Sunday, September 13, 2009

I break the law.

When I think about it I do it all the time.
I drive faster then 50km in the city. Not alot but enough that it isn't 50km anymore. But I always wear my seatbelt.
We have an extra cable box that we aren't paying for.
I download free music and programs.
I jaywalk.
(It isn't a law yet but) I do talk on my cellphone while driving.
I'm sure there is numerous other things I do.... Today though I was yelled at for 'breaking the law' and it makes me angry.

We were walking with Minou and Birdie along the dirt path between our house and Rocky Point Park. We do this every weekend - sometimes more then once. It is a beautiful trail that runs along the water. It is NOT an off leash area. And (GASP) we walk them off leash everytime - unless there is a bear sighting. We often pass lots of other people walking there dogs - I'd say every other dog is off leash, big ones and small ones. It is not a bike path so I don't worry about that. Some days there are lots of people running - I try and grab the girls and make sure we are out of the way of the runners. The girls aren't the best listeners but I do my best to make sure they listen to me when I call them. Many people walking use those extendible leashes - I find those worse because you can't even see the leash and the dogs will stretch it across the path. Those of you that have been walking with us know that Birdie usually walks right behind us - we call her the shadow and Minou runs slightly ahead sniffing things along the path - so it isn't like they are out of control chasing after wildlife, trampling plants, biting passerbys, running after children, etc... Really if they wanted to I think the best they could do is hurt a fly.. They would be hardpressed to destroy a plant, and will never catch a bird or a squirrel. Not to mention no matter whether they are off leash or not I always pick up their poo. Can't say the same for other dog people and to me that is the worst offence.
So we are walking home along the path. Enjoying our afternoon. It is on the way home so the girls are already pretty tired and not venturing very far. Up ahead I can see a woman and her husband sitting on a bench. The bench faces away from the path towards the water but she is turned around and looking at us. She looks like she wants to talk to us so I make eye contact with her. We are over 20 ft away when this starts.... As we approach she says " aren't your dogs supposed to be on leashes?"
I'm sort of coaught off guard by her question so I don't say anything. She asks again. "Is this an off leash area? Aren't your dogs supposed to be on leashes?" or something like that. I say yes - because they are supposed to be on leashes. I know that but I don't really care. Then she starts yelling. I don't even remember half the stuff she was yelling. Things like I don't respect other people, (my favorite was) What makes me think I'm so special. I manage to get out a "Are they bothering you?" to which she screams 'YES" She just kept yelling the whole time. I think even her husband shouted out a few things. Minou and Birdie did venture over to say hi to her - but I think that is partially because they thought we knew them as we were 'talking' to them. We were a good 20 ft away in the other direction (we kept walking the whole time) and she was STILL YELLING AT US. And when I say yelling I mean yelling she was not using an outside voice, she was not projecting, she was yelling.

It was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon. She should have been sitting facing the water enjoying the beautiful day. But no she has to sit there and scream at people. She was probably very busy as we passed several people headed her way with their dogs off leash. (Including a pitbull - heh heh) What kind of angry person/dog hater/who knows what goes to a park to yell at people about insignificant bylaws on a beautiful sunny sunday afternoon.
I wasn't smoking and blowing it in her direction, I wasn't playing loud music, our dogs didn't trip her. If she had been facing the other way she wouldn't have even seen them.
On the way home I passed 13 year old kids on the picnic table behind city hall splitting up their 'stash' if you know what I mean, I also saw cars speeding, and there may have been a jaywalker. I think next weekend I will sit there and yell at people about breaking rules that really aren't affecting me.
She put me in a foul mood. I hope she is happy. (I just took a strip off the dictator for bugging me. Oops. But I'm not in the mood right now) And I hope I see her again with my dogs off leash. Over and over again. In the 2.5 years we have lived here walking EVERY WEEKEND only 2 people have ever made a comment to us. Normally people stop and say hi to Minou and say how cute she is.
I apologize to those of you in the world who are afraid of dogs but here is a bit of advice. If you say to me "I'm afraid of dogs can you please put them on a leash?" I immediately say I am sorry and grab them and put them on a leash. It has happened before and I will happily do it. It makes me sad that something has happened to someone to make them afraid of a chihuahua like Minou but I guess it can happen....
But if you are just playing bylaw officer leave me alone and find someone else to harrass. Or write me a ticket. I'll gladly pay $50 or whatever the fine is - my girls like to be off leash. We don't have a yard, and they are scared of the other dogs in the off leash parks (you try putting a chihuahua in with a pen of german sheperds, pitbulls, and golden retrievers) Not to mention the nearest off leash park isa 10minute drive/20 minute walk.

I don't understand these people. I don't understand why they are so horrible to strangers and what makes them think it is their job to enforce rules that don't really matter in the big picture. Why not go downtown and feed homeless people if you feel the need to make the world a better place.

I'm going to stop now. I just needed to vent. If anyone can explain to me what is wrong with the angry park lady I would be happy to try and understand her. But if she is just a bitter woman I'm afraid that isn't good enough....

I'm going back up to my sewing room now....


  1. You should have asked her if there was a bylaw against people with Turrets (sp?) being out in public off leash. What a b****.
    Bty, Lingy made nice with a Chihauahu at the paws for a cause, it was a little all white guys with a build like Birdie but the same size as Minou...cute!

  2. A woman once threatened to "kick my f-g @ss" because she was so incensed that the dogs I was walking were wearing muzzles. (They were dog aggressive dogs and this was an area where occasionally people had offleash dogs running around.)
    Her rage made no sense at all and was completely unexpected.

    I had recently lost my mother and I walked the dogs in this area because the birds there reminded me of her and it made me remember happy things about her, instead of the terrible way that she died, and this woman destroyed that. Every time I walked there, and I didn't much after that, I was anxious I would run into this crazy woman again...and halfway wishing I would so I could take her up on the offer of an ass kicking, with a rather significant rebate if you take my meaning. I never did see her again, and I stopped walking there.

    I wished that I hadn't been so shocked by the unexpected aggression and had reacted differently. But I had the dogs to handle and it wouldn't have been safe for them for me to scuffle. ;) Instead I just stared at her and said, "I'm sorry you are having such a bad day and are so angry. I hope your day gets better." Which just seemed to enrage her further. Oh, how I would have loved to have torn her head off though.

    It was madness. Don't let the turkeys get you down. ;)

  3. I hate it when people feel so self-righteous that they ruin your day with their rants.

    I had a woman tell me to get better control of my dog when Bentley (for those who don't know, a miniature schnauzer) scared her Doberman into backing around and wrapping its leash around a telephone pole.

    Now that I think about it, the idiot woman should have stopped and held her dog AWAY FROM MY PROPERTY until I could get Bentley's collar. Instead, she chose to keep coming, even though she saw Bentley, and she saw that I was chasing ours and the neighbour's garbage cans which were blowing on the street in traffic. I still see this woman occasionally, and I still want to smack her.

  4. Some idiots are just so unhappy in their own lives they try and force that misery onto others. I've been yelled at a fair number of times for having Maisie off leash (sometimes in a no leash area and the idiot just doesn't know the by-laws). The scene always ends when I say "If you say another word to me I'm calling 911 and having you arrested for assault and threatening me" And if any of these arrogant asshats are reading this now... try me if you don't believe me.