Sunday, September 27, 2009

I"M HOME I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vote for me in the people's choice award!!!!!!!! (just realized I can't vote for myself - oops - that means you all have to vote for me!!!!!)
From Photos from Dominion Post Newspaper of WOW 2009

I'll slowly get the rest of my pics and such up. Maybe a few stories....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

From New Zealand 2009

From New Zealand 2009

I am in time magazine - no photos - they can't publish photos until the show opens - but the only designer mentioned in the article is me! Crazy eh!

So excited, I can't believe it.
Just had my tv interview - I sucked. But that is ok. I'm in Time Magazine....

Show is tonight. EEPS!!!!!!!!
From New Zealand 2009

It's thursday night.
I'm soooo tired....
Today was international designers day. It started with a backstage tour and we all got to see photos of each others dresses. INSANE! It made me really nervous all of a sudden. There are some beautiful dresses. Everyone was so nice. And there are some super amazingly talented people. Can't wait to bring back photos/books/stories... The WOW staff are all so nice and sweet too.One lady remined me of my highschool clothing and textiles teacher - I told her that and said I wanted to hug her so she gave me a big hug! I LOVE HER! Met another Canadian - she actually lives in Hawaii though so she got labelled and an American. There is another Canadian girl to but I think she just lives in Canada and isn't actually Canadian. Not that it matters.
We went to the WETA cave next. I guess it helps to have watched lord of the rings. I wasn't nearly as impressed as everyone else - it was a little like being at work. I was so tired by then too. Sorry. I'm not a lord of the rings fan geek... Sigh....
After that was cocktails with the mayor. How decadent.
And now I am at the hotel - it's 7:30 and I think I will have a hot bath and crawl into bed. it is so cold today. There was a threat of snow. I didn't think I needed a winter coat. I was wrong, I think tomorrow I might need to buy some tights to wear with my outfit.

The stage is crazy huge - it is so big. I can't believe it. I got so nervous. We stood on the stage. We have great seats for the show tomorrow. I am so excited....
Picked up the program today. Can't wait to see all the dresses live tomorrow....

Ok I am freezing and the internet cord doesjn't read the bed so I need to un plug and crawl under the covers..

So cold...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here in New Zealand. It is Wednesday morning. Waiting for this city to get moving.
T and I were exhausted yesterday. I won't go into flight details but let's just say my stomach contents didn't make it across the pacific ocean. We went straight to the spa and had an AMAZING treatment at Bodyhaven. LOVED it. SO NICE. Just what we needed to get the yucky plane ick off of us. After the spa we stopped at the starbucks and came straight back to the hotel where we were able to check in early.
We didn't get up to much yesterday, a little wandering. Discovered food is REALLY EXPENSIVE. Cheapest restaurant we found was averaging $20 a dish - T got a spinach salad for $!!!! EEKS. After that we decided it was time to get some groceries to keep the cost down. That was still expensive, bagels, cream cheese, small orange juice, can of coke, and a can of pringles - $24!!!!!!! (yes I needed the pringles - they are in the mini bar teasing me for $5 a small can)
After all that we were in bed and asleep by 7:30pm. I slept solid through until 4:30 this morning. Then we got up and ate leftover pizza in bed! Awesome. I peeked out the window a few times during the early morning and well - I can't see any hookers or homeless people? What is up with the lack of hookers and homeless people? Could New Zealand really be that perfect? Didn't see anyone begging for change... WEIRD!
We've been watching the morning news this morning. It's funny - they are all pretty goofy - not all serious. Only understand half of what they are saying.
Exit signs at the airport say "WAY OUT" instead of exit. I think that is funny.
Can't think of aanything else to say now. We are off to the Te Papa museum this morning. I should probably have some breakfast and not just that 4:30am pizza.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

At the airport. Waiting.......
And waiting...

Doing typography homework with really small typing isn't a great idea. In fact it is a bad idea. I should get my reading glasses out.....
Oh well.. I'll procrastinate instead. I'm good at that.
Lots of people with accents sitting around me.... hee hee.. I hope I can understand them when I get there. I listened online to a comedy act performing at the show - couldn't understand a word they were saying. And I can't pronounce ANYTHING in the guide book. Some of the names of people who emailed me I can't tell if the are male or female.....

I have a middle seat. The check in lady said she would put a star next to my name to try and move me - but it looks like the plane is full. THAT SUCKS. We've booked a spa treatment at the other end so if I horrible flight at least I have something to look forward too.

TaMara and I will be hooking up in the Auckland airport - we have the same flight to Wellington. YIPPEE!!! We can be stinky together.

Almost time to have my last pee on the ground - I know you all needed to hear that. I just thought I would share. I like sharing....
WOW. Can you tell I am bored.

Oh the lady who said she would try and move me is at the gate now. I wonder if I should clean up and go check in with her....

Finish off my latte and we should be boarding soon...
I'm leaving today. SUPER NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Last load of laundry is in the dryer.

Not sure what to all do to keep me occupied until I leave for the airport at 4:30. Spend quality outdoor time with the puppies is probably a must. I would still like to head out to the mall for a quick looky loo for a nice coat. Unfortunately it is the wrong season for something that isn't wool.

Got a book to read, season 2 of flight of the conchords, an extra battery, NZ travel book, I should manage to keep myself busy. Just waiting to hear back from TaMara on whether we want to book the jelag package at the spa Tuesday morning when we arrive. It sounds so NICE!!!!!!!!!

The tv station emailed - I have a 20 minute interview on Friday afternoon. They are doing some kind of tv documentary this year. They said it might air internationally - well I HOPE IT DOESN'T! EEPS.

Not much else to report. I'm off! As my good friend Cara used to say in highschool "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This documentary aired on CBC awhile back. I missed it from the beginning so I finally googled it.
It is pretty disturbing look a purebred dogs. I've said many times since getting Minou and Birdie that my next dog will be a rescue. This reinforces it....

Documentary - BBC - Pedigree Dogs Exposed

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Am I forgetting anything?????

Monday, September 14, 2009

crap lost all my links moving over here - perhaps I should have paid more attention before deleting things..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

From Misc. Stuff

EEEE!!!!! I need to bring more clothes and shoes.... and lose 50lbs in a week which means none of my clothes will fit me anyways.
I break the law.

When I think about it I do it all the time.
I drive faster then 50km in the city. Not alot but enough that it isn't 50km anymore. But I always wear my seatbelt.
We have an extra cable box that we aren't paying for.
I download free music and programs.
I jaywalk.
(It isn't a law yet but) I do talk on my cellphone while driving.
I'm sure there is numerous other things I do.... Today though I was yelled at for 'breaking the law' and it makes me angry.

We were walking with Minou and Birdie along the dirt path between our house and Rocky Point Park. We do this every weekend - sometimes more then once. It is a beautiful trail that runs along the water. It is NOT an off leash area. And (GASP) we walk them off leash everytime - unless there is a bear sighting. We often pass lots of other people walking there dogs - I'd say every other dog is off leash, big ones and small ones. It is not a bike path so I don't worry about that. Some days there are lots of people running - I try and grab the girls and make sure we are out of the way of the runners. The girls aren't the best listeners but I do my best to make sure they listen to me when I call them. Many people walking use those extendible leashes - I find those worse because you can't even see the leash and the dogs will stretch it across the path. Those of you that have been walking with us know that Birdie usually walks right behind us - we call her the shadow and Minou runs slightly ahead sniffing things along the path - so it isn't like they are out of control chasing after wildlife, trampling plants, biting passerbys, running after children, etc... Really if they wanted to I think the best they could do is hurt a fly.. They would be hardpressed to destroy a plant, and will never catch a bird or a squirrel. Not to mention no matter whether they are off leash or not I always pick up their poo. Can't say the same for other dog people and to me that is the worst offence.
So we are walking home along the path. Enjoying our afternoon. It is on the way home so the girls are already pretty tired and not venturing very far. Up ahead I can see a woman and her husband sitting on a bench. The bench faces away from the path towards the water but she is turned around and looking at us. She looks like she wants to talk to us so I make eye contact with her. We are over 20 ft away when this starts.... As we approach she says " aren't your dogs supposed to be on leashes?"
I'm sort of coaught off guard by her question so I don't say anything. She asks again. "Is this an off leash area? Aren't your dogs supposed to be on leashes?" or something like that. I say yes - because they are supposed to be on leashes. I know that but I don't really care. Then she starts yelling. I don't even remember half the stuff she was yelling. Things like I don't respect other people, (my favorite was) What makes me think I'm so special. I manage to get out a "Are they bothering you?" to which she screams 'YES" She just kept yelling the whole time. I think even her husband shouted out a few things. Minou and Birdie did venture over to say hi to her - but I think that is partially because they thought we knew them as we were 'talking' to them. We were a good 20 ft away in the other direction (we kept walking the whole time) and she was STILL YELLING AT US. And when I say yelling I mean yelling she was not using an outside voice, she was not projecting, she was yelling.

It was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon. She should have been sitting facing the water enjoying the beautiful day. But no she has to sit there and scream at people. She was probably very busy as we passed several people headed her way with their dogs off leash. (Including a pitbull - heh heh) What kind of angry person/dog hater/who knows what goes to a park to yell at people about insignificant bylaws on a beautiful sunny sunday afternoon.
I wasn't smoking and blowing it in her direction, I wasn't playing loud music, our dogs didn't trip her. If she had been facing the other way she wouldn't have even seen them.
On the way home I passed 13 year old kids on the picnic table behind city hall splitting up their 'stash' if you know what I mean, I also saw cars speeding, and there may have been a jaywalker. I think next weekend I will sit there and yell at people about breaking rules that really aren't affecting me.
She put me in a foul mood. I hope she is happy. (I just took a strip off the dictator for bugging me. Oops. But I'm not in the mood right now) And I hope I see her again with my dogs off leash. Over and over again. In the 2.5 years we have lived here walking EVERY WEEKEND only 2 people have ever made a comment to us. Normally people stop and say hi to Minou and say how cute she is.
I apologize to those of you in the world who are afraid of dogs but here is a bit of advice. If you say to me "I'm afraid of dogs can you please put them on a leash?" I immediately say I am sorry and grab them and put them on a leash. It has happened before and I will happily do it. It makes me sad that something has happened to someone to make them afraid of a chihuahua like Minou but I guess it can happen....
But if you are just playing bylaw officer leave me alone and find someone else to harrass. Or write me a ticket. I'll gladly pay $50 or whatever the fine is - my girls like to be off leash. We don't have a yard, and they are scared of the other dogs in the off leash parks (you try putting a chihuahua in with a pen of german sheperds, pitbulls, and golden retrievers) Not to mention the nearest off leash park isa 10minute drive/20 minute walk.

I don't understand these people. I don't understand why they are so horrible to strangers and what makes them think it is their job to enforce rules that don't really matter in the big picture. Why not go downtown and feed homeless people if you feel the need to make the world a better place.

I'm going to stop now. I just needed to vent. If anyone can explain to me what is wrong with the angry park lady I would be happy to try and understand her. But if she is just a bitter woman I'm afraid that isn't good enough....

I'm going back up to my sewing room now....
outfit check
make up check
hair cut check
airplane ticket check
hotel booked check
outlet adapters check
bank visit check

I AM READY TO GO. I can't believe I have to wait another week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From What should I wear?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

heh heh....
apparently these are from Murray's office on Flight of the Conchords. I'm saving season 2 for my flight. It is killing me not to watch it...
Converation that may or may not have taken place last night.
Names have been changed to project the mentally challenged/hard of hearing...

Jacques "Julia and Carlos bought Minou headphones"
Andrea "What?"
Jacques "Julia and Carlos bought Minou headphones"
Andrea "What?!?!"
Jacques "Julia and Carlos bought Minou headphones"
Andrea said puzzled and confused as in where or why would one buy dog headphones "What?"
Andrea sheepishly "Oh. That was nice."

Monday, September 7, 2009

From What should I wear?

Ok people... is this better..
walked a very busy mall this afternoon. Was sad to see not a single store had a 'armpit fat covers' section. NOT ONE! But I found this little cardigan in the sale section at jacob. It could be a fake shrug thing non? I can wear it over too but if I do up the buttons it totally covers up the bustier... which with some of the stitching I did isn't necessarily a bad thing....

I also went to the mac counter....
From What should I wear?

I've never worn red lipstick. EVER. But I think I might be able to pull this off!!! Need red lipstick. The lashes are a little long and I need some practice with the liner but hey - I have 2 weeks.


Bought my outlet adapters.... OH didn't get a travel pillow. I've heard they are REALLY nice to have. SO I think I may go upstairs and make one... yup.... can't be that hard...

what else???? oh make another skirt today too - but I am wearing it already so no pics.... I think I already ripped a stitch in it too.... I take to big of steps....

ok ok ok
that's all

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shrug does NOT work on me. NOT AT ALL.... grrrrrrr.. armpit fat explodes... so sad....
not sure what to do.....

back to the mall tomorrow I guess.....


and fabric store........
From What should I wear?

if you click on the picture it takes you to my picasa album with all the different options.......

a) Bustier pretty much done. I have a bit of tweaking to do but good enough.... (P.S. it isn't perfect and I am kind of ok with that)

b) Skirt not done. Waiting for the Dictator to come home and help me fit it. Because the bustier squishes me in I can't fit it without putting on the bustier and because I can't dress myself I have to wait for the golf game to be over.....

c) Can't decide on t-shirt or black shrug. I like the t-shirt but it does make it more casual. BUT I KNOW there is armpit fat to deal with and I don't think the shrug will cover the armpit fat.... TOO MANY DECISIONS.. Maybe it is the color of the t-shirt???

d) jewelry. Also can't decide.... I was trying to wear all canadian. But it kind of has been thrown out the window. But the black bird and the red bird skull were both made by canadians. I like the skull but I don't think it is right for the outfit, And I really like the tattoos but again maybe to casual.... The sparkle is good too. Maybe I need more sparkle......

e) I like my blue clutch with the black shrug but I think it is too much with the red t-shirt. So if I go with a red top I need another clutch. Thank goodness H&M is close by and cheap.....

f) shoes done of course!!!!

Now I have more sewing to do for the cocktail function and some more canning to do as a friend gave me a flat of plums this week and they are sitting in the fridge waiting..... So much to do and it is already Sunday afternoon. (I had to work yesterday)

14 more sleeps!!!!!!