Thursday, June 29, 2006

nacho libre desktop
Mommy went to see this tonight with Daddy and Auntie Penny. They came back jumping on each other shouting "I hate orphans!" and "anyways..." And now Daddy wants a mask. They haven't said anything about any chihuahuas in the movie - which apparently it takes place in Mexico so there SHOULD be chihuahuas.

Mommy bought this bitter apple spray when Birdie first moved here in case i was bad. Well.... she was using it to try and make Birdie stop barking. But it wasn't working. So Birdie and I just started barking all the time at everything. If she can baark i can too.
Today we quit.
This morning the upstairs lady came outside and we did like we usually do we came running outside at top speed barking hello as much as we could. ONLY today Mommy came running outside too. She ran up the stairs and around the upstairs lady and grabbed birdie - OPENED HER MOUTH - AND SPRAYED HER 3 TIMES IN THE MOUTH!!!!!
Birdie hardly made a noise for the rest of the day - not when daddy came home and not when auntie penny came over. Not even when the other upstairs lady came outside.
So I had to be quiet too - or I would get sprayed.
I forgot when Mommy and Daddy came home from the movie. Daddy chased after me and I got sprayed in the mouth too. (In the past they have just kinda aimed for our heads. No big deal.)
That stuff is HORRIBLE.
I don't think we will ever forget again.
If she ever leaves the apple spray where I can reach it I will hide it. Or next time she is being a fat bloated whale eating ice cream and caramel apple pie - I WILL SPRAY HER IN THE MOUTH.
There will be payback. I may not bark but this is not the end.
ha ha ha - mommy's photo from her run. HA HA HA i mean WALK ha ha ha ha haaaa!!!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Con and Nolan on the 'ferry'
this dug was heer yestrda. he beeg dug weth no furr. i burkd lots. he gu en watr weth momee as hur frend. weerd dug. he sed meneu was gud dug an i was stoopid. nolan baag dug.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

She is still alive!!!! Barely..... Mommy is moaning and groaning and going VERY slowly up and down stairs but she is still alive.
She has blisters on one foot but now armpit chaffing. She is covered in her own salt too (which tastes great I must say. Mommy is a walking salt lick) Her running clothes - now hours later are still soaking wet with sweat on the bathroom floor.
She managaed to do it under her 2:30:00 time - barely. Her gun time was 2:29:03, we are still waiting to see what her chip time was. She had wanted to run it in 20 minute intervals with one minute of walking in between but around the 15 km point it all started to fall apart. It was hot, there was no shade, she had no one to run with and she was tired. But her friend Petra showed up to help her finish the last few miles and gave her a hat to wear. She had to walk up any hill she found cause she was just to tired at the end (this includes the burrard street bridge) but was able to run the last mile in. So now the bloated whale says she has to do another one where she actually sticks to her 20 minute and 1 minute goal. I don't think she will be doing it anytime soon.
Everyone got medals at the end. I am surprised she isn't wearing hers around the house like she is someone important. Her and Daddy have been sleeping most of the day away - Mommy I can understand why - Daddy has no excuse. Mommy even fell asleep by the pool and burnt the tops of her legs - heh heh she is gonna hurt tomorrow with the stiffness and redness. heh heh. Birdie and I stayed inside it was just too hot today.
One of the upstairs ladies is outside by the pool eating grapes. I think I will go and look cute - and really skinny and underfed so she will give me some grapes.

Friday, June 23, 2006

overheard conversation between mommy and daddy last night:

Mommy: I'm going to work on a movie that jeremy Irons is in tomorrow.
Mommy: He won't be there tomorrow though.
Mommy: That sucks.
Mommy: I LOVE Jeremy Irons.
Daddy: I thought you loved me?
Mommy: I do - but I LOVE Jeremy Irons.
Mommy: I love him in a totally unaccessible kind of way.
Mommy: But he isn't going to be there tomorrow.
Mommy: John Malkeovich is in the movie too.
Mommy: I love him too.
Mommy: But he won't be there either, just a bunch of extras in the dark in the woods.

End of conversation...sort of - Mommy kept going fopr quite sometime. Actually most of Mommy and Daddy's conversations are like this - except Daddy never says ANYTHING and Mommy just keeps babbling. She is real good at carrying on conversations by herself. Sometimes she tells people she is talking to me and Birdie but I know the truth - she talks to herself. ALOT.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

minou at the beach
Picture of me at the beach yesterday!
The bloated whale was back in her gigantic bathtub this morning. All white and pasty grinning from ear to ear. My Mommy is a weirdo. So happy to be in that cold water with an outfit on that is less then appropriate for the size of her rear end. It didn't last too long thank goodness.
Mommy then helped the upstairs lady work on the cover for the gigantic pool. Birdie and I liked racing all over it even though Mommy kept telling us to STAY OFF. Heh heh - I don't understand what she could have possibly been trying to say.
After a bit more Daddy called and told Mommy she had to go for a bike ride. We hadn't gone for a bike ride since last summer. The bike was all dusty and full of spider webs. Mommy leaned it up against the wall while she cleaned it up and bit and jumped in the basket! I was so excited to go for a bike ride and leave birdie at home.
BUT NO. Next thing I know Birdie is in the basket too and off we went - WITH a flat tire. Birdie freaked out a little bit but I like going for rides so it was ok. I didn't try to jump out once. We went to get Daddy's car at the garage where the mechanic offered to give Birdie and I a lube job - yah not funny mr. mechanic man.
tomorrow mommy got a day call and is working a night shoot with some fancy movie. That is sad - we were supposed to hang out by the gigantic bathtub all day with Auntie Penny. And Saturday Mommy and Daddy are getting their eyes checked in the middle of the afternoon so no good pool time then either. And Sunday Mommy will be DEAD.
If anyone wants to laugh the bloated whale will be running the scotiabank half marathon Sunday morning at 7:00am. I hope I get to go along and ridicule her. She leaves UBC at 7:00 and arrives at stanley park second beach - we are predicting approx 2 1/2 hours later. Just make a sign that reads - 'run bloated whale run!' heh heh She'll love it.

Monday, June 19, 2006

**note from Minou - sorry the music is overlapping Birdie wouldn't wait a few days to post this movie**

Burdee wher purtee purfoom Burdee smel nic Burdee reel elagant ladee

Sunday, June 18, 2006

happy after sniffing dead beach things
we went to the beach! we went to the beach!
1st Mommy sewed Birdie a rain jacket cause she doesn't have one and mommy thought 'FOR SURE it will rain today if she doesn't'.
Then we went to the beach and it was a gorgeous hot sunny day all day because Mommy carried our rainjackets in her purse all afternoon.
Birdie barked at all the other dogs even if they were three times as big as us. She is sooo going to get us beat up one day. I tried to walk far ahead of her and Mommy in case it happened today. Then the other big dogs Might not think I was with her - EXCEPT stupid mommy dresses us in matching t-shirts which REALLY isn't working for me. Do we have to match EVERYTIME we go out. How pathetic.
Birdie is so insane she even went swimming today. SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM! There was a big golden retriever chasing sticks in the water. Birdie decided to chase him into the water without realizing it was water. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON HER FACE. Mommy was laughing so hard. She sort of stood/floated there stunned for a few seconds. Then hopped up on a rock. But the waves were still hitting her and she was surrounded by water so she had to jump back in the water and swim to the shore. I wasn't going to help her - NO WAY. I stayed FAR AWAY from the water. Mommy was going to help her but Birdie was too far away and because Mommy was laughing so hard she wasn't walking very fast.
Birdie was soaked for the rest of the afternoon. HA HA
When we left the beach Mommy took us to the three dog bakery for ICE CREAM! Yippee. We ate it in the car on our way to AUNTIE THYRZA'S!!!!!!! MORE YIPPEE!!! WHere she fed us OODLES and OODLES of treats. I didn't see the evil kitty though. Then we came home and I had a long nap.
Today was fun - unemployed Mommy is MUCH better then employed Mommy.
P.S. Daddy and Grandpa golfed ALL day today - and watched golf ALL DAY yesterday and Played golf on Friday.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hey hey hey! look everybody it's the flying pig!
(sorry kids in the hall reference courtesy of Mommy)
We need inspiration. The Chihuahua rescue BBQ is coming up next month and we need costumes! My first year Mommy and I won best look alike. Last year Mommy SUCKED and we won NOTHING! I must win this year and I figure if Birdie and I are dressed in some cute cheesy themed outfits we will rock.
Mommy says she doesn't want to spend alot of time on our outfits (she is unemployed what else is she going to do - SO LAZY) so make them the best EASY ideas you can think of. Last year one dog even had a float! I wish I could have a float.
for anyone else who wants to go -

Friday, June 16, 2006

This should be on an IMAX screen.

do you like our new t-shirts?
their new 'ren' t-shirts
it is ren from ren and stimpy. I think birdie should have a stimpy t-shirt because she is as smart as stimpy.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

do you think mommy has been knitting. Such a pretty summer sweater. Where did she get the pattern? When does she have the time? How come she didn't blog about her progress?
HAHAHAHAHAAA!! She hasn't been knitting - it was one of kim's sweaters - she got it at the costume sale when the movie was over. It is nice isn't it. Eileen Fisher or something is the label. It is so nice. It is inside out on purpose - all the seams on the outside. Maybe one day we will copy it. Make a Minou version!
and check out our ceilin!!! WITH LIGHTS!! THAT WORK! Mommy is soo happy to have the power back on!
our new 'curtains'
and look new curtains - although I have reason to believe it is sideways.
the new utensil racks
and look! Utensil racks in the kitchen! YAY!!!!
If only mommy would do something with my tent. It should at least be cleaned. I wouldn't mind a new carpet in it too - Dark brown was sooo last year. Hot pink would be more exciting.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

momee use beg scaree grrrrrrr macheen. Et suck up burdee toys. Burdee nut hapee. Burdee get pine con and make into smal peecees on carpet. Burdee pull whiit fuzzee from toy an put on carpet. Burdee chu stik ento smal peecees on carpet. Burdee mak beter. Burdee put hedgehog en waterbowl and sqish on carpet.
granpa com tomorow. Mabee he bring mor pinecone and stiks.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

We finally have a kitchen ceiling! Yay!! Mommy painted all day today while Daddy played with the outside lights. Mommy had a worklight set up so she could see. It was nice and warm, I spent most of the afternoon suntanning in front of it, This drove Mommy nuts as I blocked all her light. She really wasn't doing a very good job though - she really didn't need to see what she was doing.
Mommy wanted to paint yesterday but she was too busy groaning all day. Aparently she ran 11 miles in teh morning. She looked worse then she ever has befpre. She even had bum sweat. HEh heh. Gross lady. Panting is so much more dignified then bum sweat. Although rumour has it she was doing a bit of that too. She even had armpit chaffing.
The movie in Victoria is over now so Mommy is officially unemployed again. YIPPEE lots of walk with me and Birdie this week.
By the way there is nothing finer then a pile fo Daddy's dirty work sweaters. (They are lying by the front door and I am going to go curl up and have a nap in them as soon as I am done. Mommy wants me to mention this pile is nowhere near the washer and dryer or the laundry baskets/hampers. Not sure why that is important.)

Thursday, June 8, 2006

I finally got to sleep a bit today. I got up early with Mommy and we walked down to the beach. Then she brought me home and I got to stay here and sleep while she went to work. At lunch she picked me up and I got to go to set with her. I tried to meet Kim again but she kept stopping me. Her make up lady was totally in love with me again today. Even was picking me up and giving me kisses - but no Kim. Kim came out of her trailer while I was standing in front so I wagged my tail best I could and looked as sweet as possible. But alas. I am too tiny she didn't look down enough to see me standing there.
No Kim for Minou.
However something MUCH BETTER happened.
Today was the last day of shooting for the movie so Mommy and Nancy had a party to go to. They came home ate some food and left again. Notice I didn't say - came home, ate some food, cleaned up some food, pushed the chairs under the table and left again... heh heh
I had shaved turkey, aged gouda cheese, avocado, apple, crackers. It was FABULOUS! I have never been so lucky. I hope Mommy and Nancy go to another party tomorrow. It was tricky - everything was in little plastic packages so I had to open them very carefully. The cheese and turkey were wrapped in another layer - wax paper. There should be less packaging for puppies. I figured Mommy would be impressed. She left my bag of treats on the table and I didn't touch them. I only ate "supper" I accidentally dropped the gouda on the floor though.
When they got home they threw out everything I didn't finish. WHY? I could have finished it tomorrow if they didn't want it. Stupid Mommy.
I think we are going to the beach early tomorrow again so I better go to sleep.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I am SO the centre of attention in Victoria. This is great. Just like the good old days before Birdie came. Today Mommy had the day off so she said we would sleep in. I don't know what planet she is on where 7:30am is sleeping in. Mommy went for a run and I promptly went back to bed. Then we went shopping with Nancy. Everyone wanted to pet me and told me I was SUPER CUTE and one lady said I was the prettiest chihuahua she had ever seen. After awhile I was tired so I fell alseep in my bag while Mommy and Nancy kept shopping. We even went to a pet store and I got puppy pizza.
Later Mommy and Nancy went out for supper so I barked a whole bunch. Just to make her feel guilty and stay home. It didn't really work but I did get more treats.
Now we are cuddling on the couch chewing rawhide. It has been a fun day with Mommy. Tomorrow though Mommy has to go back to work and she said I can't come because there is a lady there who is really allergic to me. That sucks. Kim will wonder what happened to me. I wish she would call.

Monday, June 5, 2006

if you think Stephen Harper is a Dink please go to:
and sign....
ok. i got to go with Mommy! Yippee! We are in Victoria BC. Mommy is making a movie - she isn't living in the ocean. We had to take a big boat here. It was scary. But we arrived late last night. I was so excited. I was hyper instead of sleepy. I only slept a little and then early this morning Mommy took me for a walk on the beach.
Then we went to work. It was boring. Finally we went to set for lunch.
Kim Basinger didn't know I was there but I knew she would want to meet me if she did so I kept running away to her trailer. Mommy kept catching me though and and wouldn't let me go. Finally I met her make up artist so I thought - THIS IS IT I AM IN!!! But NOOOOO.... Again Mommy stopped me. Then I saw her driver and the door to the car was open so I thought I would get in. BUT NOOOOOO!!! she stopped me again. I hope that Kim finds out I was there and tells mommy I can visit her. Or maybe her pretty make up lady will tell Kim I wanted to see her. I almost tried pooping in front of her trailer as a secret signal for her. Again Mommy stopped me.
Mommy is no fun.
Finally we went back to the office. I was pretty tired so I slept the rest of the day. We are actually home early but I am TIRED. so I will go to bed early.
Kim - call me. (But not on Mommy's cell phone)

Sunday, June 4, 2006

burdee purtee puppee
burdee most beeuteeful.
meneu so-so
pretending our mermaids are in the ocean
mommy was living at the bottom of the ocean last week. But she is ok. She is even dry. I didn't think she could swim that well but apprently the bloated whale does allright if she keeps up with those fish ladies.
She says I can come with her next week. I am a little worried that means I go with her and the fish ladies underwater but if she tries I will run away and I am way faster then her.
Mommy ran 9 miles yesterday and it took her 1 hour and 40 minutes - I could totally run that far in 5 minutes so there is no way she could catch me.
Birdie doesn't get to come either - just me and Mommy! YAY!