Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mommy and Daddy went to see this on Monday. Mommy said it was good - she says the book is awesome and creepy - the movie wasn't as creepy. Mommy waited a long time for it to come out and thought it would be a huge hit - but it's getting any press time at all. So if you want to see it better head out before it disappears (it is only playing in one theatre in Vancouver)
Not much else new around here. It is cold. Mommy is working at the artsclub on her show - dress rehearsals start this weekend. Birdie starts school next weekend - AND NOT ME YIPPEE!!! ALthough - the school is also a talent agency and I need an agent. So maybe I will come along and look extra cute and show them how much smarter I am then Birdie.
Grandma is coming for opening night of Mommy's show so she will be here on the 30th - but Sparky isn't coming along Whew. Birdie will be sad though.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

mommee saes i am guing too sckool soon. she saes maebee i bee as smrt as meneu. burdee no wanna go sckool. burdee wanna poop en karpet en plae weth monkee. maebee thee teech me how to poop beeger poops en de karpet. en eet mur fud.
We have a silly movie to watch... If you are offended by dry humping baboons then best to move to the next blog and pretend you never saw this entry.....

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Mommy and daddy are going to see another puppy this weekend. I'm a little confused though because the picture shows a person and not a puppy. They bought tickets just to SEE the puppy - he must be a purebred for sure. I really really hope they don't bring another puppy home. Too many puppies here already.
The name the breeders gave him is snoop - but I bet Mommy and Daddy change it when they bring him home just like they did Birdie's (she was called Maxine before YUCK)

Sunday, January 7, 2007

That is the poster for the show mommy is working on now. Doesn't it look like me!!!!!! I think I should be in the show. Mommy says there is another dog in the show and he doesn't look anything like the poster. Silly. The play is here. It was sad to have her go back to work this week. Birdie and I were lonely. Christmas was fun - Mommy and Daddy were home everyday but Tuesday they were both gone again.
Mommy is started the 10km sunrun thing again only this year she is a leader so she had to learn CPR. This morning in bed she was teaching me and Birdie how to do CPR on Daddy. I was supposed to do the breaths - but I did licks instead and Birdie was supposed do the chest compressions but she just kind of wandered around on Daddy's tummy. Mommy said we would have killed him. OOps..
The weather has been kind of yucky so we haven't really been out much - we even had a little snow yesterday. Mommy said if it is nice -ish outside today we can walk to starbucks....