Sunday, June 11, 2006

We finally have a kitchen ceiling! Yay!! Mommy painted all day today while Daddy played with the outside lights. Mommy had a worklight set up so she could see. It was nice and warm, I spent most of the afternoon suntanning in front of it, This drove Mommy nuts as I blocked all her light. She really wasn't doing a very good job though - she really didn't need to see what she was doing.
Mommy wanted to paint yesterday but she was too busy groaning all day. Aparently she ran 11 miles in teh morning. She looked worse then she ever has befpre. She even had bum sweat. HEh heh. Gross lady. Panting is so much more dignified then bum sweat. Although rumour has it she was doing a bit of that too. She even had armpit chaffing.
The movie in Victoria is over now so Mommy is officially unemployed again. YIPPEE lots of walk with me and Birdie this week.
By the way there is nothing finer then a pile fo Daddy's dirty work sweaters. (They are lying by the front door and I am going to go curl up and have a nap in them as soon as I am done. Mommy wants me to mention this pile is nowhere near the washer and dryer or the laundry baskets/hampers. Not sure why that is important.)


  1. Tell Mommy congrats on the new ceiling! Painting ceilings in particular is the worst, I always get a neck cramp.

    She ran 11 miles? Wow. No wonder her bum is sweaty.

  2. 11 miles is a lot! Most I ever did was 10 and that was a million years ago.

    Painting is a pain, there is a lot to be done in our house, but I try to avoid it and knit instead.

    Welcome home to your mommy, glad she's back, though I can understand unemployment may not be the greatest state for the wallet.

  3. Ack! I hate painting the celing. I get funny flutters in my stomach when I paint a celing, I think it has someting to do with vertigo or maybe not... I could just be weird. If you say 17.7 kilometers it sounds even farther than 11 miles.