Thursday, September 22, 2005


Mommy came home from work early today. She wasn't feeling good either. I bet she ate something on the floor of the car that she shouldn't have. We had a good nap. Then Christine came and took me for a walk. I wanted Mommy to come too but she said she needed to sleep more. Christine and I had fun without her and I didn't have to share my treats with her.
I have pictures...

Mommy made more cookies this weekend. She was burning them - I TOLD her to take them out of the overf sooner but she was too busy taking pictures. Evil Mommy. See my new sweater?

It is Calvin Klein. Ohlalala.. Mommy bought a baby sweater at Winners. She was altering it for me I think it still needs some work in the hips - I am NOT that hippy. It is nice and warm.

Daddy bought him and Mommy new toy boxes this weekend. Mommy said they were for their clothes. This is what Daddy did with his...

Mommy said he was supposed to put clothes inside..

I don 't like to put my toys inside either...

Mommy has her first UNFINISHED PROJECT! She is putting aside her summer cami cause summer is over and Xmas is coming. So sad. Mommy said she would never start anything without finishing something. Poor Poor Mommy.

Her is her yarn for her new project:

See those papers in the background? They are arf arf s pee pees. Mommy says she doesn't know how to fill them out. They have been sitting there almost as long as the summer cami. Maybe I will help her with them.
Pretty isn't it. I was helping wind the yarn into a ball

She already has this much done! Mostly cause she didn't go to work this afternoon


  1. Minou, the really cool prize package arrived yesterday. Thank you, thank you. Anmiryam had a starbucks on the way to work with the card. I'll try to get a pic of the prize and the lovely presents you sent before up on the blog today, but it may be Sunday because anmiryam is going to stitches.
    P.S. Emily has the same toyboxes as your mommy and daddy. They hold a lot of clothes, which anmiryam puts away, but the toys, they stay on the top, just like your daddy's!

  2. That is very pretty yarn, Minou, did it taste as good as it looks?

  3. MINOU!!! I just got a present from you and your mommy thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything SO MUCH I LOVE IT!!!! Nothing is better than having birthday in September, I am serious! Because it makes a boring blah normal day into Birthday Present Day and made me sooo happeeeee!! Thank you! This was such a huge huge surprise!

    Also, you look so chic in your Calvin Klein sweater! I had a day off work today and got to check my mail and I love it soooo much thank you!!!