Tuesday, November 28, 2006

tank u pappy... u r gud dug!!! burdee a star!!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I know I know. This is Minou's blog but it once pretended to be a bit of a knitting blog when Minou wasn't looking.
Knitting has been scarce.
I wish I could say I have many F.O.s and just haven't blogged about them. But I don't.
I haven't even done any sewing.
But I have been drawing. Nothing special and as usual it is all work related.
This is what has been keeping me busy lately. We open in a month. I will be sewing - ALOT - very soon. Only a few more days left on the movie then I can focus fulltime on theatre for a few weeks.
I wish I only had one job at a time. (I have 2 more theatre pieces LOOMING and stressing me out.)
Although I couldn't work in an office, have a desk job, do the same tasks everyday I must say I envy people who only work 8 hours a day and only have one job at a time. It sure sucks your creativity when you work 12 hours a day on one job and then have a 2nd job in your (haha) spare time.
Excuses excuses I know - all this time typing I could have spent knitting...

Look what Mommy got today. She has some nerve bringing them home and showing them off. She didn't once introduce me!!!!! I didn't get a new ipod or greenie. NOOOO... and she comes home with these glossy photos..
She made this..

WITH MY PICTURE ON IT - hands it to everyone. But does not let me meet anyone. I think I should splash a picture of her everywhere... and then lead an exciting life meeting famous people without her. Leave her at home.
There is still some birthday cake. Maybe I will go look sad and see if I can get some cake.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mi burdae!!! My happeee burdae partee!!!!!!!Burdee 1! YAY! Momee gut me caak. BEEG CAAK. WE at en at en at thut beeg caak. ALL niit. Burdee gut precents en we haad partee hats!!!! Antee Pennee wus heer. En we hud CAAK! De caak wus so beeg.
Singing Happy Birthday
Last niit wen Momee en Dadee wer sleepin burdee wanted mur caak. I fun caak I hid en bruht eet to bed. I cri luts cus I wan momee en dadee to hep me eet et. Momee wak up sckird she tink I hurt or go poopoo en de carpet. Momee grub me en put me ootsid. I wanna eet caak!!!!! Wen Momee let me in I go bac to bed. I get mi caak and gev to Dadee. Dadee hep me eet mi caak undr de blancet. I wus vri happee!!!!! I luv CAAK!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mommy has cold. You know what that means???? One of my favourite things!!!
I can't believe it! It has been sooo long!!!!! I hope I don't have to share them with Birdie. She still needs to go buy some kleenexes though. Right now she is walking around snorting alot (she is a lady!)
Mommy left work early last night because she wasn't feeling well. On her way home the designer called her and said "you left to early - Renee just gave everyone ipods!"
OH MY GOSH! Mommy was speechless!!!! Mommy already has one but just the idea of someone she has barely met and will probably never speak to again buying her an ipod. They are some not yet released thing. Mommy isn't supposed to be at the office again until Tuesday but who can wait that long!!!!!
Last week Renee took a bunch of people out for supper (not mommy she wasn't at the photoshoot) and she literally told them to order everything on the menu. If they wanted a little shrimp and a little lobster get both. It was a very expensive restaurant too..... She seems to be a really sweet person. I wish I could have met her. I bet she LOVES dogs.. LOVES THEM. and gives them huge greenies when she sees them. Stupid mommy not taking me to work more.
I think I need to go get mommy a piece of toilet paper or something I can see it coming out of her nose.....

Thursday, November 9, 2006

I'm bummed. I had a major fight with someone at work last week. The 'I'm not speaking to you ever again' kind.
I feel better when I don't talk to this person. My stomach calms down and I don't have to worry about arguing with them. But apparently it is upsetting everyone else in our department that we aren't speaking.
There is only a week to go. I was really enjoying myself on this job and loved everyone (except this person) I don't want to see it end this way but it is falling apart.
I can't fake happy happy when this person upsets me as much as they do. I don't want to pretend everything is ok and that their behavior was ok. (I'm not saying mine was either)
Now I am getting paranoid everytime I see a conversation happening just out of earshot. Other people are starting to treat me differently. Tonight I ate lunch by myself.
I hate it.
Yes I could apologize but then the power tripper would be justified in treating me the way they did. I do not like people who abuse their position and will speak out everytime. It has gotten me in trouble before. For example when I refused to make coffee in Stratford. I don't drink it - AT ALL and it wasn't part of my job description. They threatened to fire me.
This person threatened me with my job as well - even though they were in no position to do anything about it other then complain.
I wrote said person a letter yesterday telling them why I was upset. Now they are really mad.
We are supposed to have a big end of show party this weekend. It is expected everyone goes. Right now it is the last thing I want to do. We are also supposed to do a department lunch. I can't imagine sitting across the table from this person and joking around and celebrating.
Ugh. I don't know what to do. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that I am ruining a really good friendship with someone who is stuck in the middle.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Not much new around here. It has been raining for days - I think we will float away.

Mommy tried to take us for a walk yesterday and we got caught in a downpour an hour from home. I looked as SAD as I could - put on my best puppy dog eyes. Finally she picked me up and put me in her rain coat. I was all snuggly warm and slept in there. Auntie Penny was carrying Birdie and Birdie wouldn't go in her raincoat (she can't see Mommy inside a raincoat) so she was soaking wet byt the time we got home. She did manage to sneak a few licks of Auntie Penny's Caramel Mocha soy latte thingy. Mommy was drinking some disgusting green tea - I had a sniff and was totally uninterested.
We've gotten our sweaters in the mail but Mommy hasn't taken any good pictures.
We carved pumpkins last week too but again no good pictures and now they are outside rotting full of water.
Grandma got a new puppy this weekend - his name is sparky. She sent us a few pictures that are on flickr.... He looks the same size as us now but I have a feeling by the time we meet him at Christmas he will be BIG.
HEY - GRANDMA if you are reading this I want a dog house for Christmas!!!! Ask Grandpa Mel to make us a little dog house!!!! Something cute. With french windows and a skylight. It better not be leaky though. Heated tile flooring would be nice as well.
That's all for now.....
Special-effects fire destroys movie set


A fire ignited by a special-effects crew during the filming of Case 39 starring Renée Zellweger suddenly raged out of control Tuesday night, destroying the movie set and engulfing the Vancouver warehouse where the filming was taking place.

The warehouse roof collapsed minutes later, Assistant Fire Chief George Whitehurst said.

None of the actors were on the set when the fire erupted, unit publicist Julia Frittaion said. Two crew members and two special-effects people suffered minor burns. Assistant Fire Chief Whitehurst said three firefighters on the scene, who reacted so quickly that they did not have time to put on their gloves, suffered burns to their hands.

Filming of Case 39, expected to be completed next week, continued yesterday at another location. Ms. Frittaion said the fire had started during the final shooting at the warehouse.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I get up this morning and turn on the tv like I usually do. I was waiting for Birdie who had gone outside. I'm watching the local news when they start discussing how a film studio caught on fire last night. I'm assuming it happened in the early hours and am thinking 'oh that sucks' Then I hear people were inside at the time and think - oh I hope they were ok, I wonder what film it was. I'm sitting there trying to recognize the studio but all you can see is a big black building with huge flames coming out of the roof. Then the reporter makes a comment about how the crew was able to escape with the film and the tv cuts to OUR CAMERA CREW HUDDLED IN THE DARK HOLDING FILM CANNISTERS!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! OH NO! I immediately start calling other members of the costume department - none of whom knows what I am talking about. AHHHHHH!!!! I eventually find out all the actors were already done for the day so they were gone and safe along with all the costumes. WHEW.
However much was lost, cameras, film footage, the sets, props, lights, the ENTIRE BUILDING!!! AHHHH!!! It was still burning this afternoon. CRAZINESS.....
I bet this makes the DVD extras....
It provided lots to gossip about at work today, lots of cell phone pictures to look at....
If you ever need some excitment at work just set your office on fire!