Thursday, August 24, 2006

Daddy didn't put his cookies away last night. heh heh. And cause Birdie has her wound Mommy took her to work. I HAD THE HOUSE TO MYSELF!!!!!!
After they all left I pulled the cookies off the table. Opened the bag. Pulled out a chocolate chip cookied. Closed the bag. Took the cookie and put it away until I was ready for it. Then when Daddy came home he thought Mommy had eaten cookies before work and left the bag on the floor - Mommy might like junk food but she doesn't eat cookies in front of the TV at 6:30am. HAHAHA. SO Daddy got a glass of milk and started eating cookies. I ran to the bedroom and got my cookie and came and sat with Daddy so we could eat cookies together.
I couldn't believe it - it was the perfect bonding moment and he took my cookie AWAY! I was so good waiting until he came home so we could share and I only took one and closed the bag afterwards.
Next time I won't wait until he gets home and I will eat the whole bag.


  1. Oh, minou, that is so adorable. I hope your daddy gave you bits of non-chocolatey cookie goodness?

    Did you do that Joker Smile to Birdee? What on earth happened?

  2. Minou I'm sure Daddy explained that chocolate is toxic to dogs especially a wee dog. Better to have a cookie made for doggies. Holly loves carrots and apples, if she does not want to eat them right away she will bury them in the yard. She also buries the dog treats the mail carrier gives to her each day.

  3. Vegetables, schmegetables. Interesting how these humans hog all the good stuff for themselves!

    I would have blamed the entire episode on Miss Kitty. It's all in the planning, Minou!

  4. Paula is right, chocolate will make you very very sick. If I were you I would aim for some oatmeal or peanut butter cookies next time.