Thursday, June 29, 2006

nacho libre desktop
Mommy went to see this tonight with Daddy and Auntie Penny. They came back jumping on each other shouting "I hate orphans!" and "anyways..." And now Daddy wants a mask. They haven't said anything about any chihuahuas in the movie - which apparently it takes place in Mexico so there SHOULD be chihuahuas.

Mommy bought this bitter apple spray when Birdie first moved here in case i was bad. Well.... she was using it to try and make Birdie stop barking. But it wasn't working. So Birdie and I just started barking all the time at everything. If she can baark i can too.
Today we quit.
This morning the upstairs lady came outside and we did like we usually do we came running outside at top speed barking hello as much as we could. ONLY today Mommy came running outside too. She ran up the stairs and around the upstairs lady and grabbed birdie - OPENED HER MOUTH - AND SPRAYED HER 3 TIMES IN THE MOUTH!!!!!
Birdie hardly made a noise for the rest of the day - not when daddy came home and not when auntie penny came over. Not even when the other upstairs lady came outside.
So I had to be quiet too - or I would get sprayed.
I forgot when Mommy and Daddy came home from the movie. Daddy chased after me and I got sprayed in the mouth too. (In the past they have just kinda aimed for our heads. No big deal.)
That stuff is HORRIBLE.
I don't think we will ever forget again.
If she ever leaves the apple spray where I can reach it I will hide it. Or next time she is being a fat bloated whale eating ice cream and caramel apple pie - I WILL SPRAY HER IN THE MOUTH.
There will be payback. I may not bark but this is not the end.


  1. It's true, there weren't any chihuahuas in the movie. But that's ok because it was really funny!

    "They think I don't know a buttload of crap about churchy things but I duuuuuuuuuu."

    "Hug hug keess keess litta hug litta keess"

    As your mummy to tell you about Nacho's motorized cart. :D

  2. Ask, not as your mummy! should ask mummy about the really nice clothes in the movie too. Like the "recreation clothes" and the outfit Skeleto wears to the party!

  3. Holly is a chewer, gnawer, a grabby ‘it is mine’ type of dog; the bitter apple spray did not work for us, ’cus she seems to love the taste. I have not tried to spray directly in her mouth, I got was discouraged when she treated items I had just sprayed as if they had additional seasoning and chewed them even more. Maybe I’ll give it another go. It is not as if she does not have any toys or chewy stuff she just seems to prefer wood…