Sunday, July 31, 2005

sunday sunday

ok soo yesterday mommy did her usual of sleeping most of the day. daddy wanted to go shopping with her but she wasn't really out of bed until 4:00pm.
wow I just saw a really great commercial. It was a setter and he was in the snow with his mom - he made an angel in the snow. It was for Iams dog food - I really liked the commercial I had to quit blogging just to watch it. I was glued to the tv screen. It almost makes me want to go in the snow. At the end of the commercial he flips his food dish - I wish I could do that.
ANyways back to yesterday - I don't really remember what we did in the afternoon. But in the evening it was back on the bikes - this time with Daddy and we went to watch fireworks again - this time Sweden! It was exciting - we were closer then last time and we sat under a big tree with a blanket. Mommy brought a greenie for me to chew on while and her and Daddy drank hot chocolate.
i like going for bike rides - mommy wasn't breathing as funny this time.
today mommy and daddy went shopping without me - they brought nothing home for me either. when they got home we hung out by the pool for a bit - they said they were going to take me for a walk but they never did - how RUDE! but we did go to steveston for burgers and fries. There was fish jumping out the the water and a big swan I barked at.
here is mommy's silly tattoo from yesterday

daddy at the fireworks

more silly firework pictures

we made a little bit more money this weekend for the spca (thanks knit in the city!) mommy is going to start bugging people at work this week. AND she is going to help me put some kind of contest together... she will she will - hopefully before the walk is over lazy mommy...

Saturday, July 30, 2005

long weekend here we come...

yay mommy and daddy are here and they aren't working! But the weather has cooled of a little so no one is sitting byt the pool suntanning - I guess it is a little early though....
Mommy was on a night shoot again last night - we went for a big walk in the morning before she left. She still can't take pictures of me. i am too fast - they are all blurry. heh heh heh...
but she did get a few...

mommy says we should go back and pick some blackberries this weekend..... learn how to make jam.
right now mommy and I are chillin' on the couch - i am blogging and she is soaking her dirty dirty feet in water with lavendar oil - she put so much lavendar in it made us sneeze.... I should have taken a picture of her dirty feet. GROSS! But I didn't. even her cleavage is DIRtY. Not sure how she does it. i wonder if everyone else she works with comes home this dirty.
she came home with a tattoo too! I hope it isn't real cause it is REALLY ugly... I took a picture of it but I have to recharge the battery before I can show you...
Got a littl more money for SPCA yesterday - have to update my list of Thank Yous! this weekend. ANother team came out of the blue though and is in 5th place now - kicking our butts - the competition is heating up. I don't think we even get anything if we raise the most money but we are competitive so HA! KEEP DONATING...
I am going to think of some kind of contest this weekend.. to make everyone donate......
okay I can't sit on mommy's lap anymore and type this - she is tooo dirty and stinky. I am telling her to go in the shower NOW!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


yes the site is a little weird.....
we have had donations from other people in the states - Gromit for example - not sure how she did it!
We are still there - we logged in... maybe try again??? Please??? if you trust us you can also snail mail it to us...(let us know if you are interested in this option and we will email you an address)
i'll keep my fingers crossed that it was a little busy when you tried and maybe it was a silly glitch....

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

we went to the fireworks tonight!

Vancouver has a fireworks celebration and I unlike most puppies, am NOT afraid of fireworks. I like to go watch them with Mommy. Sometimes if they make too much noise I bark a bit but we were too far away this time.
Mommy and I biked there. I was a little worried. Mommy was breathing really funny. Kinda like when she is running but worse. I licked her hand a few times - that is all I could reach from the basket - but she didn't stop. She said it was because we biked uphill for 20 blocks, then downhill for 20 blocks, then we watched the fireworks, then we biked back uphill for 20 blocks and downhill for twenty blocks. Mommy said "stupid hills" alot.

downtown vancouver - the fireworks are above the water - most of the people watch from downtown but mommy didn't want to deal with traffic.

me waiting for the fireworks.

these silly firework pictures are mommy playing with her new camera. She said she needs a tripod for that setting. She took about 100 pictures and those are the best ones - just goes to show you can buy an expensive camera and still take crappy photos!

No new donations today. Sigh..still at $500..... Hmm I wonder what we need to do to get one donation a day.... anyone have any ideas? Is there anything I can bribe you all with?
Should I make a contest?
Any suggestions?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Mommy is still working alot - I got to go along today but yesterday I was alone ALL DAY for 14 hours. but today was good and I made a new friend.
My new friend is Christine. Mommy says she is going to come keep me company a few times a week. I can't wait, she rubbed my bum alot. She brought me treats but I was being fussy.

Today, when I was at work with Mommy, Jodi gave me cheese and I helped Nancy sew. I am sooo smart and helpful. I growled alot to cause there was another puppy there named cocoa and I wanted to make sure she didn't get any cheese from Jodi. I slept on a chair most of the day. Alot of the people who are usually there were gone so it wasn't as exciting. But it was better then being alone.

The fundraising is going extremely well - I am shocked really! Thank you sooo much everyone! Our team is #5 on the list of top fundraisers! Jodi, Sparky, Mommy and me are a team called Sparky and Minou. Sparky is a rescue dalmation from the SPCA.
But if you haven't donated yet please dooo - we have a LONG way to go to beat the team in 4th place (they have double what we have)
this is my new friend sparky!

The walk feels soooo far away still but we are already planning our outfits - I am not going to let mommy screw up like she did at the chihuahua picnic. Mommy thinks she will make us all pink feather boas. Apparently Sparky doesn't wear t-shirt which is unfortunate. Mommy said maybe she could make me a t-shirt with spots on it so I would look like Sparky. That would be fun - maybe Mommy and Jodi can have spots too!

here are some pictures from the weekend....

mommy sleeping in the pool - i wa so worried i followed her floaty thing around and around and around as she floated.

me being cute! as usual

Me on our walk.

Auntie Rina and Daddy on our walk.

a big ugly slug... ewww ewwww ewwww. a slug slimed all over my pillow and mommy had to wash it.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far!!!!!!
P.S. mommy was knitting this weekend, it was nothing exciting though. just stockinette maybe after a few more inches we will take a picture.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

okay everybody....

guess what we want your MONEY - okay it isn't for us.... Mommy and me are doing a doggie walk to help raise money for the spca

Paws for a Cause

So COME and DONATE a little itty bit of money PLEASE! I promise I will do something cute!!!! You can donate online...

Go to the above link
and then click on:

and then fill it out so it looks like this:

and hit search
when you find Mommy's name ands click on it you should see a lovely picture of me and the fact that Mommy hasn't raised a single dime (ok we JUST registered)
so please please help us - especially since Mommy is a dork and put the wrong fundraising amount and can't get back in to change it.....

me suntanning today - and sleeping in the shade....

me and MOMMYYYYYY!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005


look what I did last night - heh heh heh..... i was trying to put my greenie underneath. Mommy made me stop.... but she won't be home all day today

pictures from our walk today...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

de do do do de da da da

ok pretty boring these days - mommy is back on 12 hour days and daddy is still working out of town. Mommy wanted to go for some exercise after work today but I didn't and she didn't want to leave me alone so we went for a bike ride - it was fun. I sit in the basket with my blanket and a harness. we biked to the univeristy and then through the park even though it was getting dark - Mommy knew she could bike fast.

Mommy took her camera to work today. She said they weren't making anything interesting but she liked these two pictures.

the serger thread kept breaking today - she said all of them musthave spent at least 15 minutes on it today trying to fix it at some point. I know Mommy hates threadinf sergers.

and this is just a shot of a shirt mommy was making...
tomorrow mommy is on set with the barbarians again - at least it isn't supposed to rain or be all night. Maybe i can go to thyrza's on thursday

Sunday, July 17, 2005

mommy got a new camera and chihuahua BBQ

ok so first the BBq because unfortunately that happened before the camera did so the pictures still suck - And daddy was in charge of them - useless pictures.
oh and even before the BBQ I have some more pictures!
this is all about pictures...

me playing in netting - i can't anymore the tutu us together and hours away from completion..

some greyhounds at the BBQ - they were tiny, lots of people think I might have some greyhound blood in me...

this little guy had one eye and and good 2cm wide and 10 cm long thing of spittle coming out of it's mouth - unfortunately that didn't come out in the picture. mommy and daddy were laughing and wanted me to go play with it - NO WAY what a loser.

the saddest bumble bee in the world.....

this doggy even had a float and a tiara and was cinderella but it spent it's time with it's tongue hanging out - I would hav been a much better princess - much more refined.

the winner of the contest - I SOOO could have beat her


a picture of daddy on our diving board with the NEW camera

a flower with the new camera

me!!!!!! Mommy said she will have to send some photos to you auntie steph - she can take some pretty good ones now!!!!
I didn't win any prizes - Mommy tried to make me a new outfit last night but around 11:00pm she decided it sucked and instead of making me wear my elvis costume which I for sure would have won with her and daddy put me in my skirt and pants - not nearly as effective... and sooo disappointing.... I could have won. AND we left before the raffle cause mommy wanted to go swimming, Not the best chihuahua BBQ - we will do better next year if I have any say in it.

Friday, July 15, 2005

looks like Mommy has a new job...

we don't know when she starts and it isn't 'official' yet but she will most likely be working on this.
As an assistant designer. She is going to be busy. She will have to find a babysitter for me...
I will be lonely especially with Daddy in Whistler.
Sigh. Does anyone want to babysit me...
two more sleeps to the big chihuahua party...

look what is coming up!!!!

I think we will be having a party in honour of this!!!
Mommy just bought the first season on dvd as she LOVES pee wee.. So I think we need a party! Everyone could dress up - I would be miss yvonne of course. Daddy could be pee wee - Mommy could be Mrs steve cause she is so fat and gossipy!
i was at work with mommy today. I had fun everyone spoils me there - except mommy. I got cheese! Jodi is my friend. She knows that Mommy doesn't feed me at home which is why I need cheese..
crap it is bedtime - I wonder if daddy is coming home tomorrow...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

WOoo weeee

Today has been a busy evening. Mommy came home from work around 6:30pm and she decided I needed to go running with her. I was LESS then impressed. I ran for ohhhh 7 minutes then came to a complete stop - no walking nothing and when Mommy stopped I put on my most pathetic face, slowly walked up to her, and did my most pathetic attempt at 'pick me up' EVER! Well it worked - but not for long. Mommy picked me up. But instead of turning around and walking home she kept going.
Finally she put me down and we walked. I decided to start running again to get it over with. But once we hit the halfway point and turned around - well I got her then!!!! I decided to sprint all the way home - let's see her try and keep up!!!! HA HA HA HAAA she totally couldn't. Fat old lady. She deserved that. People laughed at her when they passed - jogging with a chihuahua and the chihuahua is pulling her on the leash. HA HA HAAAAA!
Anyways. That was exhausting. I came home and ate and slept while Mommy puttered around.
Then while I was perfectly content - sleeping - she scooped me up and dropped me in the tub - I swear she better sleep with one eye open tonight. Thank goodness it was quick but still totally unpleasant, even with the Pee Wee Herman video playing in the background.
Finally we went to bed - early - before 10:00pm cause we were tired. But then we both woke up at midnight. And now we can't sleep - and there has been even more excitment.
I heard a funny noise and jumped up and looked for it but Mommy didn't hear it so she told me to go back to bed - but don't you think 10 minutes later she hears it too and then wants me to get up and see what it is. NO WAY.... Finally we spot it. A HUGE MOTH. Mommy hates moths - I love moths. I start to chase it around the room and Mommy ran away. Mommy came back in a bit with a rolled up newspaper. We must remind you all it is 1:00am for this portion of the story. And we live in a house where there is other people sleeping. Mommy comes in with her newspaper, sees the moth, freaks out like it is a mouse and jumps on the bed. I am still chasing the moth jumping on whatever I can when it is flying high and following it under the bed when it goes there. Mommy in on top of the bed waving this ridulous newspaper around screaming "GET IT MINOU GET IT!" over and over again... I think she was sweating...
I think it must have taken us a good 10 minutes. Mommy managed to make contact with it about 3 times slightly stunning it. I had it in my mouth several times but it tickled so I always opened my mouth again. In the end it was lying on the floor pretty motionless and Mommy just kept whacking it saying "die die die die"
I am pretty sure it was DEAD. No more fun for me - i think it is okay though Mommy was starting to scare me.
Now it is almost 2:00am and our adrenaline is going. Mommy said I get to go to work with her tomorrow - how exactly are we waking up in 3 hours? I am going back to sleep but Mommy looks like she will be up all night.
So if there is anyone else out there who is awake right now they can come visit - Mommy will be up.
I hope tomorrow isn't quite so exciting... this was too much..

Monday, July 11, 2005

mommy and her idiot friends

here is mommy 'HARD' at work

I can tell they are REALLY busy these days.... Mommy worked a normal shift today so she came home and we played a bit at supper time. Then she sewed. SHe worked on the tutu and the chihuahua clothes. She is worried the tutu won't fit.... We'll keep our paws crossed.......
I guess it is almost bedtime now - I still don't know what I will wear on Sunday. That sucks....

Sunday, July 10, 2005

my adventures

last night I made mommy take all my toys out of my toybox. Then I got in it. ANd I just sat there. I dont' know what I was thinking. I was tired. So Mommy put all my toys back in my toybox.

and today I was real smart and hid a cookie in the fireplace. Mommy knew I had done it cause I was full of soot. she made me get it out.

I took it out but then I hid it in Mommy's fabrics. I am sure she won't mind a cookie covered in ashes sitting with her white silk!!!