Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm finally unemployed.
Except there is a little problem.
As I was packing up my sewing kit at work last night I got a little zealous about shoving things in and making them fit. There was an exacto blade - a fresh one of course I like 'em sharp - that was sticking straight up. Well I couldn't get my scissors to fit so I took my hand and gave them a good shove.
Take one sharp exacto blade against one delicate engagement ring finger, mix with someone who is not good with blood and well you have an event!
there was blood everywhere. It wasn't a BIG cut but it was deep enough. It took a few band aids with blood pouring out both ends before we got it figured out. I almost passed out twice. It throbbed all night.
I still have it wrapped up from last night and am scared to change the band aid even though it probably needs it. No one is here to help me today.
From Xmas 2009

IT is really tender every time I move it or bump it. Typing is with mainly one hand today. I was looking forward to finishing a few sewing projects when I was done work but right now I don't think I can sew. Ugh. What a pain...
Hope it gets better quickly. I have lots of christmas presents to start....


  1. Are you sure you don't need to see a doctor - stitches, tetnus shot??? Probably would be a good idea.