Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mommy and Daddy watched the matador last night, starring mommy's best friend Pierce Brosnan. They loved it and laughed all the way through it. I liked it too cause I got my belly scratched the whole time.
Mom was working on this yesterday. As you can see by the link she didn't get a heck of alot done. I have a feeling it is going to cut into our fun time today.
Mommy wants me to tell everyone even though she hasn't been leaving comments on other people's blogs she reads them almost everyday - on the sly when she can sneak away at the office, before she goes to bed, etc....

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Daddy didn't put his cookies away last night. heh heh. And cause Birdie has her wound Mommy took her to work. I HAD THE HOUSE TO MYSELF!!!!!!
After they all left I pulled the cookies off the table. Opened the bag. Pulled out a chocolate chip cookied. Closed the bag. Took the cookie and put it away until I was ready for it. Then when Daddy came home he thought Mommy had eaten cookies before work and left the bag on the floor - Mommy might like junk food but she doesn't eat cookies in front of the TV at 6:30am. HAHAHA. SO Daddy got a glass of milk and started eating cookies. I ran to the bedroom and got my cookie and came and sat with Daddy so we could eat cookies together.
I couldn't believe it - it was the perfect bonding moment and he took my cookie AWAY! I was so good waiting until he came home so we could share and I only took one and closed the bag afterwards.
Next time I won't wait until he gets home and I will eat the whole bag.
sympathy shot
burdee cri. burdee haf oowwee. burdee no happee.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

evel mommee tuk burdee too vet agan. evel evel mommee... mommee laft burdee at vet. burdeen cri an cri an cri an cri an cri an cri... burdee no wanna sta at vet. burdee go sleep at vet an wen burdee wake up burdee haf oowwee en burdee hed.
finaly dadee cam to get burdee. Gud Dadee. but now momee and dadee won gev burdee anee fud. burdee sooo hungree. meneu es eeten a greenee burdee wan on too. SOOOO hungree. starfen.
burdee luk tuff weth oowwee. beeg frankenstiin scar on fec. burdee es hardkor.
ohhh burdee soo hungree.... ohhhhh....

Friday, August 18, 2006

burdee got peereeud yesturdae. Burdee tuk momee's tampon. burdee tuk tampon oot of rapper. Burdee tuk off plastik aplikaatror. AN BURDEE RIPPED TAMPON ENTOO LETTL TINEE PEESES!!!! Burdee liks havin peereeud.
Toodae Burdee hurt lag. Wen momee caam hum shee tuk burdee to VET. Burdee cri an cri an cri no wanna gu. Vet tuch lag an burdee bit momee. Vet gav burdee needl for lag.
Now burdee hum an want to hav peereeud agan.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I forgot to tell you mommy wanted me to tell you that she saw mark wahlberg at work yesterday. His trailer was parked across from her office and he was running laps around it for whatever reason. She said she stared at him for a bit wondering why he looked familiar until she figured out he was a FAMOUS PERSON WHO SHe HAS SEEN ON TV. She is such a dork. He totally saw her staring at him to and kinda gave her one of those 'why do you keep looking at me' looks.
later he was playing football/catch with some other guys - mommy stared again just to make sure it was really him.
heh heh..
mommy is too busy to help me blog.
I've even been tagged by another puppyand she still won't help me.
All is pretty dull around the house - mommy is the only one with anything exciting to report.
First she is in L.A. then today she was in Seattle. She leaves for work early in the morning and comes home 1 hour before bedtime. Yesterday she at least brought home some cookies and fake greenies. We have been out of homemade cookies and greenies for a few days and have been trying to survive on crappy milkbones. I swear I have lost weight - Birdie too.
Everyday Mommy comes home with bags from all kinds of stores but nothing for me - Nordstroms, bloomingdales, macy's, holt renfrew, saks 5th ave, target......
Mommy did buy a new puppy cookbook the other day. But she doesn't make any recipes from it and i can't reach the counter unless someone puts a chair beside the sink.
Mommy says she will play with us this weekend. She isn't going to work and she isn't going away. I hope this is true. Birdie and I need attention. We are actually starting to play with each other as we have nothing else to do. How horrible....
During all this busy 'work' Mommy has managed to come home with new shoes. Hmmm

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mommy met RZ yesterday. She was so nervous - BUT GUESS WHAT!!! RZ is SUPER SUPER NICE!!! So if anyone is a fan they should continue to be with the knowledge that she deserves the respect and admiration. And if they weren't really a fan they should at least give her the benefit of the doubt since she is such a nice lady.
She didn't show up with any entourage (stars always seem to have too many people hanging around giving their opinion,) not even an assistant. Tried on clothes for 4 hours and was super excited about everything. It was a costumers dream. The producers didn't even give them a headache like mommy thought.
RZ even gave mommy a hug when they were done.
YAY MOMMY - this must mean she can go buy me presents today before she comes home - I hope she goes to fifi and romeo... Mommy said she has lots of pictures too which she will show me when she gets back..
maybe RZ likes chihuahuas as much as she likes the costumes. I hope so. yippee!!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Emily and Minou (and Sarah, Cosmos and Kaitlyn)
Mommy hasn't been bringing her computer home from work - and she has been working really late.
So no blogging for me.
We went away this weekend - we all went on the plane - me, mommy, dictator and Birdie. We saw our grandpa and Auntie Jenn and LOTS OF COUSINS!!! The picture is Mommy's cousin Emily and me.
We also saw Uncle Yogi. He was ok. And we saw cousins Julien and Madelaine. They were annoying. They drooled on Mommy lots - so much she had to change her clothes. ANother cousin was also there - Cosmos. He liked Birdie AND uncle Yogi - as in more then friends like.. heh heh...
Mommy is leaving on a plane again this weekend. She was putting stuff in her suitcase tonight - and the other one isn't even empty yet. She is flying to L.A. to have a fitting with R.Z. She says she is nervous. Well maybe I should go instead. I won't be nervous...
Mommy wants her computer back. Ugh. I'll go attack Birdie. She deserves it.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Lethal Weapon DUI
Part Two
So Mommy was leaving work today - driving her little red truck. She started on the new movie today with R.Z. They are shooting at a studio with many other movies. ANyways. She is leaving work driving down the little streets with all the stargate people, Hot Rod people and others wandering around getting in her way. She turns the corner and there is a big man bent over in the middle of the road. It's like he is touching his toes but he isn't getting up. And there is a crowd of people standing around watching him. None of them are saying "hey big guy - there is a little red truck that wants to go around you and go home, maybe you should move out of the middle of the road" so the big guy stays there. Mommy waits wondering if the big guy is stuck - maybe he hurt himself and can't stand up straight. But then why aren't these people helping him? His big butt is just staring at mommy's windshield. Mommy started thinking maybe she could plow him over if he wasn't going to move and no one was going to tell him to move. His butt was lined up perfectly with the front of the truck. She would just have to hit the gas.
Then finally the big guy stands up - and oh he really is tall. He turns around and looks at Mommy in her little red truck. IT WAS DANNY GLOVER! ha ha hahaaa!!!!! Mommy wanted to run over Danny Glover. She still doesn't know what he was doing in the middle of the road but she is glad she didn't run him over as it would make a nice companion headline with the Mel Gibson mugshots....