Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I am SO the centre of attention in Victoria. This is great. Just like the good old days before Birdie came. Today Mommy had the day off so she said we would sleep in. I don't know what planet she is on where 7:30am is sleeping in. Mommy went for a run and I promptly went back to bed. Then we went shopping with Nancy. Everyone wanted to pet me and told me I was SUPER CUTE and one lady said I was the prettiest chihuahua she had ever seen. After awhile I was tired so I fell alseep in my bag while Mommy and Nancy kept shopping. We even went to a pet store and I got puppy pizza.
Later Mommy and Nancy went out for supper so I barked a whole bunch. Just to make her feel guilty and stay home. It didn't really work but I did get more treats.
Now we are cuddling on the couch chewing rawhide. It has been a fun day with Mommy. Tomorrow though Mommy has to go back to work and she said I can't come because there is a lady there who is really allergic to me. That sucks. Kim will wonder what happened to me. I wish she would call.


  1. I'm picturing Mommy chewing rawhide with you. She's a good mother. I, on the other hand, refuse to chew Sophie's nylabones.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Moe. Holly and I share apples and carrots, she gets half and I get half... though Holly often asks for my share too.