Wednesday, August 23, 2006

evel mommee tuk burdee too vet agan. evel evel mommee... mommee laft burdee at vet. burdeen cri an cri an cri an cri an cri an cri... burdee no wanna sta at vet. burdee go sleep at vet an wen burdee wake up burdee haf oowwee en burdee hed.
finaly dadee cam to get burdee. Gud Dadee. but now momee and dadee won gev burdee anee fud. burdee sooo hungree. meneu es eeten a greenee burdee wan on too. SOOOO hungree. starfen.
burdee luk tuff weth oowwee. beeg frankenstiin scar on fec. burdee es hardkor.
ohhh burdee soo hungree.... ohhhhh....


  1. What have they done to the burdee? Are they trying to clone you?

    We got a new brother. We still do not know if we like him or not. Mom takes lots of pics of him. I think you have an uncle that is just like him. You can see them on her blog:

  2. Aw Birdie. You'll be ok honey. They'll feed you, eventually.