Thursday, December 31, 2009

I've had a really good year and it is ending as busy as it started...... There were some sad heartbreaking moments for people around me but I'm going to take this moment to focus on the crazy good stuff that happened to ME.

- I had non stop employment which hasn't been easy the past few years
- won the Port Moody wearable art show for the 2nd year
- worked on some amazing shows, tron legacy - HELLO, how cool is that?
- Steph finally popped a little mini me out, I loved being on the phone with her for the split second in the hospital when the contractions had started (Uh Andrew I think you need to get off the phone and go be with your wife)
- met some amazing new people TaMara, WOW designers and Ingrid, Michael Wilkinson (so talented and kind)
- had my first overseas flight and learned a valuable lesson about gravol
- took part in the World of Wearable Art Awards show
- had my name mentioned in TIME MAGAZINE
- minoupitou was mentioned in good housekeeping magazine
- celebrated my birthday and thanksgiving with a PROPOSAL!!! AND 12 hours of non stop puking. No they weren't related. I swear.
- Miranda and Peter also popped out a little mini me - I'm thinking Sydney and Tula need to meet up in 20 years as they have some of the coolest parents I know
- got me the prettiest engagement ring EVER and along with it the best guy in the world

I don't know how 2010 can top 2009. All I really want it is a little more sleep. Something tells me that isn't going to happen right away.

I'm going to apologize in advance for all the wedding related posts that will start to happen. Next weekend is the big wedding show in town and I'm in official planning mode from then on.....

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!


Friday, December 25, 2009

From Christmas 2009

even though we are alone (moi, the dictator and two puppies) this Xmas it has been a pretty good day. We were up at the crack of dawn. Santa had been here so I had to get up of course!!!!
There was a wii fit under the tree for me. Who knew it was so much fun? We spent the next 5 hours playing it until we were both to tired and hungry to do anything but have a nap. I'm sure any good it did do today has been balanced out with the jujubes, potato chips and chocolate I have eaten in the meantime.
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon so we took the pups for a walk. Minou wore her new collar and Xmas sweater (made froma kids joe fresh sweater) super cute. I wore my new coat. Leopard print - YUMMY!
Now I could go to bed.... but I guess I shouldn't just yet - it is only 7 pm.......
Merry Xmas everyone - hope you all had an amazing day full of love....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From Christmas 2009

I got my hair did.

I had a hair accident last week trying to dye my own hair. BEEEG mistake... Had to get it fixed. I really like it. It looks a bit darker in the picture then it actually is but it is much darker then I am used too....

Two more sleeps until Xmas. My family isn't coming as planned as there is sick relatives in Saskatoon they must stay for. This makes me sad but I understand they need to be there. It will be quiet for me and the dictator. Tomorrow I have to finish the puppies presents!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

From Little Red Riding Hood

my homework.
It was due yesterday.
This picture is from 1 hour before class yesterday. Needless to say I didn't finish it. My little four legged elves didn't help at all.
I'l keep working on it as it has bigger plans. But for now I need to tuck it away and design footloose... Not to mention I am working full time through out the holidays...
busy as usual. and I it time to start my WOW entries.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

From Little Red Riding Hood

working on homework. It takes considerably longer then I thought. Oops - it is due next weekend. Not sure how I will manage this as my sister arrives tomorrow for 3 days and I'm starting a new job Thursday - I think... still waiting for the official word.
All and all aside from a little stress I'm good.
Survived my H1N1 shot. Can't wait to do some Xmas shopping with my sister this week...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

From Xmas 2009

we got the tree today - in record time! It was FREEZING! It wasn't Super cold but there was a crazy ass wind. My eyes were watering and Minou was hating it something awful. Even Birdie didn't like it. We picked the tree as quick as we could, chopped it in record time - not watching and letting it land on Birdie. (She's fine.) And got out of there and to the nearest starbucks for hot chocolate.
It's home now and we have it decorated. It really wasn't a very good tree, dead and bald bits around the bottom and it is totally lopsided but hey - it fits in with our little family.
It is cold in the house too. Drinking tea wishing I had wood for the fireplace. Unfortunately my unemployment was short lived. I am back to work tomorrow - only a few days but this is seriously cutting into my gift sewing time!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm finally unemployed.
Except there is a little problem.
As I was packing up my sewing kit at work last night I got a little zealous about shoving things in and making them fit. There was an exacto blade - a fresh one of course I like 'em sharp - that was sticking straight up. Well I couldn't get my scissors to fit so I took my hand and gave them a good shove.
Take one sharp exacto blade against one delicate engagement ring finger, mix with someone who is not good with blood and well you have an event!
there was blood everywhere. It wasn't a BIG cut but it was deep enough. It took a few band aids with blood pouring out both ends before we got it figured out. I almost passed out twice. It throbbed all night.
I still have it wrapped up from last night and am scared to change the band aid even though it probably needs it. No one is here to help me today.
From Xmas 2009

IT is really tender every time I move it or bump it. Typing is with mainly one hand today. I was looking forward to finishing a few sewing projects when I was done work but right now I don't think I can sew. Ugh. What a pain...
Hope it gets better quickly. I have lots of christmas presents to start....