Thursday, November 16, 2006

I know I know. This is Minou's blog but it once pretended to be a bit of a knitting blog when Minou wasn't looking.
Knitting has been scarce.
I wish I could say I have many F.O.s and just haven't blogged about them. But I don't.
I haven't even done any sewing.
But I have been drawing. Nothing special and as usual it is all work related.
This is what has been keeping me busy lately. We open in a month. I will be sewing - ALOT - very soon. Only a few more days left on the movie then I can focus fulltime on theatre for a few weeks.
I wish I only had one job at a time. (I have 2 more theatre pieces LOOMING and stressing me out.)
Although I couldn't work in an office, have a desk job, do the same tasks everyday I must say I envy people who only work 8 hours a day and only have one job at a time. It sure sucks your creativity when you work 12 hours a day on one job and then have a 2nd job in your (haha) spare time.
Excuses excuses I know - all this time typing I could have spent knitting...


  1. yeah, sometimes I envy the people who work in offices and either knit at work or have long train commutes. Weird, eh? Dependable paychecks & work environments, consistent deductions for pensioning & healthcare...but also, crazy internal org politics.

    Hooray for being an independent contractor! Yeah. Um, wheeee.

  2. ...but the sketching?! It's even better yet.....I mean, it was 50 drawings a night there for a few years...but these are fantastic renderings! Hands! Feet! and white paper to boot! no newsprint in sight! Always with the best sketches........

  3. I guess I didn't drop by on a good day... sorry about that... hope things get better.

    BTW, check out this new blog ( that my mom made because she wants the world to know that there's nothing like "our" love. Let her know what you think of it, of you have a chance.

    Take care & cheer up!

  4. I once used to paint each weekend. Now I make stupid dog movies. Birdie made it into the latest music video, if you are curious. Hope it's okay.