Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I forgot to tell you mommy wanted me to tell you that she saw mark wahlberg at work yesterday. His trailer was parked across from her office and he was running laps around it for whatever reason. She said she stared at him for a bit wondering why he looked familiar until she figured out he was a FAMOUS PERSON WHO SHe HAS SEEN ON TV. She is such a dork. He totally saw her staring at him to and kinda gave her one of those 'why do you keep looking at me' looks.
later he was playing football/catch with some other guys - mommy stared again just to make sure it was really him.
heh heh..


  1. Well, honestly, part of his charm is the whole "generically cute guy" thingy isn't it?

    Well, that, and his almost JohnnyDepp-like-almost-impeccable movie sense.

  2. ARGH!! I love Mark Wahlberg! SOOOOOO jealous!!!

  3. Celebrities often have this unusuall habit of being uncomfortable in the presence of strangers(duh?). Psychologists think that with all the attention they receive all the time they give much importance to their privaciy.

  4. fully dressed.. head to toe in some sort of weird grey coverall.... saw him again yesterday. mommy thinks it is his driver that keeps stealing her parking spaces....