Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Lethal Weapon DUI
Part Two
So Mommy was leaving work today - driving her little red truck. She started on the new movie today with R.Z. They are shooting at a studio with many other movies. ANyways. She is leaving work driving down the little streets with all the stargate people, Hot Rod people and others wandering around getting in her way. She turns the corner and there is a big man bent over in the middle of the road. It's like he is touching his toes but he isn't getting up. And there is a crowd of people standing around watching him. None of them are saying "hey big guy - there is a little red truck that wants to go around you and go home, maybe you should move out of the middle of the road" so the big guy stays there. Mommy waits wondering if the big guy is stuck - maybe he hurt himself and can't stand up straight. But then why aren't these people helping him? His big butt is just staring at mommy's windshield. Mommy started thinking maybe she could plow him over if he wasn't going to move and no one was going to tell him to move. His butt was lined up perfectly with the front of the truck. She would just have to hit the gas.
Then finally the big guy stands up - and oh he really is tall. He turns around and looks at Mommy in her little red truck. IT WAS DANNY GLOVER! ha ha hahaaa!!!!! Mommy wanted to run over Danny Glover. She still doesn't know what he was doing in the middle of the road but she is glad she didn't run him over as it would make a nice companion headline with the Mel Gibson mugshots....


  1. you are sooo gonna get fired!!!!
    Stop driving over the talent !!!

  2. He's got a big, round, bumper butt. He wouldn't have been hurt at all! Besides he has that nice car from me to get driven home in. Hee hee.