just think of how much fun you could have lording it over him, showing him the ropes. He doesn't look that big to me...

    BTW, I don't like the vet much either. They take me once a month, and he sticks me with this sharp pointy thing and takes out some of my blood, and then he gives my mommy these little hard things that she has to give me twice a day. She tries to hide them in treats, but I still notice them. And if the treats weren't so tasty, I'd spit them right out.

    The one good thing, is that I've lost some weight and I'm feeling happier and more energetic. So, even though we don't like to see the vet, sometimes they do us some good.