Monday, June 5, 2006

ok. i got to go with Mommy! Yippee! We are in Victoria BC. Mommy is making a movie - she isn't living in the ocean. We had to take a big boat here. It was scary. But we arrived late last night. I was so excited. I was hyper instead of sleepy. I only slept a little and then early this morning Mommy took me for a walk on the beach.
Then we went to work. It was boring. Finally we went to set for lunch.
Kim Basinger didn't know I was there but I knew she would want to meet me if she did so I kept running away to her trailer. Mommy kept catching me though and and wouldn't let me go. Finally I met her make up artist so I thought - THIS IS IT I AM IN!!! But NOOOOO.... Again Mommy stopped me. Then I saw her driver and the door to the car was open so I thought I would get in. BUT NOOOOOO!!! she stopped me again. I hope that Kim finds out I was there and tells mommy I can visit her. Or maybe her pretty make up lady will tell Kim I wanted to see her. I almost tried pooping in front of her trailer as a secret signal for her. Again Mommy stopped me.
Mommy is no fun.
Finally we went back to the office. I was pretty tired so I slept the rest of the day. We are actually home early but I am TIRED. so I will go to bed early.
Kim - call me. (But not on Mommy's cell phone)


  1. Is there some kind of petition we could sign to get arrange summit meeting between Minou and Ms. Basinger?

  2. Minou,
    Please tell Mommy that despite dangling from a cliff, sprinting away from a black bear and biking on some mountainous trails, Auntie Stephanie is just fine and will be home in N.S. by Thursday.

    I'll tell Janie Clarkson to get a message to Kim for you. Mommy is such a party pooper.