Sunday, August 31, 2008

Did a bit of sewing yesterday. I wanted one for me so I made two at the same time and put one on etsy.... Hee hee.... If I keep this up I won't have any bits of scrap fabric left over. So much for my stash....

Not much else going on. Work was really busy this week so it consisted mostly of me coming home, crashing, then getting back up and going to work... It was raining too. It is a nice weekend though. Still have some more sewing to get done. Been working on a couple of logos for a few people as well...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Letter to the Dictator,

I killed it.
sweating bullets.
Birdie couldn't get in her pineapple so I moved it for her and there it was. HUGE!!!! I think it was living off of the dog food. I can't clean it up though. To gross. I'll leave it for you. It is on the bottom of your slipper....
Don't forget to pick up the mail.

photos to come.....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We went camping this weekend. YAY! I left out the camping stuff in the middle of the kitchen since our last trip in ohh May??? FINALLY we went. We went to the only campside that had a spot left to reserve. It was WONDERFUL and we want to go back after the long weekend.
It was 3 hours from Vancouver - Manning Park, a big provincial park.
more sleeping in the canoe
I decided to let The dictator pack the vehicle and didn't even make him a list. I didn't want him to be insulted. I was worried when we were getting in about to drive way and he said - oh I forgot something and ran inside - he came out with the TENT! He is al lucky man that he remembered. He did forget a few other things but we managed just fine. Next time I am making a list though.
Minou climbing trees
We went for a 10km hike around the lake sat and a little canoe ride on Sunday. The puppies were and still are exhausted from the hike. Birdie did laps in the tent on Friday night but on Saturday I don't think she moved once.
It wasa little chilly too - slept in a hoodie and puffy vest with three sleeping bags piled on top of us. But I was warm! (thick and immoveable but warm)
yay happy weekend.
it didn't even rain.

Monday, August 18, 2008

we made it to again

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm a big copycat.
Copied once more with knitting cause I LOVE this skirt and I figure I am safe since she lives on the other side of the country....
Mine is on it's way - can't wait to get it.
If I don't melt first........

I'm hot.

I'm hot.
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birdie modelling her latest hoodie
I made a larger hoodie pattern for etsy today. I made it awhile back after measuring a jack russell terrier (named Russell) that came to visit at work one day. Haven't had a chance to test it out much so if any of you out there want to give it a go....... Birdie is modelling the smaller size for me. I was surprised she was so cooperative. She wouldn't let me take an picture inside - and I think she was smart - it was perfect lighting outside by the daisies....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Had a really weird dream last night that I was engaged to Lou Reed. And I was VERY happy about it.
He was living in a shack with like 5 other people and a secret identity. After we fell in love he showed me the secret passage way in his room that lead to a HUGE mansion full of servants behind the shack. Then he told me who he really was. I was thrilled that I was going to be rich with a famous good looking husband (in my dream I thought he was a hunk - in real life I think he is rather icky)
Not sure what that dream means.
Any ideas? heh heh... I hope I get the conclusion tonight - I'd like to see my wedding!!! Wait - on second thought I don't - unless it stops well before the honeymoon....
heh heh.
My past dream with a celebrity was Eugene Levy - I was getting married to him too.

Can I not dream about Johnny Depp? Brad Pitt? What is wrong with me???
SillyCon again..
I asked my friend to send me some of her sons drawings - then I could use them in the banner instead of these ones I did wiht my left hand. Apparently the little guy has been doing a wonderful series over the past little while. Smoking people! He thinks people who smoke are hilarious! I think that is hilarious. So I added cigarettes to my little drawings until I can get some originals.
This little guy is one of the funniest kids I have ever met (I haven't met that many so it isn't hard) he isn't school age yet and has the wackiest imagination - which isn't surprising if you know his mom......
I can't wait to see some of his drawings.

Friday, August 8, 2008

To the Woman Who lives Across the Street.

No those are not our dogs that bark all day long. Our dogs are quiet (for the most part) When I leave for work they go to sleep with the occasional snack and food break. The only time they bark is when they hear strange noises, if someone rings the doorbell for example. They have also been known to bark if all the neighbours dogs are barking or if they hear a cat fight outside.
But they do not sit by the front door and bark ALL DAY LONG.

Nor do they bark and wake you up at 6:30 in the morning. This is before I leave for work. Minou is still sleeping at this point. Birdie has gone out for her morning constitutional but she is with her Daddy and doesn't bark when she is with Daddy, not to mention that happens at 5:30 am.

They sounded like bigger dogs you say - hmmm - MAYBE BECAUSE IT ISN'T THEM. Did you go up to the window of our house to listen? My dogs do not sound like big dogs when they bark. Birdie sounded like a cat yesterday.

Your neighbour to your immediate right has a little dog. IT barks ALL DAY LONG. Yes it annoys me too. ALL DAY. From the minute they leave until they come home. It started the day they moved in and hasn't stopped yet after a month.

Our neighbours to our right also have two dogs. Although they don't bark all day long they do like to look out the window and bark at everything that moves. My dogs can't see out any windows.

If our dogs were barking I would appreciate you come to us in a kinder matter. Perhaps ask us if we know that our dogs are barking - ask if there is anything we can do to help quiet them down. Not yell at us accusingly from across the street when we have never ever seen your face before.....

Now I have a question for you Woman Who Lives Across the Street. Are those your teenagers who no matter what time of night or what day of the week scream across the parking lot waking me up on an otherwise quiet summer night? Are they the teenagers who stole my boyfriends bike? Are they the teenagers with the friend who was 'totally wrecked' the other night and couldn't even stand up in the middle of the street screaming?

Personally I would rather have a small dog bark during the day with all the other daily noises that happen then screaming drunk teenagers in the middle of a quiet night when I have to work the next day.

Next time I will not walk away so nicely. You have made me angry. If I can think of a way to say this nicely to you I will.. Right now I have a feeling I would start a turf war. Maybe I should get a recording of dogs barking and put it outside your window tomorrow. Or even better record your idiot children and replay that for you a few times......

Ugh. I hope your house is the new one that has been listed today. I hope it sells quickly and that you only get half your asking price because the market is so slow. And I hope you are moving far away.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ok I added more color
Got another one for you.....
(pretend I said that in my little britain voice for those of you who know which sketch I am talking about)

not much else to report. back to work. All is good. Spent the afternoon dancing and sewing to disco music... Sometimes life is hard.

Oh. P.S. DId you all order your cute with chris t-shirts? I hope so!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

trying to make this banner work for a friend's etsy shop - can't quite get the layout right and it is driving me nuts...
messing around with a banner for a friend's etsy shop
this is some of my inspiration

she wants more color
so I did this:
more messing around
hardly more color. OOps but I like it...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Billy in a skirt

Can you tell I am working? Cause I am sure not blogging.

It is hard having a job and then trying to come home and do other things. I'm too old to work. heh heh. I'm managing to get caught up on a few things now that school is over until the fall. Working on my website which has only half been switched over to my new look, working on some sketches for a show that may happen in the fall.... haven't cleaned the house yet and that HAS to happen this weekend. Good thing it is a long weekend and a little rainy.

Not much else to report..... Girls are doing well. whatever was wrong with Minou isn't showing up in any tests and she appears to be getting better aside from some really really smelly farts.
- HEY -
did I mention A LONG TIME ago about the night MInou kept me up and I couldn't figure out what she wanted and the next day I heard there had been a little tiny earthquake???? Well the other day she kept me up all night again. I was getting really annoyed - had no idea what she wanted. She would sit on my back ( I was sleeping on my stomach) and growl. ALL NIGHT. Well don't you think the next morning I hear there is a rock slide outside of Squamish - a BIG one. The dictator thinks I am nuts but I think Minou sensed the rock slide just like she sensed the earthquake. She is clever....